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Letters from Lia Jul 2020
I have a strange mind —
It only remembers things
that are too cold
and tragic

I have a strange mind —
It only remembers misery,
grief and torments

In my sleep
my mind only gives me
ceaseless nightmares

Sometimes my mind
would go on a quest
in search of a speck
of hope
only for it to get lost

Sometimes my mind
creates moments of bliss
but I can only see
or maybe
there's really nothing to see.

I have a strange mind
and I'm starting to wonder
maybe my mind
can only recall moments
that are real.

When can I taste a bit of happiness?
Letters from Lia Apr 2020
To you who whip through your pain,

Remember that your mind is abounding,
It is  mesmerizing
that when you start to talk about your ideas,
it's like your wondrous mind is pulling me
inside this enormous galaxy,
not a mere galaxy that is empty
instead it is full of heavenly bodies
and colors and life.
I fly in comfort,
I feel weightless.
When you talk about your dreams,
I can picture you collecting the stardust
and making a life out of it
Your eyes speaks like an abstract
of meteor showers
and comets
and auroras,
painted in one great canvas.
The more I explore into it,
the more I could understand
the rhythm of your thoughts.
If you're thinking
that your life had fallen apart;
Remember me,
me who you shared your light and hope with,
You came to me like a shooting star, 
So rare yet so beautiful.

Remember me, who you shared your light and hope with.
Letters from Lia May 2019
I ask for galaxies and stars
I long for the moonlight and the night sky
This is loneliness
I even wish for the impossible
I dream of getting something so high
But these are the desires of my heart
This is where my soul wanders when I am asleep
And dreaming is the easiest way to get there.

What can I do but to dream?
Letters from Lia Feb 2019
My heart aches
to the sound of you,
where it is melody
in my ears
My heart aches
to the sound of you,
because I was once
the subject
of the perfect rythm
of your laugh
I badly want to be
the muse
of your laughter
once again
The surge
of my guilt and regret
is so loud
that it's making me deaf
My heart aches
to the sound of you
Let me hear it
One last time
Take me back
Letters from Lia Dec 2018
I burned our
old photographs,
it fell down
like dried leaves
in the autumn
The classic
gallery of our
love that was
once fascinating
became a
tedious one
The once white
walls and
clean corners
Are now dusty
and dark
The perfectly
carved frames,
and perfect
became dull
and lifeless
You left me
knowing that
I won't survive
alone inside this
***** walls
Picture me
in your mind
And you'll see
the saddest photo
there will ever be
Letters from Lia Dec 2018
Is this your game
Is this a poison you inject
In my blood
It's consuming me
I thought I am strong enough
To hold this
But I disappointed myself
I'm struggling
Deny it
Forget it
Stop it
Too late
Your poison exploded
All the words in me came out
But it was not about me
All the words were about you
About us
Letters from Lia Dec 2018
Dry lips
Gnashing teeth;
All the words
that come out
of it
are lies,
His words
are dusky and
there's rage
and no sign
of guilt
Like it was kept
for a long time,
His heart
is a dark
hidden sanctuary
with cast off
and lifeless
He is a liar
To lie is what he's good at
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