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reyftamayo Aug 2020
Pabulusok na ang ginintuang hari
sa dulong kanluran.
rumuronda na ang mga paniki,
nakadapo na ang mga ibon.
tumitili ang mga kuliglig
kasabay ng walang patid na
sagutan ng mga palaka.
ang mga butiki naman ay
humahalik na sa lupa.
malamig na hangin
ang madaramang sumisipol sa pandinig
at pumupukol ng mumunting alikabok
upang ipaalam
ang malambing nitong dampi.
maya-maya lang ay sisibol na
ang nagkikintabang kurap
ng mga mumunting kulisap
sa kalangitan
upang ito'y ilawan hanggang umaga.
Letters from Lia Dec 2018
Dry lips
Gnashing teeth;
All the words
that come out
of it
are lies,
His words
are dusky and
there's rage
and no sign
of guilt
Like it was kept
for a long time,
His heart
is a dark
hidden sanctuary
with cast off
and lifeless
He is a liar
To lie is what he's good at
Triscuit Dec 2017
The departure, sullen and sweet.
Parting ways thoughtfully, only to obsess.
I've got errands, I've got my things.
Recalling your pupils I suppose...
Maybe it wasn't just dim light.
But I will not know for a very long time.
The twilight absorbs me, ******* me into the dusky void.
I return to my path and begin to walk.
At last we talked.
Priyanshi Dhawan May 2016
Yes, that was his eye shade.
And a perfectly defined jaw-line.
Lustrous, dusky skin,
Somber smile.
Enigmatic, yet soothing.
And with a hundred poetic metaphors
I could define his beauty to me
But I fell in love
With the way his darkness
dazzled like a flame
smouldering him from within
Leaving me perplexed
every time I muse on
my reason to cringe from dark
afraid of what I couldn't see?
Or of what I just might?
Unresolved, every time
Every time, digressed
They spoke it all to me
Of stories written beneath the skin
Dusky, lustrous, a tinge of mystery
Somber, and enigmatic
His smile, one wonder of this universe
Hollow and dull and beautiful
Creation of the finest of poets
And I fell in love with him.
Rhianecdote Apr 2015
You, have got me on broken high

And neither of us

Wanna come down

They're telling me

That I might be crazy

They're telling me

There's no way out

So I half forgot I aspire,

to be so much More

I'm higher, than never before

I never, wanted anything more

This High I Feel

It's Not for Real No

It's Not Enough

I'm Lost to Love
Pretty much sums up how I feel about romance. Get yourself some good headphones and have a listen, cause house just got deep!

— The End —