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Thomas EG May 2015
Pitter patter of miniature feet
Children are something that I want

I always have
And always will

But my own children aren't necessarily
Something that I can have

They are beautiful
And worthy of life
And as open-minded as I can be
I don't want to **** mine

But I will not have to pay
For surgery nor for drugs
So let me freeze my potentials
Let me remove my shallow caves

I do not need them anymore
Just like you don't need her

Love me love me love me
I am your child

I always have been
And always will be

I love you
So love my kids...
(However they arrive)
Because they will arrive...
And love you too
I wrote this last night when I was very drunk and kind of high... Apparently this is what my intoxicated mind thinks about.

— The End —