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Johnny walker Feb 15
And my love she lies
a sleeping like seed
beneath the ground
to await the coming
Sun and the day when
I will join her for It's
the first time be been

For when I layed her
down to rest and placed flowers on her grave
and as I walked away
I felt so guilty for
leaving her there for the first time on her

But In the summer Its
nice to where she lies when the flowers come
to bloom and birds do
sing again

And I sit and talk to her and tell her to be patient I will be joining her
In a little while, I can
spend much more time
In the summer
Helen she lise awaiting For Me but I've always felt guilty for leaving her for time alone


You did something
that you were
told to do.

So why
are you
awaiting praise
for doing something
you should have done
in the
first place?
BlueInkDitty Oct 2018
Maybe at the edge of tears, with light on your hand
Maybe at the end of a world, that was made of woe and pain
Maybe with the cloud that comes running down your cheek
Maybe with the sound of courage inside your heart so weak

It could be you, under the rain beating at my feet
It could be me, the black ink spilled on your white sheets
It could be you, sofltly smiling for slow decades
It could be me, the eye trapped in these dark grey shades

Who knows what can happen
Here in this heart, beneath the sun ?
Hidden behind your gates
Here in this heart, it all awaits

Maybe at the tip of lips that stayed closed for too long
Maybe at the top of hills, a line between right and wrong
Maybe with the stars of gold, shining in your mind
Maybe with the words of love, those you could never find

It could be you, holding the arm of a good friend
It could be me, with memories buried in the sand
It could be you, with joy and mindholes at the seams
It could be me, always gentle or so it seems

Who knows what can happen
Here in this heart, beneath the sun ?
Hidden behind your gates
Here in this heart, it all awaits
Tony Oquendo Aug 2014
Hands held gingerly, each a pace apart
I lead in the dance, you bring rhythm to my heart
I take my bold steps and you glide across the ground
I reach into the air, but your nowhere to be found
So I dance on alone holding on to memories
Wondering if my steps will ever bring you back to me
Tony Oquendo Aug 2014
Walking in the rain
the clouds a sad shade of gray
I notice my reflection in a puddle
who I was, who I am and who I could have been

The rain washes away all sorrows.  

I am left *****, reborn, looking for my sunny day.
over two billion people
these days are waiting to commemorate
the birth of one whom they consider
humankind‘s savior

it happened more than 2000 years ago

since then it has not really been established
from what he has saved us

looking at our history
does not help much either

maybe this is a good thing
such indeterminacy can be quite uplifting

after all
who does not like to be saved?
hazem al jaber Jan 2017
Awaiting train ...

beautiful lady ...
taking her way ...
no matter where ...
no matter how ...
only want to reach ...
to get my train ...
to get me ...
as i'm waiting her ...

beautiful sweet lady ...
amazing one ...
never saw as her ...
before ...
got my train ...
got the heart ...
which loved her ...
got me as lover ...
as i love always her ...

a beautiful lady ...
always i'm waiting here ...
waiting only for you ...
with my heart's train ...
with all my love ...
which it created ...
since i saw this world ...
with my first breathe ...
i knew the love ...
and started the love ...
only with you ...
learnt how to love ...
and taught you ...
how to love me ...
and how to be ...
the master of love ...
because of you ...
i stopped my train ...
only for you ...
my sweetheart ...
and never anyone ...
to get my train ...
it's only for you ...
it's my heart's train ...
never to run with you ...
it's only had one seat ...
and you are the queen ...
the queen to my heart's train ...

hazem al ...
Erik Sep 2016
i'm not blaming you for every froth at the mouth,
for throwing a death-treating coup de grace,
for every midnights calls, "just hang the phone on the piece of glasses, i'm tired, define."
this is not an ordeal, dear you.
neither a perfect no-ended way for those sullen soul.
this is not an albatross,
neither a lake for bathing these bleeding-pleading souls.

let's make one's bed and lie on it, dear you.
giving up is just a renaissance.
not blaming you, not blaming me.

i'm sitting in the furnace room accompany with the orb of night,
this is not a trip 'one you can hang the wash on'.
but dear, this is our false move.
the sin of Adam.
but we're not a faith breaker,
this is just,
a couple faint of hearts.

i'm gonna run to pale the sun,
your clues is a trickery-loony defoliated area.

just for tonight.
warm me, calm my soul down, embrace my old heart.
the heart is as young as the day firstlight,
and as old as the seas.

just for tonight, dear.
my dear lodestone.
wake up with me tonight in the mattress from the ground up,
above these threnody-potter's heart.
phil roberts May 2016
Here I go again
Dubious footsteps
Questionable motives
Perusing the dark and restless past
Changing as perceptions change
And perceptions change with
The tolerance of added years and distance
Creating the uncertainty of honesty
Turn black and white
Into grey elusive shadows
And there
Amidst the darkness of my past
And all my pointless journeys
For the first time ever
I see a small white light
Constant and unblinking
And I am aware deep inside
That this is the long awaited
Birth of peace

                        By Phil Roberts
as I'm sitting here, waiting for my train
it's like sitting anywhere, waiting for my life to change
constantly I see the same reaction
my heart is on life support my mind is in traction
sleeping in chairs without destinations
taunted by the torrid past and current aggrevations
born as a child with a bleak chance of survival
patiently awaiting my intended, glorious revival
as the Phoenix, so have I, been burnt to ashes
will I rise again to be dispersed to the masses?
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