Friends are like bad days,

They seem to be fine most of the time,
Then they decide to
Stab you in the back
And ask you if your ok?
You seem pale,
As I bleed to death on the floor.

But it's alright, clearly they cared about my well being.
Stabbing me was for my own good.

It only nearly ruined the rest of my life.

But hey, what are bad friends for anyway?
The Mellon Nov 28
Dark flashes and
Bright shadows make me wonder

where am I

More importantly endless
Pitter patter
Contemplating through the snow.

Wind gusts smooth silk
Over stationary

Ink stains through my reality.

I do not know where I am.
Who I am.
Or where I must be going.

Teeter totter towers

The floors gone out below
So I walk on the ceiling

And rise to my downfall
The Mellon Nov 15
Twenty-One years and a day ago,
On a lonely November night,

There was a woman,
One who is to be respected and loved.
Who was nine months pregnant
No longer.

In her arms arrived a crying pale child,
The mother whispered her name
And the wind caught it.

Little did she know that whisper traveled to me, 17 years later,
And delivered to me the name,
Of the woman I fell in love with.
Happy birthday my love, or at least it was yesterday :) <3
The Mellon Nov 11
I'm still awake.

I'm still awake.

My mind is foggy-
My stomach is churning-
Starbucks booster pack
Double punching me in the gut...

34 hours ago I woke up.

I'm still awake.

I'm still awake.

And it *****.
**** it not again...
The Mellon Nov 11
I know why you're mad...
I don't blame you for that
I would be too.

Your sister isn't the only one I hurt,
Yes believe it or not you have feelings too
But we are fixing what we broke.

So I hope someday you'll move past this,
I know it won't be easy
But I almost lost your sister,
And it would **** to lose you too.
The Mellon Nov 10
I am many things.

Most of them I am not proud of...

I am my own lurking monster in the dark,
My own nightmare in the flesh.

I am my own worst enemy,
Even when I'm at my best.

As far as ways I'm good.
There was just you...

And now that you don't believe in me,

I have nothing
I'm am no good...
I'm empty
The Mellon Nov 7
Mamma always told me-
I was struck motionless at the sight of her
Don't let me catch you playin' with fire.-
Her hair was ablaze
One of these days you're gonna get burned. -
Yet I am but a moth to her flame
Two poems in one, because 2 is always better than one.
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