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Jul 2022
Innermost thoughtful verbosity, desire lost philosophy,  misery phase cloudy darken days eternity pollinate sorrows validate emotional tormented hours. Time over lived Soul never paid ****** tolls. Antisyzygies, mystery, history never sold  failures unfold.  Always talked of ups and downs, the round and rounds, Voices tuned In and out of sound. Those who you love are those you keep around. Bound to hit the ground **** bound to have no out of bounds. Please pronounce specific reasons and keyed seasons why rhinoceros differ from clowns. Who your eternally meant to be, is your desire gracefully. Patiently speaking are those who embrace harden or weaken? Are those who loss haste starving or feeding, harvesting or greeting? you choose to pardon your heathens and I choose to marching and teaching. County blues never told proudfull news. Sometimes what she got to do, is what she's got to do. I tip my hats off to all of you. No *** for tat when played a fool. If you can't be used then  your useless, so it looks like we're all the tools. Mustn't be a difficult one to use, So bounce the ball, hop the wall and come back to rule And if you listen to my decisions, you'll learn to speak into your own existence. Your the maker of your dreamful visions or the maker of the bars which old your prison. How's that for tonight's lesson? Doesn't that sounds like a blessing? Indeed so good night you-all and keep on guessing. Because I plant the seed and it's not one of greed, but of needs not to be questioned. Understood essence.
Paul Sheridan Sanchez
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