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Laz Farrell Feb 2018
Can’t get my head round the email
“Help me get it right”
“It’s why you do what you do”
“What you do best”
“This will wipe out the opposition”
After much soul searching he took the role
A fugitive who lives with an urban family
An honest story that comments on our times
Or an expensive risk?
It’s a case in point
I could tell you stories you couldn’t print.

A deal was made
Much needed publicity
This one can’t miss
A sure fire winner
Lavishly budgeted?
Almost everything was shot at the ranch....
I Remember the poster in the foyer
“The Goal of the assassin”
“Two ****** hours”
Initially the subject of media ridicule
An eyesore trashed traded or hauled away
Luckily fast forgotten
It died a humiliating death
Laz Farrell Feb 2018
I Appreciate the Blaze and the Glory
To Die in Nashville Tennessee
It was a Fluke
But to have come this far
As the focus of much anger
Certainly its been reckless
But this is my way
I never ran at the first sign of Life
* *
For I am Known
For just 42 Words
A would be Superstar
I won and I performed
* *
I'll say it three times
Thank You
Although the Sickness now abides in me
I've left a Soundtrack you can afford
For Future Worlds
I'm not going to miss you
Laz Farrell Feb 2018
His face was too familiar
The unwanted and out of date
A real gentleman
Someone who cares
Despite that prevailing optimisim
What’s he here to do
I appreciate you coming
That deep burning brow
Handing it to a shocked friend
Whose schedule don’t allow
I’ll learn to compromise
Despite significant disruption
I still won’t show any reaction

— The End —