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K Balachandran Apr 2017
Rows of trees burst out,
Symphonies of violet.
High notes of fragrance.
K Balachandran Mar 2017
Tender,purple,leaves abound,
avenue mango tree adorned,
like a comely bride,
unfolds poetry in life!
Spring unfolds her pages of soft, romantic poetry, everywhere..
Baylee Sep 2015
Street, road, trail, avenue,
Boulevard, park, way, lane.

It was a journey,
You could say,
We had been
Through it all,
But then it was gone,
And I had no one to call.
It was a path
That I had chosen,
And it's name
Was Lane,
She just says
"I told you so",
But in your hands
I place the blame.

I've been many places,
And down many roads,
But the worst part of it all,
Is that I take your lane to get home.
Thank God I'm moving,
And getting out of this place,
I'll never go down that Lane again,
And with time, I'll forget your face.
asija Apr 2015
New York City is where
I most like to be.
It’s as noisy as a
Room full of bees.

When I’m there ,
I walk like a bunny.
Fast and quick hurrying
In the streets

People talking and
Horns blasting and
The smell of gas
Filling the air.

Oh New York City
You are the best city.
You are even better
Than Italy!
Similie and metaphor poem!
Lenore Lux Jan 2015
God, electricity has never been so painful
as when it manifests in blue cords holding up your core
and doubled over the rail finding any way
to stay away from home,
it hits your **** like the arctic wind
before it shreds and embeds in your soul
Will. I ever. Be touched like I touch, or will I
shuffle through my time alive at Water Avenue?
Will. I ever. Be held as close as I hold, or will I
wander, wistful?

Fallout. Inbound. Reciprocation comes
arriving on highways that transport heavy arms
and ***** bombs. Take me where pavement
is miles away. Take me on.

— The End —