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I am nothing less nor nothing more. Call me flat tone. Im only here to score. I’m a flat line living and dead. Dead is my rhythm. Every day in life is a day closer to rolling my last dice. Picture emptiness a pond  emptiness. Never to be born. Blacken eyes never to be worn. Never to ride a bike. ****, never to be seen by light nor the depths of the night. Places to go but no horizon on sight. Blank page. No thoughts, plans,wrongs, rights, there’s no inspiration to write. A leaf that falls from the branch in spring. It falls forever in a endless scene.” Come to me” A voice said. “ Where’s was me and do I have a choice. For I am emptiness with no meaning to life nor propose. For what use of dead air would you have of me? The voice said “ I’ll answer your question gladly”. “ In emptiness there is life and you shall give those of my children life. I said “ Master how can I give what is nothing? For how can one hold nothing but emptiness”?You shall fill their lungs and only through breath they shall hold you. You shall give life to all that will soon sround you. For you’ll be the emptiness in everyome that hold all life together under my crown.
My earth and my sea you are my everything. I need you like the sky needs blue. If I’m gone to long remember me like the Bible needs songs and psalms I’ll never leave. We were never wrong because of our chemistry. Our love was a love that changed history. You were like medicine to me. Healing my soul with love remedies. You made me whole giving me plenty of dreams. Your heart I hold as I’m battling my worst enemies. Baby I love you to know, you were the best friend of me. Could never change your love because your love had the best recipe. You gave me peace of mind, frozen in time, I feel in love naturally. Crazy how closely your eyes looked after me. To hold you for ever under the stars above as we fall back and forth in love endlessly. Baby thank you for blessing me. You gave me the best energy and I gave you the rest of me.

If I can’t dream about you
I can’t be without you
All the crazy things that I’ll do
gots me running back too you

Baby am I that crazy
To say that this is the way you make me
I thought no ***** could ever faze me
But a ****** been craving you lately
Gots me upside down ooo so hazy
Baby it’s crazy how you made me


If I can’t dream about you
I can’t be without you
All the crazy things that I’ll do
Gots me running back too you
Song by Paul Sheridan Sanchez
I'm needing to leave,
But because of you,
I'm glued to my feet.
Unable to walk away.
Stuck in my tracks.
The sight of you was unbearable to breathe.
I once shared another life with you.
An intuition of recognition is what I perceive.
I'm missing your skin,
like a feather misses the wind.
Carrying my soul from place to place
all in a spin,
without destination or control never to waste again.
Everything came so naturally,
Wild and free.
There isn't one thing that I'll miss
but of everything.
Remember when I once said this,
followed by a kiss.
Forever yours I intend,
but that's when the storms rolled in.
Just like that,
the start was an end.
Without no inbetween.
Short time, losted friend.
Missing you over and over,
again and again
I’ve never endured such a panoramic sight of true intuition. Just the thought  exist and yet its a stupendous blindside. One desires no other soul then you. In this intuitive view their stand alone, A glowing form. An orb of pointless thorns. Her real name only I behold and what surround is a profound darkness Ready to be reborn. The light in a the storm that consumes the universe. The roundness in a flat world. Your the meaningful love I would give my life for. I know of what I speak of. The lustful power is sweat compared to sour. The anticipation grows stronger every hour. It's my heart as it makes it's first beat. The spark that starts the fire and the Divine rhythm is complete.
Picking up the ounce and the nine
Leaving them elbows behind
I’m shaking bacon
I’m awaken, shift and shaping
all the time
Constantly looking behind
For the pigs all the time
Make a move,
Hot pursuit
Grab my boot and pop a few
gun shots multiple times
Fleeing the Scene of the crime
Cause I’m living out of my mind
That’s your constitution that you're saluting
I intrude before you pollute
Rapidly dropping like rain
Every one of them are the same
Eeny meeny miny moe
Pick one aim and let one go
Duck hunt
The name of the game
What's the sun without the moon?
A bowl without a spoon?
A caterpillar without it's cocoon? A king without a tomb?
A song without a tune?
A fetus without a ****?
A bride without a groom?
 Proteus without Neptune?
****** without the tunes?
A house without any rooms?What's a flower that never blooms?
It's I absent of U.
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