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Jun 2018
What sad sad long and drawn on song  
This emotional Donkey Kong
Feeling as if I'm most slipping
Tripping tripping till I'm dipping
My soul into the sad abyss
I used to be in perfect bliss

The sad in my heart I not try
And many of night I not cry
But why my sister must depart
And fill up that large large college cart
And roll and roll it to her dorm
Where she sits waiting for the storm
As i lay in once was her room
Trying not to allow the gloom
To be creeping into my heart
I wish that we were not apart
I could not stop her from leaving
Nor could  protect my heart  grieving

I'm missing the way she would smile
how we would sit and talk  a while
But she has departed and left
In so take my heart in a theft
In time i will find its for  best
Within she could hold the house crest

Without she shall be degreased
Nevermore to partake  her embrace
If so my hands not try delay
Both god and me know she not stay
With these hands i try to bestow
That my dear sister clo shall know
That me and we love her soul so
that it break my heart to see her go

My sister is gone gone away
Though my heart doth want her to stay
This feeling i know will never
Go away and will stay forever
Those who read and feel the same way
Take comfort in the words I say
They will never have gone away
Written by
Paris Jackson  F
         Fawn, Keith Wilson, JustChloe and ---
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