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To many try’s
I can’t even explain
Will you take notice
The look in my eyes
The sound of my name
The truth in lies
Is a rose in pain
Waiting under this cloud
Drenched in flames
Your losing me now
The taste of shame
I’m failing u some how
It’s all the same
Finally now
Will you set me free
My better half
Washed away at sea
Maybe I’m not ready
To lose this life
Everyone hurts me
Rather an edge of a knife
Can’t stay away
You hold my heart
The games we play
To drive us apart
I will win your love today
Well that’s a start
Shopping spree
Of sweet remedies
Filling my cart
Holding my breath so I can take control.
Feelings unrest, I can’t seem to grow.
Problems unsolved, it’s an overload.
Losing my mind right before I explode.

I said I’m foretold to be the truth.
Swear an oath, but it didn’t bare any roots.
At any given moment one could lose his youth. Don’t know who he is cause he wears another mans boots.  
Walking irritations, bearing all the earnings of their fruits.
Limits are escalating and I’m tarring down the roof.
A Course to deviation, unable to see any other routes .
  Blind to temptations.
The struggle fits me like a  suit.

Holding my breath so I can take control.
Feelings unrest, I can’t seem to grow.
Problems unsolved, it’s an overload.
Losing my mind right before I explode.

Time is deteriorating, everyday life of a destitute.  
 Waters are evaporating and I’m thirsty for whatever’s absolute.
Problems eternally materializing, full of sorrow and solitude.
Emptiness continuously multiplying, like a disease it pollutes.
Visions are tremendously horrifying, wishing to **** the sound and become a mute.
The story’s are ultimately glorifying, ghoulish torment and Chaos to distribute.
Nothing but hesitation.
Loneliness overtaking, going through all these hoops.
Screams are instantly mesmerizing, the ending is what They Pursue.

Holding my breath so I can take control.
Feelings unrest, I can’t seem to grow.
Problems unsolved, it’s an overload.
Losing my mind right before I explode.
Tormented life, struggles of troubled strife.
No delights when serving the dope pipe.
Fight for life at the end of the knife blood dribbles.
thoughts are cloudy and scribbled.
Mentally insane,
contemplating more self-inflicted pain.
Self-conscience remains.
Empty pockets empty brains.
Crepted invisible deceptive message makes all miserable.
manifested irritable,
cut throat on principle.
Need a death miracle.
My visions are endless.
My decision are critical.
Somebody end this.
Never to see a new day, Highly considerable.
Skin peeling served with blackening eyes,
as victims are screaming from scraping one vertebrae at a time.
Ripping out your spine.
Tormented elusion, negatively influencing and polluting my mind.
Life's worth losing when everyones out of line.
Passing looks across the room.
She takes a moment in despair.
Noticing me at once but dares not to share.
Telling herself in confidence theirs not a one who compares.
Speaking soft sweet desires in the gloomy nights air.
Most take no notice but I couldn’t help but to stare.
Odds stacked against me the games just isn’t so fare.
Wishing to caress her body while running my fingers through her hair.
Dreaming of lustful inquiries to long got me no where.
Moments lost in time forever one couldn’t care.
Once I accomplish my endeavors entirely only then her name I’ll declare.
I once walked the dark voided path of emptiness.
Searching for desire to love once again.
Surprisingly as it seems death was my reality as well as my dreams.
Not a light to guide, nor a purpose to strive.
Not a place to be seen.
Not a place to hide.
Before I met you I had lost all hope in truth. Then you came into my life, a light not a one could describe.
The star of my night.
The sparkle of my eyes.
Is this truth or have I been hypothesized.
Your as magical as a flowers pedal upon the sea.
Floating ever so effortlessly.
Only to Reveal yourself when the moons essence illuminates thee.
The whisper of the night’s breeze will bring a moment of clarity.
All is right, all is free.
Free from the ******* that binds you to me.
The flower and the seed.
Forgetting today’s Tragedies.
Tomorrow’s a new fruit,
one full of endless possibilities.
Letting go of artificial needs and obligations to fulfill your greed.
Urgency to be everywhere at once,
but not I.
Patiently I drift,
Just a pedal upon the sea.
Lately I’ve been thinking
Thinking to myself
That this life’s been sinking
Sinking beyond the belt
It’s up to my neck
In all the **** that I dealt
I drove straight into a wreck
With all the guilt that I felt
So I guess my life wasn’t worthy
To move on by myself
I need you in a hurry
Before all my time runs out
So baby bring the gurney
For I lost my way
It’s dark and it’s scary
And all the lights gone away
I’m broken and thirsty
For all you love today
Don’t leave me cold turkey
Please help ease my pain

Baby this life
  I can’t take it
I want to be heavily medicated
  Every time I try to sleep
I’m awaken
  Promises I couldn’t keep
Has me breaking
  Days turns into weeks
And I’m fading
  Moments to soon to speak
Words complicating
   I’m lost within reach
And I’m irritated
   Baby this life
I can’t take it
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