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To all the people in my life…
All of you that truly care...
I want to say thank you...
Because,  without you...  
I wouldn't care...

I know I ***** up...
I know I'm far from perfect...
But even at my lowest...
You never let me forget ...

You taught me how to walk again When I could  barely even stand.
And whenever I would fall...
You were there to  pick me up again

Every tear that fell…
Every mistake I ever made.
And every single sin.
You held them all within your hands
And with a smile…
You tossed each one into the wind.

When i hit the ground.
On my knees, punching the grass, And cursing your name.
You were never ashamed

Through every bad decision,
Every empty memory that was forgotten or stained..
Every burden I carried with me
And all my pain

You stood fearless through every  consequence.
All the shame i wish i could forget…
But continue to remember every day..

I was stumbling blind…
Living day to day, in darkness and misery.
  But you gave me sight, You brightened  my life,  Helping me to see, where I need to be.

You held my hand...
Lifted  my head...
And led me straight ahead…
Until all the skies overhead…
Turned blue once again..

No more fire,
Hell with the brimstone…
With you, I stand tall...
With you…I can clearly see…
Every crooked  path…
that lies in front of me

Thank you…
Whoever you are.
For always being there.
You believed in me...
You cared…
When I thought no one did.
Extended version of a writing I previously shared. Let me know which you like better and why please. Thank you all and enjoy.
The Sun begins to rise as I lay here in bed,
Listening as these questions repeat in my head.
I know I should be sleeping
But I choose to listen instead.
Searching for an answer, but most are left unsaid.

Another sleepless night, as a new day begins.
These nights are becoming dreadful, as the days begin to blend.
If only I had answers, these questions would finally end.
But my thoughts are in tangles and my mind begins to bend.

Days become a struggle just to do the best I can.
I know I need your help, im reaching for your hand.
I heard that you were with me, even when I chose to sin.
If so, dear lord I ask,  rid my life of these troubles, lift me up again.

{ I know the sky's overhead are turning black now.
You can't walk anymore, you put your head down.
Kneeling in the mud as the rain falls all around.
With tired eyes, you look to the heavens for a way out. }

" Dear Lord I'm calling out your name!
I'm on my knees in the pouring rain!
Please lift me up, wash my sins away!
I cant hold the hand of the man I was
yesterday! ”

I thought I was dreaming when I saw the bright light.
Two hands lowering down upon me from somewhere in the sky
I watched in disbelief,  startled  by such a sight
As these great hands began to open, lifting me up high.

I feel your presence surround me.
Your hands lift me up with warmth all around me,
A sense of peace flows deep
within me, so gracefully.
As I'm carried away, I drift off to sleep.…

" Fear not my son as you open your eyes. "

A voice echoed within me so deep,
waking me in fright,
I blink a few times to clear the haze from my eyes.
I realize I’m on my knees in a room of pure white.

I was clean and dry, kneeling before an alter, no more than seven steps high.
Each step trimmed in gold,
Each step draped with light.

I notice a candle burning on the floor before me.
Its flame did not flutter, It burned with grace.
Giving off a light so brilliant and captivating that before i knew it,
I was admiring just a few inches away...

This candle wasn't normal.
It was not ordinary by any means
It gave off a light of its own, separate from its flame.
The candle was red in color,
With a flame that burned white.
It sat in a golden holder,
Etched clearly and beautifully with my name on each side.

Astonished and thinking this had to be a dream,
A puddle of wax began to form on the floor underneath,
And In this puddle, I began to see.
Memories of my life playing
In the melted scenery .

After several minutes of silence, I looked up in fear..
And was shocked to see the son of God standing above me in tears.

I asked him...

" Dear Lord, why cry over me?
I have spent life in sin as I saw in these scenes."

With eyes filled with sadness he looked down on me and in a deep, trembling voice he suddenly began to speak,

“ I love you my son and there is good in your heart. You asked for my help tonight because you were falling apart. It saddens me to watch as you live your life this way. If only you would call upon me more often, you would see better days. “

Suddenly with a jolt, I awoke in my bed.
Apparently it had been a dream,
I wasn't standing before the Lord and I wasn't dead.
I sat up and began to remember, as I wiped the sweat from my head .  
My heart was still pounding and my face was flushed red.

While thinking of the dream, I noticed a difference about this day.
I woke  up with no worries, no troubles or pain.
Realizing this was a blessing, a second  chance to change.
I hit my knees and with all my heart, I desperately began to pray.

"Dear lord, I thank you for your blood, your care and your tears. I see the importance of life now, my eyes are finally clear. I pray that you join me, right here by my side. I know my past was filled with regret, but back then I was blind. With your help, Dear Lord, I can make a new life. Together we can walk the path that leads  to your light. "

- Brandon K. Stephenson
A more detailed ...more intimate discription of an older poem of mine "The Path To The Light"
I know Life is getting harder,
The harder that we try.
I know its getting to you.
I see the worry in your eyes.
I know I don't have much to show you,
All I have are these words.
I pray that somehow they help you focus,
Even when it's all a blur.
Trust that I am here for you.
That I will always hear your cries.
Know that I will fight for you no matter what the price.
God brought our lives together,
To walk through Life together.
Our hearts beat the same,
Our hearts bleed together.
When the end seems never ending.
When all your light seems to be dimming.
Look into my eyes and breath In with me.
Together we got this...

Forever and Always

- B.K.S.
True words hurt the worst.
Three tear drops, 
a lip stick heart 
and a cigarette burn 
signed love always.

Every word 
of every line 
lit these memories 
into flames.

"You were heartless 
so **** dishonest 
our love was the biggest mistake 
I ever made."

And you fade away
With the ink smeared on this page.
It never crossed... my mind
That I would ever hear you say,
Ohh goodbye...

Here I am on my knees 
Can't even cry, It's hard to breathe.
I was so blind, I couldn’t see.
I realize now, you're all I need.

Oh goodbye...

And we fade away
With the ink smeared on this page.
It never crossed... my mind
That I would ever let you say,
Ohh goodbye... never realize what you have until it's already gone...
You walk alone,
You carry on.
Looking ahead,
Forgetting it all.

Your knees are week
You struggle to stand.
You fight to hold on,
With trembling hands.

Each step feels higher
Each mile feels longer.
You walk a little slower,
As the days grow colder.

You walked away from who you were.
You turned away and watched it burn.
You shed your skin and became a new man.
But your heart always remembers who you were back then.

- Brandon K. Stephenson
With this pen, I paint an image of you.
Not a portrait, but a true portrayal of you.
The ink flows into words that dance across your hair.
The end of each sentence marking a cross that you bear.

A painting would be suitable for some.
With beautiful colors, cascading down on you from above.
But, those colors mearly hide the truth behind your smile.
With the right shade of light and a light smear, it becomes a cosmetic fix for a while.

My words flow through every crack and fill every shadow.
They bring all light to the surface, for the reader to see within the shallows.

The image of you that I create can be vivid and great.
But with this pen, my words can also design your fate.

You see the truth here is that my words hold all truth.
They leave no place for lies to hide, with each word holding proof.

In the readers eyes, my words are you…
With this pen, I can create you…
With this pen, I can finish you...

- Brandon K. Stephenson
The underestimated writer and the power within his pen.
 Jul 2018
Late night thoughts
In a solitude space drenched by,
White colour; call it a room
Memories a simple solution to escape
Reality, an ordinary moment
Dreaming and wallowing in the past
Lost feelings, experienced once more
It is a troubled track to pursue
I hope you will find your way back
Everyone has moments where they are dwelling in past memories.
 Jul 2018
Paris Jackson
What sad sad long and drawn on song  
This emotional Donkey Kong
Feeling as if I'm most slipping
Tripping tripping till I'm dipping
My soul into the sad abyss
I used to be in perfect bliss

The sad in my heart I not try
And many of night I not cry
But why my sister must depart
And fill up that large large college cart
And roll and roll it to her dorm
Where she sits waiting for the storm
As i lay in once was her room
Trying not to allow the gloom
To be creeping into my heart
I wish that we were not apart
I could not stop her from leaving
Nor could  protect my heart  grieving

I'm missing the way she would smile
how we would sit and talk  a while
But she has departed and left
In so take my heart in a theft
In time i will find its for  best
Within she could hold the house crest

Without she shall be degreased
Nevermore to partake  her embrace
If so my hands not try delay
Both god and me know she not stay
With these hands i try to bestow
That my dear sister clo shall know
That me and we love her soul so
that it break my heart to see her go

My sister is gone gone away
Though my heart doth want her to stay
This feeling i know will never
Go away and will stay forever
Those who read and feel the same way
Take comfort in the words I say
They will never have gone away
 Jun 2018
When I was younger, I saw a meteorite
It fell from the orange sky
I watched it fly in front of me
I was sitting in the back of my family's jeep
Pointing forward,
Eyes glistening,
“Look there..”
Before him was a white streak in the sky heading down
As if something was announcing
I was here
“It's a plane..” He said
Quickly diminishing my dream
Quickly disregarding what I think
That could have made me lose hope but I didn’t
My eyes still glistened
Looked up knowing it wasnt of this world
That this white streak was all that was left behind
As something miraculous came from the sky
It was special
Different and I knew it
No matter how many times he told me it was nothing
How many times I reiterated that it was more than that
That it was everything
That it was mysterious
And out of this world
He claimed it was nothing
That it  was the same
No ounce of doubt in his mind
He saw a plane
But I saw a meteorite

Throughout my life
I never saw someone that special
So beautiful  that they left white streaks in their wake
So amazing that I would of risked wrecking my car
Just to see the allure they can create
I knew she was out of this world
And what we had was special
But my dad claimed it was nothing
We were just friends
And my love was misinterpreted
Quickly diminishing my dream
Quickly disregarding what I think
But my eyes still glistened  
As the sight of her
There was no one I loved more
My dad swore what we had was nothing
While I swore it was the opposite
That it was everything
That it was beauty
And it was special
And it was different

Later on the news
The reporter spoke of a meteorite that fell in my county
The picture he showed was exactly what I thought it would be
“Wow” my dad said
“You were right”
 Mar 2018
Some things don't end smoothly.
It's not the slow braking of a car,
A seamless transition from driving to a standstill.
Sometimes you need to slam on.
And it never happens silently,
There's always a screech or a thud or a gasp,
It takes you by surprise and it lurches you forward.
You have to hold on for dear life.
The unexpected nature of it wreaks havoc on your insides;
Butterflies are woken up from your stomach and become nausea.
You check to see if all your limbs are intact, or in fragments.
Then you do the same for your heart,
Searching to see if it went through the windshield
Or if it managed to stay held inside by your unyielding ribs,
Only ever collapsing under the strain of breaths,
Hyperventilating into an airbag.
Some things don't end smoothly.
It's not the steady sigh of relief,
It's the jagged, shaky breaths that never fully extend
In or out, and there's no calming halt afterwards,
Just a process of continuously hitting the brakes.
 Mar 2018
Lora Lee
moving past the foliage
I smack back
the tangled brush
a strange truth revealed
my emotions in a rush
Here I am
in this hell-hatched bind
braced against the winds
grasping at shards
           of the Divine
for they're inside me,
all those pieces
jagged glass and soft meringue
my innards humming
shades of the blues
in offbeat notes of pain
and I know that deep within
between my earthly
beats of heart
resides a light that's
only mine
that slices through
this drape of dark

It's a heavy nightcloak breaking
as I reach out from
                     the abyss
praying for the comfort
of my soul's
bright morning
 Feb 2018
atomic blue
with the tides that crash against me
the more I slip out to the edges
from black rocks I'm on barely
you pull me to the storm that rages
I'm the beast within your beauty
you're the book of soft pages
I caress and turn slowly
adrift in you for ages
I picture you only
and when I stare into the darkness
the devils words enslave me
and his thunder is the cages
yet darker are the eyes that save me

 Feb 2018
I thought this time,
I’m finally choosing myself
That I’m going to be fine
And all the promises will be kept.

But why do these feelings
Can’t be freed?
When I adamantly asked,
To start your year without me?
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