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There were cracks of light through darkness
But the rain it still came through
There’s no more need to worry
Because now my light is you
In a wink everything felt a while back, still so frisky.
When it was us u never respect it... now that its over U want me back and reminds me of past
There is a thing that makes someone that we love and rose become our favorite things.
They both,
Beautiful yet lovely
Fragrant yet addicting

They are also painful

Like Rose which has torn and bleed our arm when we touch it


Like someone that we love who promise us something, but only words which gone hopeless until we upset with tears.

It always ended up to loving and wanting them back, over and over. Even though we knew how it felt being hurt.
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2018
i never really liked the color yellow
so protuberant
kinda theatrical
too blithe
but it just so happens to be your favorite
and that's exactly what i need
Amanda Apr 2018
I lost a lively part of myself somewhere
I am all alone and incomplete
Longing to feel whole once more
I give another piece to you, will history repeat?
History is doomed to repeat itself
XyL0S Apr 2018

I'm between his numb expressions,

Lesser a stare, more than just a look,

Not every time is he stealing a smile,

But more than a while he's been

I fear I react just to cold and fire,

And his vigour is somewhere in between,

I fear, he's built the fear in me,

That someday maybe he'll turn around and give in

Lose the patience, find some other back and gazes to steal.
This is my second poem here.
This place is really passionate and means a lot to me.
And this poem is really special to me,  simply close to my heart.
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Vines on the gates in the white moonlight
His show’s in the city that lights up so well
We watch him as he sings, feel redeemed
Jesus on my right, electric all around
Enthrallment in my cup, once an empty stage

And when the stars come out from behind palm trees
There’s the sagacious highway to take
Like opiates, like a match named desperate on fire
We live as if we’ll never remember, decree heaven
To all else, no matter

Dark copper hills abound, he runs wild like lightening
Unveiling God for a flash, this street is the miracle of endless possibility
Takes faith to leave the world behind, heard him say
Freedom in the western wind, picks up faster we drive

Voyagers heightened with the joyish fever of could be
And we don’t mind, willful to see dawn
Take it now, time to decide never comes,
willful to see life as intended, real, that’s divine

And when the stars are about to go back to Eden
We leave for the blackened wilderness
Playing the music in all its casual brilliance
like a near ending taken with inward grace
We live as if we’ll never remember, decree heaven
to all else, no matter

He runs like God it’s mysterious, renown
Said it pleased, here’s the key to the nice dream like you asked
American night is brightening and nothing you can do about it
Play your famous radio song, won’t hear it’s worth till you listen up
Who will open the gates, don’t want to stop but ride smoothly through
Nylee Oct 2017
Life is a beautiful-
mess, Nothing makes
much sense, The beauty
we get used to,has an ****
truth hidden, It destroys our
mind peace, slowly turning us
so very cold, there is no more
lively enjoyment left, and it
makes me sad, & it is sad
to see life so dead , alive
that it makes the death
like an escape from
life's surrender,
half dead life.
a horse
has pone
in luxury
but his
banana drove
caviar in
a steeplechase
if sketchiness
was juvenile
that dinned
there in
gallantry with
my reconnaissance
left indelible
awhile in
retro and
hip hop
a tower in spaniard
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