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C Biluk Sep 2021
I have two hands

One for this pen

and one for

my coffee cup?
Lawrence Hall Feb 2021
Lawrence Hall

                   Ice Storm: Darwin Needs to Re-Think His Errors

The electrics flicker off then on, all night long
Which wakes me, and my wake then wakes the dogs
Who protest and blanket-burrow even deeper
While angry sleet rattles the window panes

When the weather is foul and the power fails
We are left with a flashlight and a book
Staticky noises from the radio
A bottle of cold coffee, and our thoughts

When the night is cold and the wind is strong
One comes to understand that Darwin was wrong
A poem is itself.
Traveler Nov 2020
The limitless lacks the limited
To exist
The limited fears sudden death
To resist
This extended isolation
Has its consolations

Proto intelligence
In every molecule

Cell walls
Of ethnic solitude

Reptilian brain stems
Conflicting  hemispheres

From the Big Bang
On passed Shakespeare

Is a wonderful nightmare
Traveler Tim

It’s turtle all the way up
and all the way down
ConnectHook Feb 2020
The annual Darwin Gay Ball
Was a gala occasion for all.
The Australopithecus
looked quite ridiculous
Leaning, half-drunk, on the wall.

Zinjanthropus, high on bananas
Uttered forth a long chain of Hosannas.
Although missing a link,
He knew just what to think
And went cruising for greener savannas.

The Cro-Magnons (more agile than Lucy)
Like their hunting and gathering juicy.
The mating was prime
And their dance, so sublime,
could out-monkey the funky Watusi.

Twas a lowbrow event; all the same,
Proto-drag-queens competed for fame.
The divine **** Habilis,
Hairy, but fabulous,
Gave Knuckle-Dragging its name.

**** Sapiens' wisdom has wrecked us
As the Darwinist doctrines infect us.
Knuckle-draggers may dream,
But bonobos now scream
That the winner is: **** Erectus!
Paul Butters Jan 2019
In the final analysis
We are but colonies of bacteria
Swimming about in our own primordial soup.
Who knows what pacts and treaties
Have been made within our very bodies?

Aeons and aeons of evolution
Have led to this:
The human being.

So much mindless life,
Following instinct,
Building and building
To produce intelligence.

Natural Selection,
Seen by Darwin,
Such a beautiful thing –
Presented by Attenborough on a silver screen –
God’s Formula:
The mark of Genius.

Paul Butters

© PB 22\1\2019.
Inspired by TV Programme "Life on Earth" - David Attenborough 1979.
Aaron LaLux Sep 2018
Darwin’s Coffee ***

Not enough coffee in the ***,
to keep me awake through this daydream,
not calling the kettle black I’m calling us all containers in this melting ***,
so I try to keep myself in shape by staying gluten free,

going for the long shot,
like I’m shooting a 3,
all in like a Hotshot,
no hotdogs just coleslaw and greens,

what a trip it is this life I lead,
right now I’m in at a hotel on a beach,

in a town called Darwin,
in The Northern Territory,
which is ironic because I’m pondering,
the thought that maybe we’re all aliens,

or at least have 10% extraterrestrial in our genes,
which makes us extraordinarily extra special,
plus it supports my theory that we’re all aliens,
seriously Google Missing Genetic Link,

give it a think,
humans themselves are the Missing Link,
and even Charles Darwin can’t solve the problem,
of not being able to connect our missing link,

and I want to keep writing about it,
but I think instead I’ll go for a swim in the sea,
because I’m tired of writing the water looks inviting,
and not only that but I’m both exited and sleepy,

Not enough coffee in the ***,
to keep me awake through this daydream…

∆ LaLux ∆
ryn Jul 2018
Been away awhile...

Contemplating stars.
Counting moons and suns.
Painting skies.
Deciphering clouds.
Writing in sands.

And missing you.
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