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The Bard Oct 2016
Your eyes glisten like the stars above
I look into them and feel like I'm Alice falling down the rabbit hole into another world
The world I fall into is one of a warm comforting feeling
Like a hug but better
It feels like your being embraced not by a person but a feeling,
surrounding you and lifting you up above the clouds themselves
I don't know if I'll ever see those eyes again but I hope I do.
The Bard Sep 2016
I sit alone in the rain,
My only friend is mary jane,
Every face looks the same,
I aint got no shame.
The Bard Sep 2016
My quest may take me far and wide,
I may have to cross the great divide,
But from fate I shall not hide,
I shall let destiny be my guide.
With you this truth I do confide
Wrote this at sheetz lol
The Bard May 2016
Your voice was a sweet lullaby in the night
Your hands were soft as an angels feathers
Your hair as blue as the ocean
You made me strong and made me weak
I only needed you to tell me everything was going to be okay
You were my escape
The Bard May 2016
The lights go low
The sun turns gray
There are no words
left to say
The Bard Apr 2016
I would want nothing more,

Than to hear you knocking at my door,

You want nothing to do with me I'm sure.

I cant get you out of my head,

I lie alone, awake in bed,

I can don't know what to do instead.

There is only one of you,

And one of me,

I thought we fit together perfectly.

My edges were too rough,

My heart was too tough,

My love wasn't enough.

I don't blame you for the pain,

I remember that day it rained,

When I scooted to my left and you to your right,

But now I cry at night.
The Bard Apr 2016
Our love is dead

It is gone to the ages

I lie alone bed

Now my feelings are in cages

What we had is lost

It lies within the ground

Only I know the cost

But you I'm glad I found.
For the same girl who broke my heart twice, saved my life once, and will always have a piece of me. It had to end before we burned each other to keep us warm.
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