Have you ever
Read Dr. Seuss
To a rap-song beat?
Have you ever
Browsed the Net
Just to want a treat?
Have you ever
Tapped the top
Of a doorway as you went past?
Have you ever
Played a game
And want it to last and last?
Have you ever
Sung the alphabet
In your head to find one letter?
Have you ever
Wrote something over
Because you thought you could do better?
Have you ever
Eaten chicken
On the day of Thanksgiving?
Have you ever
Said something dumb
To find yourself unforgiving?
Have you ever
Taken a bite
Instead of pulling string cheese apart?
Have you ever
Used big words
To make yourself sound smart?
Have you ever
Shaken your head
To get out of being dizzy?
Have you ever
Doodled in class
To make yourself seem busy?
Have you ever
Explained your steps
To a toy so you could fix it?
Have you ever
Read a site
Although it was elicit?
Have you ever
Attempted to write
With the wrong hand?
Have you ever
Went to the beach
And got your swimsuit full of sand?
Have you ever
Used a straw
To drink a glass of water?
Have you ever
Wished it would
Never get any hotter?
Have you ever
Tried to use
A spoon as a mirror?
Have you ever
Actually liked
Chocolate that was bitter?
Have you ever
Tried to boast
About how humble you are?
Have you ever
Looked at the sky
And wished you saw the stars?

All of these are things
That I have, indeed, done.
So I wrote them all out...
I sure had some fun.

Is the one who
  Sacrificed her comfort
   For 9 months for me.
    She taught me
     To play, cook,
      And be a good person.

Is the brother
  I've had since age four
   Often annoying, but
    Still so sweet
     The best brother
      I could ask for.

Is the grandmother
  Who has been making
   Some of the best food
    In the family
     She's kind and sweet
      And I love her to bits.

Grandma and Grandpa
Are the grandparents
  I couldn't thank enough
   For all they've done.
    Together, we
    Our time
  I wish it
Wouldn't end.

Is the father who...


Gave me half his DNA?
I guess?


Poem's over, bye!

We are family!

One, two, three, four,
Look who's here at the door!
Five, six, seven, eight,
I hope it's them, they're pretty late-
Nine, ten, eleven, twelve,
Their coat goes up on the shelves.
Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen,
I hope they see a guillotine.
Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty,
Now they're here, I'll hurt them plenty.

No use counting any more,
It's just making my brain quite sore.
I simply had to tell you more
Of they who turned life into war.
Made happy thinking quite a chore,
Right at my face they swore and swore.
Everything nice, hidden in a drawer,
Or scattered everywhere, all over the floor.
May someday beach up upon the shore,
May I fall asleep without a snore.

A person who may or may not exist.

As I fall onto the pile of freshly dried clothes, I can feel the freshness seeping into my skin. The comforting warmth  flows through me in the dead of winter. More... and more... and more. I never want to get up.

I tried something different today.
Samantha Dec 9

Is it something?
All there is?
In this simulation
We call life,
Anything's possible.
An infinite echo.
A forever-ticking clock.
A perfectly sharp blade.
A rope, rough and ready.
She hangs it up.
To hang a picture.
A picture for HIM.
For us.
For everyone.
       ­   echo,

Monika? Is that you?
Samantha Dec 6

There are many things
We don't know are real.
From scientific theories
To the forever concealed.
What could be false,
And what could be true?
If you were to ask me,
Humanity never knew.

First up in my list are pretty unicorns,
With majestic manes and glittery horns.
Nobody's ever found one, maybe nobody will
But that won't stop some from trying, still.

Next on the list is maybe the ghosts,
Transparent and spirited, the one of which most
People believe in, but I am not sure
If they can be real. We'll keep searching for more.

Third one's the charm, please meet Bigfoot!
Is he really as real as the fireplace soot?
But if you're a hunter, please beware,
Killing him's illegal in Washington... how rare!

Mermaids are next, at the fourth spot.
When it comes to my reasons, I know quite a lot.
5% of the oceans is all we've explored,
So they might be out there, trapped forevermore.

Last but not least, and this statement's quite bold:
We can never prove the existence of the soul.
What does it look like? Where does it go?
Those are some things I'd like to know.

There are many things
We don't know are real.
From scientific theories
To the forever concealed.
What could be false,
And what could be true?
If you were to ask me,
Humanity never knew.

You can't prove something to not exist.
Samantha Dec 5

Kids just don't fall in love
It would fly right away, just like a dove.
Every single day, on the Net,
I see love poems, but I haven't yet
Fallen in love, for that is a task
That kids do not do, as it never lasts.

I am far too young to simply quit
For I am just a kid, that's it.

When I was just little, in sixth grade,
Something happened to me that made me seem played.
I was just waiting, outside of math class
When by me, this weird boy walked past.
"Sam," he said to me straight-faced,
"I like you." he exclaimed with no disgrace.
How could it be, I wondered from shock.
I can't be liked, to myself I would mock.
I looked him straight, right in the eye,
"Okay." I just said, without any lie.

I never loved him one little bit
For I am just a kid, that's it.

One day, I may hope to grow up
Like an adult dog, not like a pup
So I can finally find love
The big change will be like a shove.
But it will sure be worth it at the end
I'll make a new pal who's more than a friend.

It'll be like falling into a big pit
For I am just a kid, that's it.

I decided to write my first poem about love, and my first poem where I tried a repeated line! How awesome is that?
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