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CC Jul 2017
Lately my whole life has been about my right hand
I have two hands
Whatever happened to the left?
Why is she so forgotten
How am I supposed to be fair?
So much of this life is lived with two hands
I need to care for the both of them
I know that most people only have 1 major hand
But there is something important about the fact that one does most of the work
While there is so much potential for the other unused hand
Stay golden, hands.
Amanda Shelton Nov 2016
Forced to write with the right hand,
is it fair?

because not
all are right handed,
I am one of them
but I'm also
not left handed,
I am ambidextrous.

So I have a choice,
which hand is the best.

I just haven't
made up my mind,
I might never
because I like being
the way I was born.

I'm a proud ambidextrous.

To the right,
To the left,
To the in-between,
is just fine with me.  

©By Amanda D Shelton

tc Jul 2015
i am ambidextrous – i can count how many times you’ve hurt me on both hands and i am ambivalent, i love you but i hate you

there is a certain ambience i recall in flashbacks and unspoken memories, however it fades as quickly as my smile when your name is mentioned

there is so much ambiguity in your eyes when you gaze at me – i stopped marvelling over you and your thoughts and instead marvelled over myself

who am i, without you? what am i, without you?

i am a life of ambition
you are a life of indifference
rough write. i haven't written in a year and i miss it so so much, but i'm trying to fight through my writer's block. please be kind :-(

— The End —