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Pockets Aug 28
Birmingham I am your first born Ex husband
Birmingham I am 3rd avenue north
Birmingham I am the hands of Vulcan
Birmingham I am an abandoned race course
Birmingham I am your Bob Dylan
Basquiat and Bukowski
Birmingham I am nothing
Birmingham I am blue
Birmingham I’m yours if you let me
Birmingham I am you
the same grey car passes by Whitman Avenue each morning.
passing the seconds by.
"tick, tick, tick," the clock says, aimlessly.
the trees fade from their summer green to a dark, autumn orange.
passing the years by.
[Offical Full Poetry]

I'll  be  thinking  of  you, 
at  the  new  year's  day. 

I'll  be  missing  you 
at  the  first  day  
of  the  rest  of  my  life  
like  you  never  ever  left 
can  still  see  your  silhouette 
it's  moving  in  the  sky 
now  it  is  melting  away 
saying  to  me  "goodbye."

© Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
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ethan gaskill Feb 2018
People don't respond
when I call
I don't even leave a message

I am a ticking bomb
bouncing off the walls
dying to make a confession

boy, this lifestyle that I'm living
can't be good
I try to find an outlet but
there ain't no avenue
I try, to fly away
I try to get the girl, but it ain't my day
oh, there ain't no avenue

oh, count my friends
twice just to see who
comes and goes

we're on and then
we're off again I
get whiplash

boy, this lifestyle that I'm living
can't be good
I try to find an outlet but
there ain't no avenue
I try, to fly away
I try to get the girl, but it ain't my day
oh, there ain't no avenue
- e <3
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
In a new avenues
Under the radiant skies
With unknown identity
Like a wonder of a visitor

On closing those eyes
So far, I was lost
Spending time in circle
Ultimately, I found my way, beyond

Calm silence, everywhere
Colored reflection of breaths
Echoes within memories, and
Chorus of forgiveness.
Self Discovery Mantra.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections.
Star BG Aug 2017
The Vessel I live in
is of Human form on Earth.

The address I live at is
in the country of my heart.

The street I live on is
Love Avenue
Compassion Lane
Abundance Road
Joy Drive.
Peace Crescent
Harmony Boulevard
Freedoms Trail
Bliss Highway.

And the heart is my roadmap.

StarBG © 2017
savs Jul 2017
Last month you were walking home
and you passed by a bus stop;
one had just arrived,
it was empty,
but you decided to ignore it

Until you remembered my lips,
my cold hands

After that time, you payed attention
to every single bus in town,
wondering if they could take you
someplace nearby my eyes
and my voice

Because you missed me,
you still do

And finally,
you bought yourself a ticket,
you couldn't wait to see me anymore;
you needed my kisses
and my arms,
almost as much as i did

As i do

You were ready to come,
but then I woke up,
realizing it was a simple dream

knowing you would never take
that empty bus
Martin Narrod Apr 2017
This is my body.
You know it. You touch my teeth with your fingers, my imperfect teeth. The teeth I brought home from the Czech Republic after pulling off my braces with pliers, after not having a toothbrush or fluoridated water for half of a year, you tell me that you love me and my teeth. You know they make me so uncomfortable.

You lay beside me in bed. You put your right hand in my left hand, your right leg over my left leg, and you tell me that your boyfriend is only your boyfriend because he was the opposite of your ex. He's not the one you want to be with, he's the one you just happen to be with.

I tell you we shouldn't kiss until it's over between the two of you.

This is my body, it's driving the car you're in. I fill up the gas tank and ask you where you'd like to go. You say you'd like to go anywhere. I drive us through Chicago, we go up one street and then down the next. I drive us downtown on Lake Shore Drive, across the city on Grand Avenue and over to Ohio, then I put us on the highway and then I take us off. We take North Avenue from I-94 to Wells to Lincoln and then North again until the car runs out of gas again. I fill up the car with gas, again.

I look at your face, your hair, your hands and your legs, I love your legs, your face, your lips, and the words coming out of your mouth.

I didn't know I could be happy like this again. I didn't know I could be so attracted to someone's body and so attracted to someone's mind- at the same time. I tell you that you should break up with him before we kiss, even though I just want to kiss you now. I want to kiss you now and now and now and now, and we start making promises, we start telling each other that there are rules for how to live life by understanding it. You understand your life and you understand me in it. I understand you and trust everything you say. You're right, brave, brilliant, and beautiful. I love the sound of your voice and the words you choose to use.

I'm sure we've known each other for over a decade. This is my body. This is your body. We are perfect and animated towards one another, and I like it, I love it. And I'm so ******* lucky.

I never have been as brave nor as bold as you've shown me I can be. I could be so brave and full of grace and excitement, and enchanted immensely by every gesture and breath that comes from you. I had previously been riddled with immense insanity before we met. I was sworn towards unmistakeable insanity, and doomed to a life of solitude and sadness, I had lived in a wash of thick melancholy, and I knew, and my friends agreed that my body and I would  never know happiness, pleasure, or awesomeness anymore.

You're driving me happily crazy. Fueled by unmistakeable excitement, and on the way towards a future of wildly enticing momentus togetherness.

You and your little dog too.
K Balachandran Apr 2017
Rows of trees burst out,
Symphonies of violet.
High notes of fragrance.
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