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Noah Oct 6
They tell me "I love you" but its not just what you think your supposed to say. Its what you know when your ready. I love you means I have no other words to  describe how your my everything.
Because half the I love you's I hear they leave and say it wasn't what they mean. Im waiting on my world to come. I just met  some stars along the way.
Noah Sep 5
Pick myself off my bed the the annoying song of the alarm, just wanna fall back a s l e e p ...  NO, wake up. I get dressed. I get ready. Maybe skipping breakfast. I go down to the starbucks down the block with a double shot latte.You know i stayed up all night might grab another, Getting dropped off. Drown myself in music. Walk down then into school. Open the door sit down.Heh always the first one they float in one by one. The teacher stands she opens her mouth " algebra 2" who even decided to make math 1st period,,, Cross Multiply..divide..find X. Like I am going to the store and using that as a skill...My thought wander. **** the  coffee never worked and I am fast asleep half way through 2 period mumbling about a argument between X and Y ... counting  Z zzz... *asleep
Noah Sep 5
Why does my heart take five seconds to fall in love with someone like chill
I don't even know his favorite color yet. But its already reciting its vows. Such a sad thing to find it broken .
Noah Sep 5
" Well, You talk like yourself but i hear someone else.
Yea you look like yourself but your somebody else."

credit to flora cash
Noah Jun 17
I tasted you lips. they were bittersweet. turns out you already shared them this week.
**** cheaters :/
  Jun 5 Noah
Ben Palomino
It’s time
to take this paper
And tie it off around my arm
Until the vein is protruding

With my pen
I’ll penetrate my soul
Letting the ink flow

Allowing it
To erase everything I know
So I can escape the stress

On the youthful bliss
Of ignorance
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