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Gracie Anne Jun 26
Sherri can you hear me?
I'm sitting in my bathroom,
I've got a bunch of pills
And I'm ready to meet my doom.

Sherri can you hear me?
I'm almost ready to die.
I called you for one reason,
I wanted to say goodbye.

Sherri can you hear me?
Please don't call nine-one-one
Nothing can help anymore.
It's all done; I'm done.

Sherri can you hear me?
One, two, three, four.
Counting pills, ready for death
Oh no, they're at the door.

Sherri I gotta go,
The ambulance is here.
My wrists are sliced real bad
And my death is getting near.

Sherri I'm so scared.
Lights and sirens are on high.
They're sticking stickers on my body,
My death will soon be nigh.

Grace can you hear me?
My heart's beating too fast.
I'm seizing, once, twice, three times,
This day will soon be my last.

Grace, stop, stop!
I'm pulling out my needle
Barely aware of what's happening
My body's turning feeble.

Grace, why did you do it?
I'm now being interrogated.
Summit Ridge or Peachford?
To the hospital I am fated.

Mom can you hear me?
It's finally visitor's day.
I'm so anxious, I love you lots
Please mom, will you stay?

Grace did you hear me?
You're going no matter what.
Skyland Trail's the next step,
No ifs, ands, or buts.

Mom can you hear me?
I miss you too much.
Please. come pick me up,
I really miss your touch.

Friends can you hear me?
You're help was invaluable.
A Thank You goes to everyone
My recovery is beyond admirable.
Sherri is my therapist btw
JT Nelson Jun 14
We heard the screech
Then the pop
Of metal on metal
Or metal on wood
It’s hard to tell the difference
When you’re half asleep

People were running
To it and from it
People afraid that they’d
Be sent away
Away from their babies
Others stopped them and calmed them

My thumbs wrestled
With dialing 9-1-1
But I described it best I could
As quickly as I could
And as accurately as I could
Then we waited.
Traumatic situation all around tonight in our “hood” as a mom with children jumped the curb and hit a pole or tree then took off from the scene as she was afraid that she’d be deported or put in in jail or something. One by one the emergency personnel showed up and we made our way home. Lights and voices still thick behind us. Scary.
Brandon Conway Sep 2018
Panicked mechanical howls
echo off the silver moon
blankets the summer crisp air
blending in with the ghosts of the weeds
and the angels in the trees
flashing lights blocading the streets
in hopes of preventing tragedy
every night it’s Hamlet out on this street
this stage has been played a hundred times
the ending never changes
Sharon Talbot Jul 2018
A subsonic growl emerges
As the red wolf plunges forth
From his concrete cave.
He shoulders aside the weaker creatures,
In his rush, for the men inside
Live for the hunt.
The siren howl is high at first,
Wild and eager, hysterical.
As he gains his stride
On the pavement path,
His whine swings into a rocking pulse,
Keeping time with the fire,
Or the blood spurting from a man.
Behind the pack there is a white dog,
Sturdy and square, trained and sure,
With a lyrical howl.
He keeps pace yet there is no lust
For the hunt, no need for blood.
They circle the waiting disaster,
Disgorging men in black and white,
The hulks rumble as they wait.
Wolves lick up the flames
While the white-dressed men
Lap up the blood.
The wolf prowls as the flames die
But stands guard as the
White dog points to the man.
He has chosen to save.
A fire truck roared somewhere in town and it made me think of the growl of a wolf. The white truck is obviously an ambulance and the white wolves are EMT's! I know, it's absurd imagery but I had some fun with it.
Tatiana May 2018
They sent an ambulance
to our location.
The sirens could be heard
even under sedation.
The drugs that flow through my veins
I got without consultation.
I'm floating over broken glass
to my salvation.

I'm screaming for you from the crowd.
I hear you screaming from the crowd.
Don't suffocate on the clouds!
But I like the feel of these clouds.
Why can't you take my hand this time?
I don't want to take your hand in mine.
I'd cushion the crash of your high
Driving like this is a crime.

So I called an ambulance for you,
because that's what I needed to do
          And you
Tried to take me out of this mindset
That I did not want to leave yet.

But you drove without a seat belt on
and crashed through the windshield of your car
       And I
Wanted just to take a drive
I didn't know it'd threaten my life.

I'm going crazy
You're going crazy
Because I can hear the sirens,
but they sound slowed down.
I'm just under
the surface of consciousness
and I think I can hear that the sirens

So stay with me

I open my eyes and look to my right
to see broken glass sparkle like
diamonds in the one streetlight.
The ground is vibrating
as I'm shivering in shock.
The ambulance rumbles
the loose pieces of rock.
That rattle against the concrete
on this disaster of a street.

So broken bones and broken souls,
I'm hurting all over this ****** street.
Fill up the street that's full of holes.
Flashing lights make me close my eyes.
They push at your chest, so unkind
I'm floating again there are no ties.
In the ambulance you flatlined
Life is full of stupid lies!

Don't let your heart burst
© Tatiana
This is actually a very sad duet that I wrote awhile back.
clever Mar 2018
when i saw it, it was just past midnight.
the residual blur of every flashing light.
red and blue, pulsing in your driveway.
holding my breath, keeping tears at bay.
i just couldn't tell if it was you out there.
my lungs constricting, denying despair.
you've been my best friend since forever.
you'd always been there through whatever.
they wouldn't let me past the caution tape.
this time, they wouldn't let you escape.
i love you but i can't help you this time.
i wish i could. my heart breaks for you.
i love you more than anyone else could.
i love you, too. i love you like hell, chica.
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
the walls they close in,
my breath seems to quicken,
my thoughts began to whirl,
i can't breath- i can't seem to grasp it,
did i forget?
i'm not forgetful,
am i?
ah, i can't think straight,
things began to slow down,
i can hear them yelling,
but i can't,
its drain out from my own breath,
the sirens blare loudly in my ears but they seem so distant,
my eyes began to close as i drift,
my breath steadies,
it slows,
then stops.
Jaz Nov 2017
When I was younger
The red and blue lights
Would remind me I'm safe

The same red and blue lights
Have turned me into a shadow
I no longer have the strength
No longer have the will to go on

Red and blue
Was the colour of the sky
The night they took away my best friend
Red and blue
Once more lit up the night
When they came to take away my second chance

They were meant to be a saving grace
A symbol for life and protection
But what's the point

They no longer protect me from the real threat
The real offenders that walk the street
The red and blue
The sirens
All they do is take from me what I love
First five minutes
Red flicks and burns my eyes
Mute but loud with color
Spirit travels down eigth ave
Recollection of life during transit
Rain check on the hospital bill
Life uninsured
Death assured
Silent ambulance
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