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I'm sorry I'm not a degenerate like you
But that's not my fault
But in your own warped minds

F Minus
Feelin nicotine sick
Tho nev **** on a stick
Dealin wit dopamine *****
They don't need a fix
No more imagining it's accidental, ******. No more mercy. No more acceptance. No more tolerance.
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2018

For every story of addiction
has trauma at the root

Thats the usual case anyway.
I'm sorry everyone for not updating as much as I want.
I'm still feeling really unwell...
Hugs everyone
Lyn ***
Hope White Sep 2018
They chased dragons
instead of their dreams
and made love
at rock bottom.
I confess I’m addicted to my phone
My observations tell me I’m not alone
For when you venture out it’s plain to see
The majority of us are glued to our screens

Whether on the tube or pushing a pram
We all have devices in our hands
Surfing the net or social networking
Everyone obsessed with being plugged in

It’s getting so bad even in company
We’re not fully there as we view our screens
And now there are warnings from TFL
Not to fall down escalators as a result of this swell

In checking our messages, writing posts
Face to face interaction up in smoke
We’d rather be alone in the cyber world
Than engaging in reality with other boys and girls

It is an epidemic that’s spreading extremely fast
Thus it seems that human contact
could become a thing of the past
No need to leave the house anymore
When everything can be ordered and delivered to your door

A society of zombies isolated could we become
If we don’t down devices and venture out into the scrum
And mingle with other beings physically there
Where we can look them in the eye
and maintain that stare

Connecting on a basic level without the aid of WiFi
And concentrating on each other
instead of being distracted by
Notifications and little beeps
Incoming communication that never sleeps

And keeps you up all night as your brain just can’t switch off
From all the incessant stimuli we’re inundated with
Time to give it a rest, take a break just for a while
Look up from your laptops and perhaps give someone a smile

Watch where you are going, don’t get yourself run over
Be present in the moment and you hopefully won’t fall over
Have a coffee with someone instead of instant messaging
Regard the world around you taking note of everything

Don’t zone out and go into a solitary trance
Assemble your tribe, spin some tunes, have a little dance
Limit your time on the World Wide Web
Grab yourself a hottie and get jiggy with them instead

I’m talking to myself
As well as anyone else
Your family and chums are precious
And deserve nothing less

Than your undivided attention
For one day there’ll come a time
When perhaps they’re no longer around
And you regret being online.
Tuffy Mutombo May 2018
She popped pills
To catch thrills
Chasing dreams
While searching for something real
Addict is her identity
Chasing highs but end up catching lows
Empty was her heart
She fell in love With something that
tore her apart
Popping pills to feed her ego
This addiction she didnt want let go
Now to the grave she goes
Deep Thought May 2018
Can we talk about something real quick?
Do you remember what you did last night?
I do.

You remember that video you watched when ya girl went to sleep?
Yeah, I've done that too.
Although, in my case, at least I waited till she went to work.

If you say it can't be so, I'd be a big fat liar.
Women don't watch **** ,
I say the hell yes we do.
After-all it's so accessible, these desires of the flesh.

For the Women who have, know
you are not alone.
Yes, I have been there too.
My eyes forever tainted.

Next thing you know,
you start embellishing these images of the "perfect" man.

Guess what,

Face it, that muscle man eventually turns into an old man.
Matthew 5:28, 1 Corinthians 6:18-20, Romans 12:2, 1 John 2:16
bess Nov 2017
You are allowed to be angry.

You are allowed to be angry that you missed out on childhood.

That the sound of a slamming door terrifies you.

That the slightest touch of a hand makes you flinch.

You are allowed to be angry that it took you years to be able to look at yourself in the mirror.

You are allowed to be angry at the way you were treated.

You are allowed to be angry at people who hurt you.

You are allowed to be angry.
take a deep breath and love yourself a little more today
bess Nov 2017
Sometimes I wish you were never apart of my life.

But if it wasn't for you, what the hell would be left of me?

Would all of the cuts and scratches and scars disappear? All of these ugly, little things that tell my story would simply evaporate?

It's because of you that I can tell the good days from the bad.

And it's because of you I appreciate the small things.

I appreciate smooth roads because I've driven on rocky.

Some days I close my eyes so tight they hurt. I beg and I beg and I beg that when I wake up, all of the bad is gone.

The memories.

The hurt.

The ache.

But I open my eyes and I'm still just here. So I exist.

And some days, that's all I need to do,

Simply exist.
bess Oct 2017
Be gentle, because they don’t know any better. I know that you’re the child, and I know that you’re scared, and I know that it isn’t your job to be gentile or kind but I also know that being gentile is easier than being angry.

Make sure to give up your heart and soul first. Take your feeling and put them into a box, and shove that box far away because God knows that they’ll only heart them anyways.

Read well and often. Send your mind into a new, completely different world for a little while. You need it. We all need it.

Learn how to be distant. Learn how to love from afar. Being close will only hurt more in the long run.

The most important part of loving an alcoholic is loving you first. You are not your parent’s mistakes. You are not what caused them to break so harshly that they turned to a bottle rather than a book, a drink rather than their daughter.

I learned how to love an alcoholic before I learned to love myself. And to this day, I’m still learning.
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