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Paris Jackson Aug 2018
Dark and light
Black and white
is not something that is within
it is something that is out
like a boy scout
we try to find the perfect competition
then make corrections
on this skin
and no matter how much we try will never win
till the day
we look and we pray
and we see what God has given us
and plus
wear this skin
like it was a pretty pink pin
that cover what within
Paris Jackson Aug 2018
We are scared of the monsters under the bed
but ok with the monsters in our head
but the monsters won't end up dead
we will
find a way to ****
ourselves or others
and we must realize there are too many mothers
burying their baby
praying that maybe
their kid will outlive their older brother
who was too young, gone too soon
just like a ballon
floating up to the moon
gets popped, gets dropped
left in the street
nothing but cold meet
for his mother to find
and these are some monsters we keep in our mind
we think if we act blind
the world will seem kind
Paris Jackson Aug 2018
You can never tough your dreams if you don't reach
You can never reach your dreams if you  don't extend
You can never extend your dreams if you don't lessen the bend
of your arm
because if you do it will set off an alarm
that will leave you close
Just begging for your next dose
of your dream
leaving your self-esteem
too die
You can never do all you dream of if you don't try
Paris Jackson Jul 2018
Dreams so far it's hard to dream it
Dream so close my soul can reach it
I tried to feel it in my hands my heart already felt it
  Body so cold that we my soul can melt it
Dream so big my computer couldn't save it
Heart so sad because my mother didn't make it
Best friend gone because the pain, she couldn't take it
recipe never made because my hands couldn't mix it
Hair so bad because the sister couldn't fix
Will I chase my dreams you best believe it
God  can never bless you, if you don't open up and receive it
Now I'm being real I think you should be real and not fake it
Dreams are so far but it's easy to make it
God is the truth and life inside you
Don't try leave all that stuff behind you
All though things will start to blind you
And you say is it doesn't mind you
Your mother looks in your eyes and she can’t find you
You don't need me to be kind to you
You need the truth
And like a tooth
It will all
fall out
And the you'll sit there and pout
And when time comes for god to count
You will have doubt  
In your heart
And from the start
Our life is a cart
Forever rolling
But if you don't  trust in god it will feel like you bowing
Rolling and rolling
Until you stop
And pop
Like a glock
The force from which you fired
Will make you feel like you have been rewired
But on the wrong road
And if you want you story to be told
You need to stop being cold
and open up
Like a cup
Be filled with the strength of god
So stop listening to that ipod
And listen to god
I know some people think this is ood
But dreams
are like screams
Yelling and yelling
Inside you
But you can't hear it  be cause of all the stuff behind you
Because to ties that bind you
will not be kind to you
But at least im
Paying mind to you
But when your mom looks in your eyes and finds you
You can thank me for not being kd to you
Paris Jackson Jun 2018
What sad sad long and drawn on song  
This emotional Donkey Kong
Feeling as if I'm most slipping
Tripping tripping till I'm dipping
My soul into the sad abyss
I used to be in perfect bliss

The sad in my heart I not try
And many of night I not cry
But why my sister must depart
And fill up that large large college cart
And roll and roll it to her dorm
Where she sits waiting for the storm
As i lay in once was her room
Trying not to allow the gloom
To be creeping into my heart
I wish that we were not apart
I could not stop her from leaving
Nor could  protect my heart  grieving

I'm missing the way she would smile
how we would sit and talk  a while
But she has departed and left
In so take my heart in a theft
In time i will find its for  best
Within she could hold the house crest

Without she shall be degreased
Nevermore to partake  her embrace
If so my hands not try delay
Both god and me know she not stay
With these hands i try to bestow
That my dear sister clo shall know
That me and we love her soul so
that it break my heart to see her go

My sister is gone gone away
Though my heart doth want her to stay
This feeling i know will never
Go away and will stay forever
Those who read and feel the same way
Take comfort in the words I say
They will never have gone away

— The End —