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Dhaye Margaux May 2014
Oh, woman, dear, don’t be so insecure;
You’re only hurting yourself when you are insecure.

Look  at the mirror and see how beautiful you are,
You don’t need to feel bad and to be insecure.

When you see others smile and happy in their lives,
Can’t you just smile for them and not feel insecure?

When someone deserves a prize, an award for his deed,
Would you aim to claim it because you’re insecure?

When someone stands now in a place where you dream,
Would you pull him down there when you feel insure?

When someone’s being praised for an excellent work,
Would you make some sour grapes- deeds of an insecure?

Yes, you are stealing a moment of your own joy,
Every moment that you’re jealous and you feel insecure.

A Ghazal is a poem that is made up like an odd numbered chain of couplets, where each couplet is an independent poem. It should be natural to put a comma at the end of the first line. The Ghazal has a refrain of one to three words that repeat, and an inline rhyme that preceedes the refrain. Lines 1 and 2, then every second line, has this refrain and inline rhyme, and the last couplet should refer to the authors pen-name... The rhyming scheme is AA bA cA dA eA etc.

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VENUS62 Jan 2015
Who can compete with your beauty Noor-e- Nayaab
Even stars are unworthy of praise, Noor-e -Nayaab

The khanjjar of your love has penetrated deep
Crimson red my wounded heart cries, Noor-e- Nayaab

Let me quench these fires of junoon
in the liquid pools of  your eyes, Noor-e-Nayaab

Give me the chance to worship you, parizaad
I will be a devotee ardent and wise, Noor-e-Nayaab

You are the ghazal, that shayars dream about
You are lajawab, I speak no lies, Noor-e- Nayaab
Noor= Light, Nayaab= one of a kind
khanjjar= dagger
Junoon: madness of Passion

parizaad, beautiful, fairy like

Shayars= poets

khwab= dream
Dev Singh Apr 2017
Originally written on 26/05/2005.

Hum khud ko ek raat, phir yuhi ek baar, bhool gaye.
Aap nahin to aap ka yaad dilaana hi phir bhool gaye.

Ab to yeh bedaad-e-yaad waqt ke saath sehte sehte,
Khud se daad-e-dard ki umeed-e-intizaar bhool gaye.

Kabhi dhoond te the hum bhi ma'anee apni wajood me,
Lekin raat hui to wajood ka ma'ana hi ab bhool gaye.

Chale the hum na jaane kaha apni ehatimaam-e-yaad ko.
Is ehsaas ne humme roka ke hum gham-e-gharaz bhool gaye.

Humare baat karne par karte hain humare jeene ki tasali.
Koi toh samjhaye ke jeete jeete hum jeena bhool gaye.


One night, once again, I’ve forgotten myself.
You’re not here so I’ve even forgotten your reminders.

Now after putting up with this injustice of memory, over time
I’ve forgotten to wait for the hope of a justice of sorrow, from myself.

Once I used to search for meanings within my identity
But now when night falls, I’ve forgotten the very meaning of my identity.

I don’t know where I was going to sort out my memories,
But this realisation stopped me that I’ve forgotten the very purpose of my sorrow.

By talking about me, they assure themselves that I am alive.
Somebody explain to them that even though I’m alive, I’ve forgotten how to live.
Brian Oarr Oct 2012
I would like this life of endless
Greyhound time schedules to cease.

What self-inflicted alien abduction
tore me from the valley of my birth,

leaving me to wander empty streets,
each the branch of a coppiced maze?

I grow weary of quotidian fastfood buffets
downed with the aid of espresso baristas.

My legs have lost the muscle-memory
that strode the river cliffs with no regard.

Time to end the sleepwalk of forty years;
rejoin the forward guard of Iroquois.
Jayantee Khare Jun 2017
Let's play a ghazal again
Let's gently stroke the pain
Let's hurt the nerves with thorn
Let's touch our wounds again
Let the hearts get melt in tears
Let's swell our eyes again
Turning back on the path we left
Let's recall our lost love again
Let's dissolve our hard self
Let's fall in love again
Let's play a ghazal again
Let's gently stroke the pain
Ghazal is urdu sad love poetry.. i love it....jagjeet ji gulzar sahab and Ghulam ali sahab my favorite ghazal love for ghazals is forever
Zach Gomes Feb 2010
Heat slips up our shirts, sweaty beads of ***.
We twist our clothes, grabbing at flesh, groping for ***.

The hard squeeze and pressure is scooping out the soul—
Please, push it out, we want to be left bare and have ***.

Our skin is strung together, our bodies hollowed, dry;
Blind to the heat and the mess, we’re swept up by a blissful, empty ***.

The sheets, salted with sweat, are heaved off the bed,
Pillows gone, clothing gone, here there is nothing but ***.

Gasping and shouting, we purge ourselves, we are nothing—
I am pure and vacant, I’ve rushed my blood to my groin for ***.

And moments like these are strained and stretched.
Then, release, the moment falls from us as wet as ***.

Like sheets, pillows, clothes, the rest of me returns:
Too tired to move, I listen to our breathing, short huffs in the air after ***.
Brian Oarr Oct 2012
Meteor streaks an onyx sky,
thoughts vaporize without a tail

Words have seized the winds,
usurped control from ideas

Page absorbs a mutant slang,
lines malinger with an attitude

Inspiration silhouettes reason,
unblemished by banality

Grant language mellifluence or
condemn the poet to monologue

Lost are themes, jewels of a lifetime
separated by melancholy vicissitudes
Holding a golden orb, shining in magical love
Glistening until eternity, shining in magical love

A songbird sang for the pair, high in the sky above
Tunes of longevity, of an endearing love

Heart treads entwined, under the moon's glove
Dreams spun in fidelity, a truly splendid love

Traveling the beautiful path, of a seasonal dove
Two souls meshed with conviviality, sparkling their love

Their lifelong bond so exquisite, such wondrous love
A complete circle of unity, lasting with cherishing love
with an abiding love, they stayed entwined
as the tendrils of a vine, they stayed entwined

their bond has sustained, through good times and bad
a marriage so very fine, their vows of love well entwined

within the walls of their home, a brood of children were raised
each one a gift divine, a deep expression of being entwined

their union is still enduring, it shall go on until eternity
they wed in a delightful columbine, their troth always entwined

years of togetherness, a testament of true love
an attachment full of shine, their loving arms so entwined
akr  Nov 2012
the strand ghazal
akr Nov 2012
The slipped knot of now into will be
is such a gentle strand,

the braid undoes itself from yesterday
as easily as a garment's clasp,
as easily as abseiling liana.

Can I hold soft
the line?

To not look back
but keep the mountain's imprint
emboldened in the eye

To unknow
the difference from ascent and descent.

O day, o cloud: what do you know
that hasn't been pressed through my palms?
Dark n Beautiful Feb 2014
February: the North wind cold and raw  
mother nature glum -like  an  old  macaw

My rose buds pots all blanket with snow  
lowering their heads -  like an old macaw

icy roads  treacherous conditions  is
like avoiding the nest _like  old  macaw

I rather stay indoors write a ghazals
Days without sunshine to thawed - like old macaw

I am all coop in like the Snow Queen bee
Singing freedom songs _like an old macaw
Brian Oarr Jan 2013
Lingering above this desert the first rains of winter,
streets greasy with oil/water/rubber cocktail.

Vegas spruces for the tourist onslaught,
bettors eager to lay their Superbowl favorite.

For a weekend the nation marches to a singular drum,
hotels swelling with the faithful to this Neon City.

The Champion stealthily concealed behind the mirror
through which no tout, nor soothsayer may perceive.

The press have lain out every faceted interview,
now only the true believers need worry beads.

This poet shrugs: for him the game has little meaning,
he looks instead to the clouds overhanging the valley.

Bring on the sacks of Sunday, the pass of ******* objects,
there will be snow upon the Redrocks to chill that morn.

— The End —