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Colm May 2019
I used to write just to read on and on
In a listing manner, with a scrolling eye

But no more do I
Write in such a manner as this

There’s no desire to be found
As those days have long since passed me by

And now I only write for myself, the ID
As compared to the length which these pages provide

And I stop flowing waters
Dead in their tracks, without so much as a whisper

Because I’m no longer afraid to speak
Or to be seen here within these imperfect lines
Procedural, less, am I, still.
Àŧùl Feb 2017
Centrifuge & resuspend the oligos,
The precursor to your macromolecule,
Follow it by concentration & *
To avoid resuspension difficulties,
Heat the oligos to 55º C, and,
Vortex in between thoroughly.

Optimal conditions,
For standard DNA oligonucleotides,
They be followed closely.
Store them at –20º C for long,
At 5º C while performing procedures.
Also, store them with fluorophores,
For better visualization later.
For standard
RNA oligonucleotides**,
The conditions be more stringent.
My HP Poem #1428
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —