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savs Jul 2018
if the moon was a human being
she would be the kind of person
that we all search for in our lives

she would be the irreplaceable glow
that makes you look at things
in a different way,
a light that would make you feel
anything, everything but alone

she would be so strong
yet so delicate at the same time
and i'd adore her,
thought probably not as much as i do now,
i tend to appreciate some things more
when they are unreachable
in the distance

but if the moon was a human being
i think she would be too perfect
to actually be one,
she'd constantly hear "you don't belong with us down here on earth
but up there in the sky"
and she would remind me of you

so maybe,
just maybe,
i cannot have her
because i already have someone like you
and you are more than i will ever deserve
savs Jul 2018
i think we were never meant to be together,
if you are one of those who believe in destiny

friendship wasn't our thing
but romantic love was too much for you to handle
and i couldn't stay knowing that all i would get was broken promises and an old piece of clothing

perhaps we will have wonderful lifes,
and hopefully, we won't cross paths again

it sounds kind of awful, but is it really?

you brought beautiful memories
but they couldn't overcome the bad

and maybe, if we were meant to be in some parallel time-space
we would have disappointed fate
because even though i was good at staying when i got hurt
you were the best at being bad for me
when i just wanted to feel adored
savs May 2018
thank you
for teaching me how to love;
now that you broke my heart
i can go
and give it to someone who knows how to love me
in ways you never could
savs Apr 2018
my kisses tasted
like coffee;
you must be a tea person.
savs Mar 2018
i was seven
and i aspired to become a star, because my mom had told me that those scintillating bodies used to be people, but they were no longer breathing. "they are looking after their darlings". i heard but i didn't pay attention. i just needed to share their glow.

i was sixteen
and tears drenched my face every f*cking night,
a few mornings too. i didn't understand if i craved the feeling of protection from a thinking sphere of gas, or if i wanted to turn into one of them. i could be a human whose heart stopped working and ended up shining beside the moon.

i am now eighteen,
my life is a little less of a mess and i would so much rather be a star than a person, for i want to make sure I'll be able to look after every loving soul who took care
of my
weakened light.
savs Mar 2018
i hope you remember my name
every time you see a flower, every time you hear someone talking
about how much they love their family as i used to do, every time you see some drunk girl crying and sending messages to the boy that broke her heart.
remember me every time you drink coffee, every time you see jennifer aniston on the news because you know i love friends and every time you hear your favourite artist's songs, since he was the one who indirectly got us together.
every time you see the sun, my middle name should appear on your mind.
i want you to always remember me
and the way you tore our love.
every time you can't sleep, i pray to a god that i don't believe in for you to remember my body lying next to yours and suffer knowing that, if I'm gone
to you.
savs Feb 2018
i didn't want to say goodbye
but you gave me no choice
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