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Jace Joseph May 31
A rabbit hops happily

               In this lively forest,
                  ­       Right into a trap

                                Now surely doomed.

But only the rabbit's at fault

For moving too fast,

And oh so confidently

The rabbit is snared.
Daa Rajab May 27
It might be said:

I feel an ache
After passing the verge of a break
And it left a mark.
It left a scar
That paved its path
Deep into my memory,
But it's just the past.
It really does ache.
hybridstorm May 16
A little wit I think I have,
A little strength I believe I have,
A little heart I sure do have,
A little soul I currently have,
A little beauty I thankfully have,
A little friend in you fortunately I have,
A little grace inherently I have,
A little luck hopefully must I have.
And yet you look so confused,
when I do not fear the so little that I have
                                                                ­                  -storm-
Realize your blessings and be content with them. Never lean towards extremism and unnecessary perfectionism. Realize that nature is a balance, and you are a part of it. Live a humble, happy, simple, and worthy life for it is what is best for you. Fear is like poison, knowledge is its antidote. Be inquisitive, brave, and calm all at the same time in adequate amounts. There is absolutely no need for you to hide from the spotlight that is rightfully yours because you feel like you are apparently "not enough".BOSS UP!
Garrett Johnson Nov 2019
Fireplace eyes.

Flower girl in open café.
With exploding yellow dress & cute short hair.
Sees the look on my face.
Smiles & Says nothing.
Standing curious fixing a scratch on the wrist.
I Stand outside trying to make sense.
Filling classical glasses with fog.
Distant but sure to say something.
Spotting an invitation that'll be sure to be groovy.

Garrett Johnson.
Slow in a Locust night.
Eleanor Sinclair Jan 2019
There were cracks of light through darkness
But the rain it still came through
There’s no more need to worry
Because now my light is you
Zombie Jan 2019
In a wink everything felt a while back, still so frisky.
When it was us u never respect it... now that its over U want me back and reminds me of past
There is a thing that makes someone that we love and rose become our favorite things.
They both,
Beautiful yet lovely
Fragrant yet addicting

They are also painful

Like Rose which has torn and bleed our arm when we touch it


Like someone that we love who promise us something, but only words which gone hopeless until we upset with tears.

It always ended up to loving and wanting them back, over and over. Even though we knew how it felt being hurt.
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2018
i never really liked the color yellow
so protuberant
kinda theatrical
too blithe
but it just so happens to be your favorite
and that's exactly what i need
Amanda Apr 2018
I lost a lively part of myself somewhere
I am all alone and incomplete
Longing to feel whole once more
I give another piece to you, will history repeat?
History is doomed to repeat itself
XyL0S Apr 2018

I'm between his numb expressions,

Lesser a stare, more than just a look,

Not every time is he stealing a smile,

But more than a while he's been

I fear I react just to cold and fire,

And his vigour is somewhere in between,

I fear, he's built the fear in me,

That someday maybe he'll turn around and give in

Lose the patience, find some other back and gazes to steal.
This is my second poem here.
This place is really passionate and means a lot to me.
And this poem is really special to me,  simply close to my heart.
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