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I, who is staring at the night sky,
Wondering if everything will be fine.
Beautiful stars made the evening bright,
Will never be the same without the light.

The beauty that caught my attention,
Feeling of emotional connection.
I wanted to give it my affection,
And relieving the ferocious corrosion.

Shining bright as the quasar,
Can be seen, even though it is so far.
Having the uniqueness of a pulsar,
No one will ever be on par.

Things that remained unknown.
The universe that which has grown.
More mysteries that is yet to be known,
Like the history of the pre-historic bones.

You, who is zooming like a shooting star,
Started the throbbing of my heart.
You are turning to a neutron star,
Pulling me closer like a magnetar.

The world that has no reverse.
Started changing after the converse.
One's known as the universe,
Is now splitted to a multiverse.
I've been waiting for you to arrive,
Thinking if everything will be alright,
Feeling I will be an outcast in the vibe
Being left out is like a gloomy night,

I tried to clear my mind,
But this feeling keeps bugging me
Endless, stomach filled with butterflies.
Making me shiver and go flee,

Five minutes of waiting,
Feels like years of torment
And you come and start saying,
"Hey, can you wait for a moment?"

Overthinking like a madman
But in reality, he is planning.
For a surprise that went fine,
Feeling happy and stupid for doubting.
Ever since the day that I met you,
I will do anything just to protect you,
Even if I **** everyone but you.
The day that we had wander,
Time we have spent together,
Happiness that I have gathered
Will always remain with me forever.

We saw a wonderful view,
For me, the most beautiful is you.
The sky is bright and blue,
That moment, I didn't have a clue,

That moment suddenly happening,
I thought that I was dreaming.
I couldn't believe what I'm seeing,
Every second that I'm always enjoying.

I walked right into the past,
Seeing the happiness that last.
Remembering how time is so fast,
That will soon be a piece of dust.

The future that I am told,
Will never become so bold.
The feelings that I hold
Hope to be never be that cold.

The sea that is crystal clear,
Heartbeat that I could hear,
It never felt so real.
The greatest start of the year.
Oh my, oh my
I am full of regret,
It is a fine lady
That I will never get,

I saw her last night
Walking outside,
But she turn right
To his man, to get a ride,

I remember the old memories
Our life is full of happiness,
Some gave me worries
When i can't her forgiveness,

I know I made a mistake
On her darkest day,
It is something I can't retake
Like a needle dropped in a hay,

She is the diamond that I got
She made our lives indestructible,
But she is the diamond that I lost
The day I made it possible
Whenever I look at the sky
I always remember your beautiful eyes,
Stars that remain so high
That will make a wonderful night,

Beauty that will remain forever,
Deserves a happy ever after,
For me nothing is better
Than live with you, together.

I have a question
And I want your opinion,
This will be your decision,
Yes or no is your option.

My cowardness will now flee
To not regret it completely,
Because this is my dream,
Will you complete this dream with me?
Sa iyong simpleng paningin
Masaya ang aking damdamin,
At sa puso ko ay ikaw pa rin
Hanggang dulo ikaw ang hihintayin,

Sa loob ng apat taon na ito
Ang damdamin ko ay para lang sa iyo,
Mga nadama na hindi magbabago
At mananatiling totoo,

Ang iyong liwanag ay isang kagandahan
Punong puno ng kaligayahan,
Sa ibang tao, binigyan mo ng kasiyahan
Ang ala-ala na hinding-hindi makakalimutan,

Panahong tayo ay nagsama
Ako ay punong puno ng saya,
Araw araw nating pagkikita
Hindi kayang tigilan na tignan ka,

Kahit sa isang pag-uusap
Pakiramdam ko ay isang ulap,
Nahahanap ng isang ganap
Para magkaroon ng balak,

Ako ay nahihiya pa din
Sa aking sariling damdamin,
Pero gusto lamang isipin
Ikaw ang liwanag sa dilim,

Mensahe na gusto kong sabihin
Ikaw pa din ang aking pipiliin,
At ngayon kong aaminin
Ikaw ang aking iibigin,

Kahit ang iyong simpleng biro
Ang mga kasiyahan na punong puno,
Na sanang manatili na dito
Katulad ng ala-ala sa iyong regalo,

Ako na natutuwa sa iyong pagbasa
Sa aking binigay na mga tula,
Binigyan pansin, at di sinira
Sapat ang kapalit sa iyong tuwa,

Nung simula, hanggang dulo
Ikaw lamang ang nagbubuo,
Sa liwanag ng aking mundo
Na mananatiling totoo.
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