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Jim Davis May 16
Yoda on Thanos (10w)
Strong he is, end near
Finger snap? Yoda snap too!

Thanos on Chuck (10w)
You’re a great fighter, Chuck
Shoulda gone for the head

Chuck on Thanos (10w)
When I’m’re done
Roundhouse kick to the head

Chuck on Avengers Endgame (10w)
Run from destiny?  Yeah right!
I’ll say when it’s endgame!

Chuck then notices Captain Marvel swooping across the sky!  Telling Yoda... I think I could love her three thousand... times infinity!
“She ain’t like that Bruce guy is she?”
“I remember Captain Marvel... the guy?”

Chuck on Thanos (again) (10w)
“You say you’re inevitable... No... I am inevitable... always was!”  

Chuck then roundhouse kicks Thanos in the head... sending him to infinity... and beyond!   Chuck then rides off in his spaceship jeep (powered by nuclear pulse propulsion like in The Lost Planet)... with Captain Marvel... telling her (in casual conversation)... “I like your **** in tights!  Did you have an operation?”

©  2019 Jim Davis
Love Chuck Norris facts! and the Avengers
Mallory Blake May 13
All that he says is
I love you three thousand
And I am in tears.
Roxy May 3
"Tell me, was it hard to die,
or harder to be the one who survived?"
The air became suffocating ,
what they see is a foreign place.
The ashes spreaded everywhere,
the pain is now what they embrace.
Confusion and guilt ,
agony slowly built.
Wiping out half of the universe?
...more like half of their universe.
Almighty and invincible,
kneeled in space almost unbelievable,
Witnessed his brother's death,
now waiting for the moment when,
"The sun will shine on us again".
Love in her tears,
the pain and her fears,
Were to be seen when she was committing her sin,
Yet she replayed in her mind,
"I just feel you" until she died.
They were supposed to be together,
till the end of the line,
Now he's broken holding the hand of his friend,
Who said "Steve?"...and dusted in the plain air.
The faithful and patient one,
passed the test of the Ancient One,
But now he only got the time to say,
"There was no other way".
He promised to **** her,
she loved him more than anything,
"Oh man" this reality is cruel,
Him already gone and her soul trapped in a stone.
Most of them became dust swiftly,
But there was one who got the power to fight this briefly,
Fell in his arms struglling to stay alive,
"I don't wanna go" were the words echoing in the sunlight.
Even though the pain is crushing,
They won't move on,
and this time no more losing,
With all the strength and help they've gotten,
"Whatever it takes" they'll avenge the fallen.
"We are in the endgame now."
By M Apr 27
There's much to look forward to
Like love

And Avengers Endgame
I can't wait to watch it and I'm hoping and praying that my friends won't spoil it for me.
Steve your chapter is now over.  
You’ve had a wonderful life and you’ve had your  closure.
You fought nazis and you’ve fought aliens. You’ve fought Tony Stark too.
And I never thought I’d have to say goodbye to you.
You’re the most bravest and kindest and spirited of them all.
If you ever needed me I would have come to your call.
I know you had your happy ending. I’m happy and a little sad too.
That I’ll never see you again. But your time here is through.
I’ll miss your confidence that everything will turn out alright.
But most of all I’ll miss you and your light.
No one weeps for the fallen Black Crow
When the black crow falls, we cheer instead
For where are the tears, in hate, and revenge
For where is the forgiveness, we promised them

The villain, the martyr, in sight we have lost
For we champion the victor, but at what cost
To build statues of our pride
To raise a flag upon a corpse

A mistake we call them, when they breathed their last
An evil traitor to "our" mankind
Who we never saw eye to eye with
A sword to another sword, bloodshed, overflowing more

We drown in our hate of the bad guy we created
Love and kindness, when all they wanted was freedom
Every eye a story, to them own self, and life rhythms
It never matters in the end though, as we all will lay with them

April 25 2019
Avengers sounds cool huh? Thanos, vs, the avengers
1 guy, stands against 100 heroes. yeah heroes
But have you ever looked into the eyes of the villain
And seen their story, a villain killing, a hero saving
One villian, always, against many heroes
Heroes, who in the end lose, to policies, governments, money
The real power, is to persuade the masses, against 1 man/woman
The real wisdom, is to see through your enemies eyes
For an enemy is not defeated in vengeance, so much as friendship
Uppity tuppity
Ding **** Daring
Here comes something
Thats truly worth sharing

A ticket for me
A ticket for you
To our destiny
That we choose

A movie, a scene, a story, a dream
Living it, doing it
Life can be a thing
Anything actually... sort of

Happiness, sing
About like well anything you know
What rhymes with orange
Orange things?

A slice for me, a slice for you
Of any recipe, we choose to use
Who knew, that i was...
Awful at cooking, i did

Practice, study, learn, enjoy
Use the knowledge, you employ
Upon all things
That we can enjoy

April 23 2019
....(this was so ******)
? uhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Well, in other news, Avengers Endgame is coming out
I'd love to go see it with someone
Yep, 25th 26th, right down the road from my house
Is a theater xO
i have been there like 5 times now

It's always empty, 1 guy, all the seats can can jump on
I love jumping around an empty theater xD
whatever it takes,
good or evil, it doesn't matter anymore,
as long as it works,
as long as we meet one more time,
this time I promise,
it will work.
inspired by the captain
when I drift off,
it will be dark,
and I will be alone,
but I won't be scared,
as the memories of you,
will keep me accompany
inspired by Mr stark in space
Jay Hankare Dec 2018
It's no more rainbows and ponies as we are now moving headlong into an era of darkness ,

The smiles have melted into tears and are dripping down my cheeks as i drown in my own fears ,

Those happy moments of a Family have corroded and is now replaced by a grim old loneliness reminded by empty seats and silence ,

We are now reaching the end of this journey and it was supposed to be me and you but as i look along i can't find you ,

Is this how it's gonna be ? is this the end ? i don't know , but i will fight and i will keep fighting till my last breath allows me to ,

And i will be waiting for you on the other side  for i have a dance i promised you along with a future that we never had .
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