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abby Nov 2019
the shadows fall on the pavement
the rain, it falls on the ground
the starlight falls on the trees
the leaves, they fall all around

All Things Fall, our time will come
now it is the season for the Summer to succumb
succumb to its ending, for nothing can last
Autumn has arrived, but this too shall pass

it is now the age of orange, red, and brown
the paintbrush of Nature wipes us all down
stripping us of who we were before
the blackbirds, the crows, they caw at our door

now it is the time to lengthen our sleeves
to prepare the people for All Hallow's Eve
to sit by the fire or near candlelight
to reflect on ourselves and what is in sight

All Things Fall and rise again
enjoy this time before it ends
All Things Fall and rise again
enjoy this time before it ends.
abby Nov 2019
orange dewdrops chase your tail
follow you oh so quietly
the stone fox creeps into your world
trails behind you ever so slightly

your message waits for you to pick up the phone
you need to know so you may reap what you have sown

you are never alone.
abby Nov 2019
you said our spirits search for ones we've known before
yours must remember mine
your soul returned for more

a piece of you is a part of me
my soul is cut into smithereens
prism of possibilities

but I wake up alone and free after dreaming you were next to me
but freedom is not as it seems
you touch the very heart of me

but I wake up alone and cold
shivering in silence
frozen on my own
until you lie down next to me

you said the mountains are your innermost home
with you, I no longer feel the need to roam

your eyes are the evergreens, the winter pines
the flecks of golden yellow color the road signs
the smoky fog that rises and lifts my spirit high
your spirit is the mountain that lifts me to the sky

I would follow you if you just had to go
I would come with you and make that place my own
but for as long as I know your love and your restful soul
I am a little piece of everywhere connected to the whole.
abby Nov 2019
reach out and touch my soul
the flames in me burn hot as coal

I have the token
I paid the toll

you do not yet know your role
so you slow down

you lift me up, knock me around
why must I always play the clown?

I mend the tattered fabric of my heart on the other side of town
your heart sees mine like a tunnel throughout time
we communicate through movement and love through pantomime

I find it difficult to let it go
a few months have never seemed so long ago

I've come back to let you know
I'm on fire
abby Nov 2019
I've been bitten by the frost and it burns just like the cost of the awful way you crawled away because you could not stay

I try so hard to run along the fray on the outside keeping the demons all at bay
Without you, love seems the color grey.
abby Jun 2019
perpetual hesitation to commit to just one life
so why have a life at all?
If someone can be anybody
why be anyone at all?
we all die eventually
abby Jun 2019
sometimes I wish I could wipe the identity off of my face
throw away the picture and buy a new frame
but instead I wash my face only to reveal a more concentrated version of me
I used to know who I was
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