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Dev Singh Apr 2017
Originally written on 26/05/2005.

Hum khud ko ek raat, phir yuhi ek baar, bhool gaye.
Aap nahin to aap ka yaad dilaana hi phir bhool gaye.

Ab to yeh bedaad-e-yaad waqt ke saath sehte sehte,
Khud se daad-e-dard ki umeed-e-intizaar bhool gaye.

Kabhi dhoond te the hum bhi ma'anee apni wajood me,
Lekin raat hui to wajood ka ma'ana hi ab bhool gaye.

Chale the hum na jaane kaha apni ehatimaam-e-yaad ko.
Is ehsaas ne humme roka ke hum gham-e-gharaz bhool gaye.

Humare baat karne par karte hain humare jeene ki tasali.
Koi toh samjhaye ke jeete jeete hum jeena bhool gaye.


One night, once again, I’ve forgotten myself.
You’re not here so I’ve even forgotten your reminders.

Now after putting up with this injustice of memory, over time
I’ve forgotten to wait for the hope of a justice of sorrow, from myself.

Once I used to search for meanings within my identity
But now when night falls, I’ve forgotten the very meaning of my identity.

I don’t know where I was going to sort out my memories,
But this realisation stopped me that I’ve forgotten the very purpose of my sorrow.

By talking about me, they assure themselves that I am alive.
Somebody explain to them that even though I’m alive, I’ve forgotten how to live.
  Mar 2017 Dev Singh
Ola Radka
I placed
my dreams
up in the sky.

They fly
with birds
and take
my soul

Where I feel
no pain
and all
the limitations

I let myself
feel free
be whoever
I want
to be.
Dev Singh Mar 2017
Soar high above the clouds,
And reach up for the sky;
Where dreams are everything,
And everything is you and I.
  Mar 2017 Dev Singh
Ola Radka
Kissed by the sun,
caressed by the wind.

I am walking
on dew
my bare feet.

My bare feet
my ***** soul
keep on smiling
yet another
Dev Singh Feb 2017
Stop it.
Are you crazy?
Stop it.
Face your fears.
Wishlist - what?!
Smells like a dentist.
Stop it.
Dev Singh Jan 2017
Another year comes to pass
And I turn inwards to reflect.
My fragile memories seem of glass
And I search for moments to regret.

Yet as much I seek greener grass,
An involuntary gratitude I beget;
For this lesson isn't found in any class:
That this fleeting life is all we get.

— The End —