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Cerasium Oct 2023
I got a million voices inside my mind
Voices that scream and shout
That everything is turning to ****
And I don’t know why

Momma said everything will be alright
Daddy said I have to fight
But they don't understand what it’s like
To be the outcast of a family like mine

I scream and shout
But no sound comes out
Voices echoing all the time
They’re getting so loud

They say take a pill
Everything will be alright
But they don’t hear the voices
They don’t know what’s inside my mind

The torment
The anguish
The paranoia
The questioning

Stuck on a loop
I can’t get out
Turn around
And I get spun round

Take this pill they say
It will make you better
But they don’t understand
That pills just a bandaid

You want me to **** the child inside
Well guess what that child is gonna fight
Battling the demons inside
It’s getting stronger and stronger

The torment
The anguish
The paranoia
The reckoning

The child’s found it’s purpose
The child understands
Connecting all the pieces
Of this shattered mind

There’s a war inside our minds
In our body and our souls
Making the angels weep
As we dance a ballad gold

Removing all the torment
Those pills are just a lie
They cover up the wounds
But never heal the pain

You think that I am crazy
You think that I’m insane
Well maybe I just have pieces
That you can’t understand

Those pills are a lie
They cover up the wounds
But they can never heal the pain
That’s buried within my mind

The longing for peace
The want of serenity
The love undying
The beauty within

These things create life
They blossom at the child's feet
Removing the darkness
That once sought to reap

The child sings a ballad gold
As they dance with beauty divine
Dancing for the lord on high
Eternal and undying in the grace of light
Cerasium Oct 2023
To be inspired
It can come in many forms
It can come from a friend
It can come from an event

Be it little
Or be it big
It matters not
For all can be magnificent

To be inspired
Creates the most beautiful
Works of art
Or even a better solution

Inspiration can come from anything
It's all about how you look at it
For to be inspired
Is but thinking outside the box

It drives us to create
It drives us to destroy
It can be beautiful or deadly
Yet no matter what it fills you with emotion
Cerasium Oct 2023
I have walked this world
Full of lies and deceit
Longing for truth to be told
Only to be met with shame

The lies told hide what's inside
The pain we bury
The heartache that breaks us
We cling to false hope

Hoping to not be found out
Hiding all our pain guilt and shame
Making false connections
Wishing to not be discovered

And yet those around me
Those who listen and see my truth
Will always voice their own insecurities
Without even being asked

I feel the emotions
That others bury underneath
The pain and anguish
The hatred and resentment

Though I feel it
I keep to myself
The forgotten safe
Of hidden trauma
Cerasium Oct 2023
Karma such beauty divine
Such majestic grace
Always there when you least expect
Graceful does her limbs sway

As she passes such judgement
Protector of the meek
Destroyer of the wicked
Such divine wisdom

Her judgement final
None can escape her gaze
For she sees all
In between fantasy and reality

The eternal one
The unseen
The grace
Oh so impartial

Blessing those with hearts so pure
Cursing those who harm the innocent
None surpass her for she is in all
Watching the deeds of mortal and God

High above the fates power
She dictates all
Yet does not interfere
For you reap what you sow

It may not be right away
It may not be in this life
For Karma takes her time
Ensuring you feel a wrath

That transcends time and space
For Karma is a *****
Yet Karma can be gentle
You just have to be patient
Cerasium Oct 2023
The art of zen
So serene and peaceful
One with all
One with none

The breath so natural
The happiness so true
The life so blissful
Ever gentle and surreal

Thy love of grace
Blesses unto thee
The life of peace
Eternal in it's moments

The sound of nature
The sound of peace
The songs in the wind
The smells all around

They fill your nose
Comforting the lost souls
Bringing peace
Where none can be found
Cerasium Oct 2023
The spark of light
Shining brightly with grace
The truth of love eternal
For the darkness

The joy of laughter
The joy of peace
The joy of love
The joy of freedom

The joy of love untethered
The joy of children playing
The joy of children laughing
The joy of children singing

The love of life
The love of death
The love of peace
The love of sorrow

Running around with darkness
Walking hand in hand
Forever entwined with life
Solemn vow of grace
Cerasium Oct 2023
The spark of darkness
Such wonder of mystery
Such sorrow and misery
Such pain and torment

The darkness inside us all
We feel the sorrow of others
We feel the sorrow of ourselves
We long for peace from the torment

We long for freedom to ring
We long for the light
We long for life
We cling to life as though needed

We wish for peace to ring
We long for life
We no longer wish to walk in darkness
But have a chance at redemption

A chance to grace love
A chance to end the genocide
A longing for life to blossom
A longing for loyalty to reign

A chance for life and love
A chance for liberty
A chance to sing in rejoice
A chance to be free from our torment
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