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hybridstorm Jul 2020
My ship was attacked,
And, I being blue,
thought that it was the end.
My crew was not putting up a
fight at all.
They smashed my decks,
tore my masts and laughed as my ship wailed in agony.
I stared up at them,
I knew that fighting with them would
mean my doom
and I knew that I did not have anyone to scare them away from me.
I did not want them on my ship.
I know that I may not be the best captan,
I know I may not be the most bloodthirsty or ruthless,
but this is my ship
and I want to be in control of it.
I hooked my eyes on them,
expression blank
and walked towards them.
I felt a cool hardness in my soul.
They were going to get off of my ship,
without me
having to do a single thing.
I breathed in light
and then expelled
mines of gold sedimented
in black and blurry grey
from the depths of my yellow heart.
I make a sphere of gold translucent
around my ship,
pushing away all the unwanted.
My ship came back to life,
the light had cured.
I go on,
to the horizon
to meet the purple sun
and tell Him all about my adventure.

For an artist, even the littlest things feel like an epic blockbuster. The poem above can be thought of like the vibe during a workout, trying to study, or just getting up from the bed. I motivate myself and learn by connecting to my imagination and my more tender and childish emotions, it might be seen as questionable and unnecessary by some, but I beg to differ. Having a reason to smile, having the courage to laugh at your gloomy thoughts, having the power to channel your outcomes and of course not just giving up on yourself is what makes you full and content. Man's first obligation is to man himself, and man must learn how to defeat one's problems with wisdom,non-violence, and poise. Also one must never make bonds with others that one is incapable of breaking when manipulated.
Beleif Jul 2014
Traveling a rocky shore,
In spite of waves that threaten.

Carried deep into the sea,
Into a lapse of memory.

As darkness pulls my very soul
The deep can't slay my fate.
Lost in all its meaning,
While I see my final day.

Awakened by the truth,
As I stare in much confusion.
Struggling to stand,
And to see through blinding light.

Beckoning me onwards even further
through the ocean,
As I struggle in its wake to see the source of mystic beauty.

I follow to the homelands,
Where the birth of man has happened.
Staring in amazement at the sunken ancient islands.
Enlightened in the truth of life,
My travel has been ended.
Tyler Man May 2014
I'm done it's over
No more no less
I'm done with this touture, distress
Stomach so nauseous
My mind so vicious
I can't do much more
It really won't be long before
I'm out that door
Or is that a metaphor
I really dont care anymore
My life's a *****
Lending my heart
My life my part
And nothing but pain
Nothing remains
My core is all gone
No strength to take on
This world
My head spins it's twirled
I'm weak a dieing clover
I'm done its over

Inside me was beleif
But was destroyed my mischief
I'm all gone from this life
Would I take it with a knife
To my throat
Maybe if I drowned I might float
Who cares anymore
I'm down on the floor
No more helping hands
All I can see is empty lands
Hurt so hard
A fat piece of lard
A waste of space
A complete disgrace
To the whole human race
Time to find a new place
Who am I, what am I
A monster meant to die?
So hurt inside
I tried to hide
But is death the key
Maybe then I can be free

— The End —