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Missy Nov 2014
with a body concealed in armor
and a heart filled with iron bars
let me in to see your light

the man had a past of thorns
yet a soul of gold
invite me in to reveal your sweeter side

with a mind set of a government spy
and the emotion of burdened soldier
smile to me wide and let your guard down

the man had the memories on the battlefield
yet no scars to prove his achievement
come sit close and tell me the tales of your life

with the courage of a fighter
and the actions of a member of the counterculture
lean in close and let your lips meet mine

the man who thought he had no heart to love
yet held the key for an eternal sanctuary
forget all your tales, and spare your future to adventure with me
Missy Nov 2014
he smiles to create the world's golden happiness
his laughter opens the confused, rainy skies
he's the one to love more than the heavy drops in the ocean
he looks with heart-felt eyes as deep as the hidden valleys below his feet
he lives to change the clashing towns surrounding
his love eases wars stirring about in the distance
he amazes my personal beliefs repeatedly
for this world he lives for
happens to be me
Missy Nov 2014
there was a time before when I could walk
I stepped among strangers on misguided paths
on roads unnamed
remaining cracked and broken
people hid their blank faces
steps incautiously taken
but there was one abnormal stranger
he lifted his eyes above the ground
and smiled at the unfortunate raindrops
then suddenly I was falling
he held vivid color in his eyes
life in his dreams
the world was dark and bleak
yet illuminated by his love
my feet have never touched solid ground since
and they never will
remaining to search for such reason
the reason his love can be shown to only I
Missy Nov 2014
your smile holds a summer days sunshine
and laughter that shakes the autumn leaves to the ground
for so much love was held in watching the corners of your lips curl
your lips kiss the air, unworthy to caress such treasures
such being without flaw stood in distance to smell one's minted breath
your eyes held a gaze meant only for angels
yet there you stood pondering every aspect of my ****** features
analyzing as if I was a priceless article in an art museum
your lips curled once again simultaneously
your words and action were not created for people as I
yet there you stand
breathing the same earthy air into our lungs
seeing the same vivid colors now going blurry around me
as I fell harder, you were only there to catch me
and the world will never be the same
or at least without daily witness of your lips curling
in essence to show your happiness
an emotion engraved permanently into my mind
as if this moment is everlasting
Missy Oct 2014
words preached of two parallel worlds
one created of an original half
deities from above create one universal, with separate bodies
human nature craves desire and to be cherished
infants cry out for the care of a mother
children tease and chase the other gender without purpose
from our creation, we long someone to be paired with
without reason, we are left to discover encouragement
and reason for our actions
first kiss
butterflies flutter
cheeks flush
pre-adulthood beings overreact to one longing stare
hoping and gossiping of its purpose
human nature desires to be loved
stupidity results in misguided and unknown meaning of love
left alone to interpret vastness of this word "love"
definition is set in stone
for its your other half
another heart that beats to find the matching rhythmic pattern
two bodies, one soul
and you my dear, are extraordinary
smiles spread uncontrollably
dimples appear, and cheeks flush once more
kisses and hugs erupt in chaotic nerves quivering
this, my darling, is our definition
defining our need to express and discover
our shared soul
Missy Oct 2014
let us begin
look at me with your heavy eyes
feel free to reach out and touch
you set the mood
and imagine all possible actions

here we start
you place your hand by my side
i will pull you up closer
and draw you in with dancing eyes
teach me your lullaby

separate beings, with two souls
won't you take me now to show how this goes?
make me yours, take me now
be gentle, then rough
intertwine and make us one

pin me down, for it won't take long
I'll be leader and teach you how we dance
once gentle, now bold
teasing starts, and noises are pronounced
lips touch before you plead for me to stop

rhythm speeds, as tension rises
darkness is complete with many sharp actions
breathing rises and falls
along with the motion of our bodies
the game has only just begun

our exposition, start to our novel
eyes roll back and forth
reading instructions of how to go beyond
love me hard, or love me never
rules to play follow the same

reaching our rising action, mood intensifies sharply
temperature and nerves rage high
emotions run loose, as i kiss your neck
make me moan, and call me your baby
i can be yours, and name you my king

hide me beneath, and act faster
for our ****** is right around the corner
we act as a rebellion
but i will love you harder and forever more
we now are one

feelings rage high
as all tension releases, we freeze in amazement
your hands leave marks of love past bare backs
as I kiss your neck, and bite your ear
we have long pasted our exposition
Missy Oct 2014
laughter carried on a frosted breeze
kisses imprinted on blushed cheeks

fingerprints trace carved letting
in childish acclamation of our future engagement

whispers chiming through close eardrums
smiles opening into an unbound love

footprints lead towards new adventures unseen
where doors lock and giggles can be heard

darling, you are my euphoria
my highs in my uneventful life

dares to defy our love
unbroken promises in impossible feats attempted

our love only written in fairy tales
comes to life before our naked eyes

kiss me softly, if you please
i promise there are no times greater than these
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