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The Mellon Jun 2019
Do you think it will be forever?

To answer this a story said,


End of Story.

But wait theres more to say,
A hypocrite in the light of day!
She speaks of trust-
The rust of your new toys...

Opinions screamed
You take to heart
All you see,
Real or fake opinion stands
Just so long as they regect your plans.

Lover lover know my tone
Nothing left for you
Not a bone.

Go find a new toy and
Wear it out.
When they treat you like ****
I wont doubt.

That you know I was better.

That you know we will never.

Just my opinion.
The Mellon Jan 2019
My shoulder is damp.

It's been a rough week.

"College is tough kids"
Too bad they never told us it was never the work.

College is tough.
Because people are tough.

Because my friends sob every night because some
Thought she was his God given right.

In the span of three months 3 of my friends are *****.
Yet their cries are an empty echo down the presidential hall.

So instead they cry.

Last night one of them told me,
I let him get close to me... we were friends. Now I'm scared to have guy friends... even you.

So my letter is

Dear ******* Everywhere,

Next time you think about touching a girl without concent, how about you go **** yourself with sandpaper instead.
-The guy losing his friend because you decided her body was your property
The Mellon Jan 2019
I made tea today.

I dunked in my
Totally-not-bigger-than-it-should-be-table-spoon of honey.
I poured the milk into the mix
(I know, I know, how could I)

Then i jumped into the cup for an adventure.

Upon entering the steaming silky waters
A school of fish blasted past me

A school....
A class of three thousand people

All looking at me  
The whole world is watching me.

If I fail-
Oh **** what if I fail.

Lost in terror

I smell.


Vanilla spice?

Oh yeah. The tea.
I made tea for the stress.
I have tea.

My tea is cold.

The Mellon Jan 2019
This land is your land,
This land is my land.

This land is our land,
But Not a black land,

Not from sea to shining sea.

Attention Mexicans everywhere!

This land is not your land,
This land is our land,
Home of the free!
(Some requirements apply)

God bless America,
Where at least I know I'm free,
Home of the ignorant,
Yet land of the free,
(Skin color based exceptions)

Happy Happy new Year!
New year to You and Me!

Happy Happy new year,
Except for your country,
(Build the wall!)

Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel,
I made it out of clay,
If the makers Muslim,
Please don't explode I pray.

America the beautiful,
As hypocritical dumpster fires tend to be.
This is a sarcastic poem depicting the worse of America. I do not believe these racist sexist etc. comments.
The Mellon Dec 2018
Friends are like bad days,

They seem to be fine most of the time,
Then they decide to
Stab you in the back
And ask you if your ok?
You seem pale,
As I bleed to death on the floor.

But it's alright, clearly they cared about my well being.
Stabbing me was for my own good.

It only nearly ruined the rest of my life.

But hey, what are bad friends for anyway?
The Mellon Nov 2018
Dark flashes and
Bright shadows make me wonder

where am I

More importantly endless
Pitter patter
Contemplating through the snow.

Wind gusts smooth silk
Over stationary

Ink stains through my reality.

I do not know where I am.
Who I am.
Or where I must be going.

Teeter totter towers

The floors gone out below
So I walk on the ceiling

And rise to my downfall
The Mellon Nov 2018
Twenty-One years and a day ago,
On a lonely November night,

There was a woman,
One who is to be respected and loved.
Who was nine months pregnant
No longer.

In her arms arrived a crying pale child,
The mother whispered her name
And the wind caught it.

Little did she know that whisper traveled to me, 17 years later,
And delivered to me the name,
Of the woman I fell in love with.
Happy birthday my love, or at least it was yesterday :) <3
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