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Lilith Avenue
Goldenrod City    I'm a collection of broken sounds and misplaced vowels
Euphoria Avenue


Thinking of You Jun 2017
frozen coke
family matters
sack swing

at 822 Pine Avenue

late nights
pillow forts
peach cobbler dessert

at 822 Pine Avenue

headstands and trampolines
a front porch swing

at 822 Pine Avenue

wives tales & mud pies

at 822 Pine Avenue

pecan tree
bench beneath
singing in her sleep

at 822 Pine Avenue

bird fountain and basketball net
a ball needing air
popsicle stains on shirts

at 822 Pine Avenue

mining for rocks down the alley
papa's roof was *****

at 822 Pine Avenue

birthday parties
coconut pies
drawing pictures in the front room

at 822 Pine Avenue

Geraldine stories
flash light animals
sleepovers with the twin beds pushed together

at 822 Pine Avenue

talking in her sleep
frying me bacon to eat
Sunday afternoon lunches

At 822 Pine Avenue

1 husband
3 kids
7 grandchildren
13 great grandchildren

at 822 Pine Avenue
Some of my vivid memories from my childhood at my Mamaw's house.
David Nelson Sep 2011
Madison Avenue

thousand dollar suits, fancy silk tie
slicked back hair, he's a helluva guy
he'll pick your pocket, do what he has to do
to stay on top on Madison Avenue

foreclose your loan, increase your rate
charge you more, if you are late
no don't bend over, he'll give it to you
do what he needs on Madison Avenue

he will lie to his mother, cheat on his wife
whatever it takes, to maintain his life
hold his breath until, his face turns blue
got to have it his way, on Madison Avenue

just how large, does his account need be
when is it enough, to make him see
he's so **** smart, but doesn't have a clue
his life is all about, Madison Avenue

government bailouts, rewards for greed
while jobless workers, walk streets with need
have my doubts, that we thought it through
keeping the hot shots hot, on Madison Avenue

we slap their wrists, say don't do it again
they claim they won't, but behind they grin
they know they can do, just want they want to
nothing seems to change, on Madison Avenue  

Gomer LePoet...