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healing is never easy clean.
the cruel wish of death
is much heavier in my own hands.
I suppose I needed to start one day,
standing under the burning rain was the first step.
the shower nozzle reminding me that
healing was always at my fingertips.

why did I wait so long
to finally let the water
hit my raw, cut skin?
I guess I used cold pleasure to outweigh my warm sin.
healing is easy under the dirt. when you try to get clean, then its hard.
I have
five fingers.

when we were apart
I still searched for you,
but all I found was


why did I ever burn this finger
for someone else?
their love was nothing
but silk to a flame.

now, my love,
what shall I do
when I wish to hold your hand
but my four fingers
are not enough for you?
from hymn—
soft lips humming like my singing bowl,
hard tongue tracing circles at the corners of your mouth.

from soothing—
meditating at the sight of your sharp teeth—
cutting at my skin.

from healing—
kiss my raw cuts,
let your cadence cover the bleeding skin
from him.
homophones are my favorite ;)
Keira Apr 9
Remember when we were little?
We’d take every opportunity to see each other.
We did all the classic stuff:
Pillow forts and pizza and old Disney movies.

As we got older
We did it together -
All the classic stuff:
Late night talks and awful cakes and new Disney movies.

We grew up together
When I was mad at nothing
(The world perhaps)
You’d let me rant.

When you were sad
I’d let you cry on my shoulder.
When we were having a hard time
We always knew to turn to each other.

We were best friends
I loved you - in a best friend kind of way.
But we grew more and things changed;
And now you’re gone.

Now I’m watching you grow up
From afar.
Without me -
With her.

And it hurts more than I care to admit
But dang, it hurts.
And it’s tearing me apart.
Forever doesn’t last as long as we thought.

Now I’m seething with pain
And my vision goes red
When I see you with her and not me -
Your new best friend.
Crimsyy Aug 2016
and "tiny" whiskey bottles,
a tendency to show more and cover less
virginity is priceless,
bought at a low cost,
we are the new youth,
and we are **LOST.

— The End —