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Oct 2016 · 332
Those eyes
The Bard Oct 2016
Your eyes glisten like the stars above
I look into them and feel like I'm Alice falling down the rabbit hole into another world
The world I fall into is one of a warm comforting feeling
Like a hug but better
It feels like your being embraced not by a person but a feeling,
surrounding you and lifting you up above the clouds themselves
I don't know if I'll ever see those eyes again but I hope I do.
Sep 2016 · 495
Mary jane
The Bard Sep 2016
I sit alone in the rain,
My only friend is mary jane,
Every face looks the same,
I aint got no shame.
Sep 2016 · 370
My task
The Bard Sep 2016
My quest may take me far and wide,
I may have to cross the great divide,
But from fate I shall not hide,
I shall let destiny be my guide.
With you this truth I do confide
Wrote this at sheetz lol
May 2016 · 279
The Bard May 2016
Your voice was a sweet lullaby in the night
Your hands were soft as an angels feathers
Your hair as blue as the ocean
You made me strong and made me weak
I only needed you to tell me everything was going to be okay
You were my escape
May 2016 · 259
The sun turns gray
The Bard May 2016
The lights go low
The sun turns gray
There are no words
left to say
Apr 2016 · 561
Heart of Stone
The Bard Apr 2016
I would want nothing more,

Than to hear you knocking at my door,

You want nothing to do with me I'm sure.

I cant get you out of my head,

I lie alone, awake in bed,

I can don't know what to do instead.

There is only one of you,

And one of me,

I thought we fit together perfectly.

My edges were too rough,

My heart was too tough,

My love wasn't enough.

I don't blame you for the pain,

I remember that day it rained,

When I scooted to my left and you to your right,

But now I cry at night.
Apr 2016 · 617
I found
The Bard Apr 2016
Our love is dead

It is gone to the ages

I lie alone bed

Now my feelings are in cages

What we had is lost

It lies within the ground

Only I know the cost

But you I'm glad I found.
For the same girl who broke my heart twice, saved my life once, and will always have a piece of me. It had to end before we burned each other to keep us warm.
Apr 2016 · 339
For you
The Bard Apr 2016
For you my heart has waited

Without you in my life I've abated.

With you I have the strength to face my fears.

And I promise I'll be here to wipe away all your tears.
Apr 2016 · 562
I am yours
The Bard Apr 2016
I am yours
and you are mine.

I'm in love with your eyes that shine.
Mar 2016 · 790
I love you
The Bard Mar 2016
I love you.

Your lips, your hips.

Your fears, your tears.

Your arms, your charms.

Your dreams, your schemes.

Your hair, your flair.

Your joys, your ploys.

Your nose, your clothes.

Your smile, your style.

Your hands, your plans.

Your chin, your grin.

Your toes, your lows.

Your soul, and all of you whole.
A love poem to the girl who broke my heart, then put it back together after saving my very life. I love you.
Mar 2016 · 483
The Bard Mar 2016
The thought of you keeps me going
I love you and I'll keep growing
My love for you isn't slowing
Mar 2016 · 502
The Falling Flame
The Bard Mar 2016
Your name may be made of fire
Yet I shell quench your flame
You shall feel my ire
You shall fall from fame.
Mar 2016 · 402
My Minds Eye
The Bard Mar 2016
Within my minds eye I keep
Our days of blissful joy
Yet in my sleep I weep
Because I know you found another boy.

I can't forget our love together
I loved you more than I knew I could
Your face will stay in my mind forever
The say love never dies but I knew it would.
Soooo....My love never died and the poem to whom this is written about is back with me again. Kept the poem anyways and decided to post it because it's good.  A lot of happy love poems to come!
Mar 2016 · 421
The Bard Mar 2016
In bustling streets I walk alone,
Along paths of grey stone.

This feeling I have not known,
But within these walls I have grown,
To you this will be shown.
Mar 2016 · 349
The Storm
The Bard Mar 2016
Storm clouds gather above,
What does it mean to love?

When the rain comes my pain will be washed away,
As will my fears of yesterday.
fear pain happy sad storm clouds love
Mar 2016 · 342
I go onwards
The Bard Mar 2016
I walk alone,
down paths of black stone.

I breath the icy wind,
from lands far away it blows.

I sit alone with my thoughts,
all inside my head.
Mar 2016 · 332
I lied
The Bard Mar 2016
All the good times I ever spent,
I spent all of them with you.
All the harm I ever did,
I harmed only me.
Of all the lies I ever told,
the worst was that I was over you.
Mar 2016 · 301
The Bard Mar 2016
It doesn't matter where you're from.
The color of your skin.
Or whether you live in a mansion or a slum.

It doesn't matter what you own.
Or what you lost.
And it doesn't matter where you call home.

It doesn't matter if you're old
Or if you're young
And it doesn't matter what lies you told

Pain can make the strong fall
It leaves you whining and crying and sometimes even dying.
But pain,
Comes to us all
Mar 2016 · 539
For you forever ago
The Bard Mar 2016
I did my best,
You made my heart burst inside my chest
But when it was all said and done,
You decided it would be better if you were gone
I've bled more than I've cried.
When you left a part of me died.
I know it's hard moving on.
And you caused me so much pain, but I kept hanging on.
You made me feel like I was a better me.
You helped me escape from all the insanity.
I told you all my secrets, my thoughts and fears.
and all you left me were tears.
I did wrong but I wanted to do right.
But now I find myself, alone and awake at night.
In this life, only so much love comes along
And I will never believe
That loving you was wrong
Feb 2016 · 214
The Bard Feb 2016
What words can I type to explain my pain
The Bard Feb 2016
With fire and hammer
Anvil and steel
In my craft I do not stammer
With weapons I do not feel.

With my blade I feel protected
Protected from the cruelty of life
I don't know what you suspected
I didn't intend to cause strife
Feb 2016 · 374
I found you
The Bard Feb 2016
I found it in your eyes.
A story in disguise.
A love I hadn't known.
Love that only I could've grown.

Grow it did, over months and days.
I loved you in so many ways.

My love was real.
It wasn't a game.
My heart you did steal.
Yet all you left me was your name.

What happened to us?
Did I do something wrong?
What happened to our trust?
I can only be so strong.

I loved you the best I could.
Never uttered an evil word.
You chose me when no one would.

I will wait for your for as long as you need.
I miss you more than you know.
You have my heart and it cannot be freed.
You melted my soul like snow.

If you're reading this I want you to know.
I never wanted us to end.
I only wanted us to grow.
Feb 2016 · 394
I Wish
The Bard Feb 2016
I wish I had done things differently.
I wish I could've kissed her more.
But now I may never get to touch her lips to mine again.
I wish I could've told her how special she was to me and how she is the physical personification of absolute perfection.
I wish I could've held her more tightly.
Kissed her more passionately.
Said the right things.
I wish I loved her with more than just my heart even though I couldn't love her anymore than I already did because she had all the love I could give.
Feb 2016 · 502
Those Days
The Bard Feb 2016
There are days when crying won't cut it
Days when cutting won't count
Days when getting drunk wont matter
Days when listening to sad tunes wont compare to what you feel.
There are days when you want to walk away.
But you're yourself to the inescapable truth.
Days when sorrow and pain are the only two words you know other than "I'm sorry."
Days when you feel like your pain isn't as validated as some one else who is in a more tougher situation.
Days when those sad love songs are the wind blows through the hole in my chest where my heart is supposed to be.
At least I can still feel the pain.
Feb 2016 · 399
The Bard Feb 2016
Have I ****** up? Yes.
Have I wanted to **** myself over a mound of thousands of fuckups? Yes.
Have I hurt myself over **** ups? Yes.
Have I drank a lot because I ****** up. Of course.
How hard have I tried my absolute hardest to specifically not **** up? Oh yea. I've ****** up a lot. I fight and claw my way out of this mound of corpses that haunt me. These corpses are my own, The corpses of myself every time I died a little when I saw people who knew who I was and who I thought liked me look at me with an expression of horror. To those people I say, think of what you felt like when you messed up, when you did or said something that you would take back any way you could. Cut them some slack or there will be another corpse on the mound.
Jan 2016 · 338
What shall I be?
The Bard Jan 2016
I am the whispering wind
I am the flickering flame
I am the stifled stream
Shall I become the bristling breeze?
Shall I become the brazen blaze?
Shall I become the rushing river?
This poem is inspired by the song of Amergin from Irish legend.
Jan 2016 · 358
When I'm Gone
The Bard Jan 2016
If it is tomorrow or many years from now the fact is I will not be on this planet forever. What will I leave behind? A name? Perhaps remembered for a few generations until a descendant of mine who is researching their ancestors may find my name in some old faded record. Shall I leave behind my name, chiseled on a granite tombstone slowly fading away and being overtaken by the elements of nature.  For most of us we shall have no great statues or even plaques on a park bench. Our names won't be written in the history textbooks of students and scholars. Our trace left behind will be found more in the people we come in contact with. What you do every day will be what you leave behind. Everything you affect in your everyday life will be what eventually culminates in what you leave behind. No it wont last forever but nothing truly ever does. The bronze statues will corrode, names will be forgotten. But if you affect some ones life in a way that will shape them as a person it will be the most lasting effect in that persons life that you can have.
Sep 2015 · 321
The Irish
The Bard Sep 2015
Pushed out of home
by foreign steel
forever do they roam
but never do they kneel.

Never ones to run
away from a fight
often facing many guns
yet never take flight.
Mar 2015 · 351
Waves of life
The Bard Mar 2015
Waves crash against the shore.
The shells churn and the sand is whisked away.
Over and over this goes on.
For years before we were born it has been so,
And, for years after we are gone, it shall be so
Untold grains of sand, met with the force of the ever powerful sea.
Over and over.
Just as we are met with the force of adversity,
We can only go along with the waves of change and sorrow.
Yet eventually, we shall our spot to fill in this puzzle.
The Bard Mar 2015
They crossed the sea
in hope for answers to their plea
for a better life they, could not see.
From Ireland they came
in their hundreds and thousands.
Whilst thousand more died back home.
Not knowing their future,
but not forgetting their past.
From the shores they spread,
past the mountains and to the plains.
We are still here
We who listened to the stories told by our grandfathers and grandmothers.
We who heard about Ireland since we were young
We who have not set foot on our long lost home,
Yet we, are Irish
We left not by choice,
some were kicked out, some were forced out, some couldn't get out.
Yet we have survived here,
But nothing, changes the fact that we are Irish.
We are the Irish Americans.
We are Irish in our blood but the green, white, and orange has been painted over with a coat of red, white, and blue
My grandma's parents came from the O'Riley clan and the O'Dowd clan
Beidh muid ag teacht abhaile
The Bard Mar 2015
I wear a shroud.
A shroud made of prescription slips.
A shroud of little orange bottles.
A shroud of oddly shaped pills, circles, ovals, capsules.
I wear this shroud to conceal my demon, my curse, and some say a blessing.
Without this cloak I'm a monster.
As a child I didn't have this cloak and I was seen as what I am, a monster.
Pointed at and whispered about.
Given sideway glances.
I was angry, angry at me for being me and others seeing me for being me.
This anger spread.
No longer directed at those who hurt me but abroad.
I was a child.
Mad at the world.
At age 5-7 I dawned my cloak.
At first it took getting used too.
I was told that I need fixing.
I was sent to a psychiatrist who taught me "How to be normal."
I abided my parents wishes and thought it was for the best.
I got older, and the cloak didn't work as well.
In middle school my cloak was transparent.
I had to deal with school now more than previously.
The stress wore my cloak thin and I was a ticking time bomb going off when something caught fire too close to me.
Then, after fights, meltdowns, tears, the tears of my parents, school stress, their stress things began to get better.
Things got better in school but not among people.
I still felt rejected, judged for my weirdness in the past.
Maybe it was guilt for the things I had done wrong.
Maybe fear, no it was fear.
Then I began to wonder.
I had asked myself this before but never paid much attention.
Was I afraid of what was under my cloak?
I was born without pills in my system.
The un medicated me is the real me.
I was never born with pills in my hand ready to be popped into my mouth.
But the real me scares people.
It scares me.
I twitch.
I fidget.
I can't sit still.
I look around all the time.
I get laughed at.
I get made fun of.
Or I did...Till I dawned my cloak....To hide from myself.
The Bard Mar 2015
Some people say they can control it.
They say or the show that they only get a little hyper, a bit impulsive.
If only I were so lucky.
My mind ever drifting on a cloud of noises, movements, sights and sounds.
Everything around me s captured in my ears and eyes but there is so much that it's overwhelming.
My focus is like a dead branch against the stormy winds of summer.
It only takes a mild gust to send me bounding down.
I'm drowning In a sea of sounds,sights, and smells.
Some say that it's great I notice so much but I can't help feeling what I should notice, what I need to see, eludes me constantly.
Maybe I feel this way because I am waiting for that one moment, that single moment, that will fix a problem in my life which I feel is holding me back.
I'm not scared of not noticing something important because I probably have.
I just didn't notice that it was important.

— The End —