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Sound Of Rain Nov 2017
So many lies.
You made me feel like
I was the reason why.
I was just never good enough for you
until I stopped loving you.
Then you wanted me?

Wrote words to you that I poured my
soul into.
It was my fault.

Mother always said "don't trust too easily."
I should've listened to her.
Extremely old piece.
Sound Of Rain Aug 2017
The cool breeze tosses your hair in all directions late in this summer night.
Missed phone calls from your mother makes her nervous this worrisome night.

Drizzling rain causes your wet white shirt to cling to your body as you run.
Memories of biking in the rain with me take over you this rainy night.

My mother used to teach me how to sing and read poetry to me as I smiled.
Now I sing and write poetry about her as she smiles in this nostalgic night.

Seven years old; it was midnight when my grandfather passed away from this world.
I slept with an uneasy feeling and felt his absence in this mournful night.

When I was five, you chased me in my backyard around the guava tree.
Now I’m nineteen and I’m circling this tree all alone in this lonely night.

You spend your night cheering me up with pop music and warm hugs.
I let anger pour out on you and snap “What?” at you this regretful night.

I promised myself I would never let myself lose control of my emotions.
I let go and broke my promise with my scared heart this fearful night.

We grew up and went from one place to another as we learned about life.
I cherish the memories I’ve created and am grateful for everything this thankful night.
Sound Of Rain Aug 2017
Sing song chirp of sparrow
Loud against the beautiful budding buds.
Snow covered pond with melting ice;
First day of spring.

Crunching snow under padding feet
Smooth slick ice coats the pavement.
Slippery unintended ice-skating with laughter;
First day of spring.

Lung inhales chilly warm air
Wind swish away the snowflakes.
Misty crystal dance under the sunlight;
First day of spring.
So many things have changed. Everything is different. Spring came and went like a hurricane even though it was supposed to be a smooth transition from Winter to Summer.
Sound Of Rain Aug 2017
I say take these lies from your past; pluck them from their roots
Crush them in your hand and throw them into the fire.

I say watch the flames lick and swallow the lies up into the hot
rage of destruction, as they turn into ash.

I say wait for it to cool down, then pick those ashes up
Watch them blacken your hands like singed paper

And then wash it all off and away until there’s no
Trace* left. You deserve a new start.
Sound Of Rain Aug 2017
When I was younger I was told that things
change quickly; things change drastically
and so I should live in the moment and
enjoy today to the fullest.

I was told that the sunshine quickly turns
into a hurricane, and that hurricane quickly
turns into a rainbow, and everything changes
without a warning or rest.

Past few days I've realized how true that is,
and how sorry I am, but also how thankful
I am, for every second spent, every memory,
every beautiful moment.

Things change, but the love never goes away.
Sound Of Rain Jun 2017
So trapped.
Reminder: breathe in.
Stumble, Fall, Get back up.

Shaking hands.
Reminder: breathe out.
You trip me, watch me fall, and pick myself up.

Reach out.
No hand to hold.

Nail digs into palms
Same song on replay
Drowning out my sorrow.
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