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Nov 2019 · 273
make me be
abby Nov 2019
make me invisible

make me ten times greater than I am

make me ten times smaller than I ought to be

diving in the deep end when you never learned to swim

this is not the way to learn to see.
Nov 2019 · 229
greater visions
abby Nov 2019
I want to trust myself and my intuition
I want to trust in my own greater visions

the abstract ideas that fall from me and feelings with unknown faces make it hard to even see.
Nov 2019 · 776
portable pay phone
abby Nov 2019
what I wouldn't give to run away into the woods alone
with nothing but a quarter and a portable pay phone
so that when I am afraid, I can call myself at home.
Nov 2019 · 401
what for?
abby Nov 2019
the shadow in the light on the wall looks like the shadow of a face I barely recognize at all

you stand so tall as you watch me fall

I find myself in the same place and seeing the same face that I tried to come to ignore

but what for?
Nov 2019 · 196
abby Nov 2019
when will we break through the mirror?

why can you see the parts that be that I did not even know were me?

will we turn our backs against the wall and hold on so we do not fall?

I cannot look at you for a long time
I avoid the recognition of your eyes
me in you and you in I
a distant air
a broken rhyme

I know who you are.
Nov 2019 · 345
when love walks out
abby Nov 2019
harsh words spoken
old wounds open
hidden emotion
when love walks out the door

in time, it will come

you try to maintain your mystery despite the history

you cannot hide from me
you can no longer hide what lies deep inside

you cannot ask me of any more.
Nov 2019 · 231
All Things Fall
abby Nov 2019
the shadows fall on the pavement
the rain, it falls on the ground
the starlight falls on the trees
the leaves, they fall all around

All Things Fall, our time will come
now it is the season for the Summer to succumb
succumb to its ending, for nothing can last
Autumn has arrived, but this too shall pass

it is now the age of orange, red, and brown
the paintbrush of Nature wipes us all down
stripping us of who we were before
the blackbirds, the crows, they caw at our door

now it is the time to lengthen our sleeves
to prepare the people for All Hallow's Eve
to sit by the fire or near candlelight
to reflect on ourselves and what is in sight

All Things Fall and rise again
enjoy this time before it ends
All Things Fall and rise again
enjoy this time before it ends.
Nov 2019 · 299
the stone fox
abby Nov 2019
orange dewdrops chase your tail
follow you oh so quietly
the stone fox creeps into your world
trails behind you ever so slightly

your message waits for you to pick up the phone
you need to know so you may reap what you have sown

you are never alone.
Nov 2019 · 298
little piece of everywhere
abby Nov 2019
you said our spirits search for ones we've known before
yours must remember mine
your soul returned for more

a piece of you is a part of me
my soul is cut into smithereens
prism of possibilities

but I wake up alone and free after dreaming you were next to me
but freedom is not as it seems
you touch the very heart of me

but I wake up alone and cold
shivering in silence
frozen on my own
until you lie down next to me

you said the mountains are your innermost home
with you, I no longer feel the need to roam

your eyes are the evergreens, the winter pines
the flecks of golden yellow color the road signs
the smoky fog that rises and lifts my spirit high
your spirit is the mountain that lifts me to the sky

I would follow you if you just had to go
I would come with you and make that place my own
but for as long as I know your love and your restful soul
I am a little piece of everywhere connected to the whole.
Nov 2019 · 398
abby Nov 2019
reach out and touch my soul
the flames in me burn hot as coal

I have the token
I paid the toll

you do not yet know your role
so you slow down

you lift me up, knock me around
why must I always play the clown?

I mend the tattered fabric of my heart on the other side of town
your heart sees mine like a tunnel throughout time
we communicate through movement and love through pantomime

I find it difficult to let it go
a few months have never seemed so long ago

I've come back to let you know
I'm on fire
Nov 2019 · 351
the color grey
abby Nov 2019
I've been bitten by the frost and it burns just like the cost of the awful way you crawled away because you could not stay

I try so hard to run along the fray on the outside keeping the demons all at bay
Without you, love seems the color grey.
Jun 2019 · 150
why try?
abby Jun 2019
perpetual hesitation to commit to just one life
so why have a life at all?
If someone can be anybody
why be anyone at all?
we all die eventually
Jun 2019 · 2.6k
abby Jun 2019
sometimes I wish I could wipe the identity off of my face
throw away the picture and buy a new frame
but instead I wash my face only to reveal a more concentrated version of me
I used to know who I was
Mar 2019 · 373
below the tide
abby Mar 2019
I bury my head below the tide to remind myself that I am alive
Mar 2019 · 534
abby Mar 2019
just as the sunset falls upon the city

I fall to my knees and pray to no one
Mar 2019 · 326
green bird
abby Mar 2019
there is another green bird

sage whisperer

drifts by as he lands down in the shade

he does not sing

maybe he is tired of the same old melody
Feb 2019 · 243
special cloud
abby Feb 2019
a special cloud sat upon us
dispelled upon the trees
layering wisps of wind and rain
summoning the seas

you looked at me with love that I could not return
I have a different kind of soul
for someone else my passion burns

you hold a rare coveted place in the storm of my blue heart
your corner is sheltered with a candle in your part

you play a melody that strikes me as I sway
we run into the sky with wisteria in may

we come from different stories
born from different stars
or maybe we are just too close to take our chances much too far

exceeding expectations is what you do the best
if I’d been looking for a mirror, you would have passed the test

the special cloud moved away
we turned and said goodbye
our hands embraced inside the fog
As we walked and moved on by
a poem about unrequited love
Feb 2019 · 250
the wrong planet
abby Feb 2019
I woke up on the wrong planet
a sphere in outer space
nothing feels the same
the change of the hour takes an eon
the hands of the clock tick with anxiety

all color drains away before my eyes
every fractal is showered with the absence of hue
bleached black
bonded to an illusion
the void is never filled
a father caresses his daughter's cheek
I watch in complacency

lassoed by the perception
the inclination to rise above
flying to the bottom of this mysterious plane
these planetary winds are not suited for my lungs
the celestial body of my own no longer belongs to me

destined to be great
I have fallen flat in the center of this terra firma
foreigner in a new world
higher and higher
I fall to the point of no return
until I reach the edge of this stratosphere
to escape the fray
too high

for you it feels the same
born into the dynasty of the heavenly craters
from the violet
you are swallowed by blood and gold
lacuna is your shame
nothing but the same
all the same
stuck to the repetitive movements of the tide

I woke up in a memory
a tear in outer space
uncharted territory
but a too familiar site
it is too silent here
I miss the dissonance of home
I miss the touch of Mother Nature
closer yet further from Father Time

I woke up on the wrong planet
wrapped up in a lie
and now there is nothing more
but only you and I
an abstract
Feb 2019 · 387
abby Feb 2019
no longer in the safety of these decorated walls
say goodbye to friendly faces in these crowded high school halls

these people were like family for four metamorphic years
the guidance of the teachers subsided tides of crystal tears

hidden in the chrysalis of the freedom of young age
do not forget this chapter as you turn to the next page

the transformation is complete
the chrysalis bursts
we have now been banished to the real world
written on the poet's last day of high school
Feb 2019 · 283
bottled presence
abby Feb 2019
if I could bottle your presence I would
take a sip if I felt too alone
if I could bottle your presence I would
take a hit if you're gone for too long

feel you all around
taste every vision of your mind
feel you from within
casting away the time

if I could bottle your presence I would
waiting for you to come home
if I could bottle your presence I would
waiting for you to pick up the phone

my fever dream is real
never without you, my friend
I can finally feel
the pain is subsiding again

he will finally save me
as I lie down in this tower
she will finally praise me
as I bloom for her like a flower

my genie at once
whenever I command
my woman, my man
come into the sacred land

you will never know how often I wish you'd come by
you will never know how often I crave you inside
consuming love and need for reassurance
Feb 2019 · 397
strange trees (listen)
abby Feb 2019
bitter blue breezes glide across your skin
in an overflowing orbit that always seems to win
listen to the sound of the voice of the wind
a biting chill claws its clever way in

a regal violet sky engulfs the velvet atmosphere
as the strange trees swing in tandem, you feel honored to be here
listen to the voice
the ones within the forest rejoice

misty and soft is this place
enchantment is cast upon your face

the fae wilde invites your spirit in
the grooves in the wood are carved like a mandolin
your heart will feel the stars glisten
a psychedelic morning storm
Feb 2019 · 570
floating garden
abby Feb 2019
there is a floating garden that rests above my head
I try to reach it, but I am out of touch
my fingers must be broken
or maybe it is my heart
Feb 2019 · 408
abby Feb 2019
I want to fly but I am failing
falling in the deep
dying to myself
resurrecting old beliefs

struggling to comprehend why my being is now still
I am sick of being boring
I lead myself into the thrill

the abyssal oceans blue that sway inside my mind
searching for a label
a diagnosis of some kind

Time is not real
Structure cannot be measured or weighed
I wait for the big moment when my wires become frayed

being "good" does not matter
I just want to be free
But freedom is subjective when I lose sight and still see
Jul 2018 · 527
wild child
abby Jul 2018

the skylark summons the dead to rise as you watch with cloudy, wishful eyes

our sisterhood survives throughout the dark
they will never silence our voices
when we call to the tune, the world rejoices

wild child, living in a fantasy
wild child, the myth lives on within you
wild child, you create your own dreams
wild child, enchant them
do what you do

the white cat knocks over the lamp with a smile
a sea of tears flows from your eyes as deep as the Nile
a mirage is in sight, a vision it seems
the fabric of your sadness is ripped at the seams
we weave a spell together, fashioned stitch by stitch
you look to me and laugh, mischievous like a witch

our sisterhood still lives on through the dark as we wait for the time to leave our mark
they will never silence our voice
when the world calls our tune we will rejoice

fuera puera, vivens in autem fantasia
fuera puera, quod fabula vitae on intra vos
furea puera, vos creo tuus agnosco somniums
fuera puera
facio qualis vos facio
I tried with the Latin, please message me telling me how to fix it if a false translation bothers you! thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy. blessed be
Jul 2018 · 352
lemon head
abby Jul 2018
at war with limes, I am a lemon head
at war with limes, I want lemons instead
strange thoughts of fruits are spinning in my head
I cannot sleep, I cannot go to bed
tomorrow will be bitter, filled with dread
lemons vs limes in iambic pentameter
Jul 2018 · 182
age spots
abby Jul 2018
I see the blotches
the wrinkled tortilla's spots
just like my old face
a haiku
Jul 2018 · 4.6k
but He loves me ✺
abby Jul 2018
when I was a young girl I was raised to believe that a man in the clouds always watched over me
watched over me with all knowing sight as long as I prayed to him every night
as long as I blindly worshiped this being I would be happy and healthy and free
but what is freedom when you are alone in a faith that prohibits the dark unknown?

"I am a jealous God," he said, for I was taught to be meek
having faith in what I see is blasphemy
for a fruitful life on earth, my soul I would sell, if that did not sentence me to eternity in hell
spitting, burning demons aflame
forever tortured in this everlasting game
beaten and bruised and ****** below to a place that no one would choose to go
but He loves me

"you must look well, clean up, wear your dress!"
in order to avoid loneliness
you must follow these ten rules
he ignores the world's strife despite his tools
but He loves me

why do we not thank our doctors and mothers?
we thank God instead of the works of others
what has he done? he sits there and stares
he sits and laughs at what is not fair
but He loves me

he needs time
he needs money
he needs blind faith
he needs me to sacrifice my soul
he needs me to sacrifice who I am

...but He loves me
if this poem is offensive to you, don't worry, it offends me, too.
abby Jul 2018

ιf вєαυту ιѕ ιи тнє єує σf тнє вєнσℓ∂єя
му єуєѕ нανє ¢нσѕєи тσ вєнσℓ∂ уσυ
уσυя нєαят gινєѕ α fяαgιℓє ωαямтн
α ѕσfт gℓσωιиg ℓιgнт σf тнє ¢σℓσя вℓυє

уσυ ωιℓℓ ιт тσ яαιи σи тнє ωιи∂σωραиє
тнє υиινєяѕє ιѕ тσ вℓαмє тнαт уσυ αяє ∂єѕтιиє∂ fσя fαмє
иσт σиℓу ιи тнє ωσяℓ∂
вυт ιи тнє єує σf тнє вєнσℓ∂єя

уσυ αяє α вιя∂ ιи fℓιgнт
ωιтн ρяυ∂єит σωℓ єуєѕ
вυт тнє ρєσρℓє иєνєя тσℓ∂ уσυ
∂ι∂ тнєу?

∂σи'т уσυ єνєя тяу тσ вє ℓιкє αиσтнєя
∂σи'т ωαит уσυя ι∂єитιту тσ ℓινє α ℓιfє υи∂єя¢σνєя
α муѕтι¢ gαℓє ву тнє ѕєα
уєѕ, тнє ρℓαиєтѕ αℓℓ αgяєє
уσυ αяє α ѕє¢яєт тσ ∂ιѕ¢σνєя
уσυ αяє тнє gαℓαχу'ѕ ℓσνєя

ιf вєαυту ιѕ ιи тнє єує σf тнє вєнσℓ∂єя
му єуєѕ нανє ¢нσѕєи тσ вєнσℓ∂ уσυ

this is dedicated to my best friend
Jul 2018 · 514
gυαя∂ιαи αиgєℓ
abby Jul 2018
нє ωαѕ ѕєит fяσм αвσνє тσ ѕανє мє fяσм муѕєℓf
нє нαѕ вℓєѕѕє∂ мє ωιтн нιѕ gυι∂αи¢є αи∂ нιѕ киσωℓє∂gє fυℓℓ σf ωєαℓтн

нιѕ иαтυяαℓ σяєи∂α ιѕ ρяєѕєит єνєяу ∂αу
тнє ѕмιℓє σf му gυαя∂ιαи нαѕ ¢σиνιи¢є∂ мє тσ ѕтαу

α∂мιяєяѕ ѕυяяσυи∂ нιм, вυт тσ мє нιѕ нєαят ιѕ ℓσυ∂
ι ℓєт нιм киσω נυѕт ωнσ ι αм, вєιиg мє нαѕ мα∂є нιм ρяσυ∂

нє α¢¢єρтѕ мє ιи α ωαу ѕσ ρυяє
нє нαѕ σρєиє∂ υρ нιѕ ¢ℓαѕѕяσσм ∂σσя

ιf ι єνєя иєє∂ α fяιєи∂
нє ωιℓℓ вє тнєяє fσя мє тιℓℓ тнє єи∂

συя נσкєѕ вяιиg ѕмιℓєѕ тσ му fα¢є
тнє ¢ℓαѕѕяσσм ιѕ му ѕαfєѕт ρℓα¢є

συт σf αℓℓ ¢яєαтισи, нє ιѕ му αиgєℓ fяσм αвσνє
нє fℓєω ѕтяαιgнт ιитσ му ∂αяк ℓιfє, α ωιѕє αи∂ gяα¢єfυℓ ∂σνє

ι αм υѕє∂ тσ ℓуιиg fαя вєнιи∂, ℓєfт ву тнσѕє ωнσ нανє ℓσνє∂ мє
кι¢кє∂ ωнєиєνєя ι ωαѕ ∂σωи, тнєу нανє ρυѕнє∂ мє αи∂ тнєу'νє ѕнσνє∂ мє

ι киσω мσтнєя ¢αяєѕ ву тнє α¢тισиѕ тнαт ѕнє тαкєѕ
вυт ѕнє ∂σєѕ иσт ¢αяє тσ ¢нαиgє тнє fєαя тнαт ѕнє мαкєѕ

ѕнє тєαяѕ мє ∂σωи ωιтн нєя ωσя∂ѕ єνєяу ∂αу
ι αм иσт єиσυgн fσя нєя ιи αиу ωнι¢н ωαу

fαтнєя нєℓ∂ мє ¢ℓσѕє ωιтн ιиfιиιтє ρяσтє¢тισи
уєт нє ωαѕ тнє яєαℓ ∂αиgєя, ∂єѕριтє нιѕ αffє¢тισи

нє ¢нσѕє нιѕ ρσω∂єяѕ αи∂ ρσтισиѕ σνєя мє
нє мα∂є нιѕ ∂є¢ιѕισи, тнιѕ мιи∂-αℓтєяιиg ѕρяєє

"fιяѕт ρℓα¢є" ιѕ α тιтℓє ι нα∂ иєνєя киσωи
υитιℓ тнє нєαят σf му тєα¢нєя, тнє αиgєℓ, ωαѕ ѕнσωи

нє тσσк мє υи∂єя нιѕ fєαтнєяє∂ ωιиg
ι αм иσω fяєє, ι ℓαυgн αи∂ ѕιиg

ι нανє киσωи тнє αиѕωєяѕ ℓιє ωιтнιи нιм υρσи тнє нιgнєѕт ѕнєℓf
вυт нє нαѕ тαυgнт мє тнαт тнє αиѕωєяѕ αℓѕσ ℓιє ωιтнιи муѕєℓf

нє яєα∂ѕ му ωσя∂ѕ ωιтн ¢αяєfυℓ єуєѕ
му ωσя∂ѕ нє ωσυℓ∂ иєνєя ∂єиу

нє нαѕ ѕнσωи мє тнє тяυтн тнαт ι нανє ℓα¢кє∂ fσя ѕσ ℓσиg
ι иσω киσω тнαт ι αм ωσятну, fσя ι ѕιиg му fяєє∂σм ѕσиg
a personal poem for my favorite teacher
Jul 2018 · 2.5k
the artist
abby Jul 2018
чσur knσwíng smílє ís pαíntєd αcrσss thє hσrízσn ín α dєєp, rєαssuríng вluє
чσu gívє thє wσrld íts cσlσr
thє wσrld ís pαíntєd вч чσu

чσur єчєs αrє thє dαrk chєstnut sσíl σn thє grσund
thє swєєt вrєαd fσr thє trєєs ín thє grσvєs αll αrσund

чσur gєntlє hαnds αrє thє вєrríєs αnd thє rαrє, єхquísítє wínєs
thє strσng curvєs ín чσur αrms αrє thє єvєrgrєєn pínєs
fírm αnd grαnd, thєч αrє thє hílls αnd mσuntαíns
thє lαughtєr frσm чσur mσuth ís thє whítє flσwíng fσuntαíns

єvєrч cσlσr wíthín чσu ís αrt
вut thє mσst ímpσrtαnt huє ís thє cσlσr σf чσur hєαrt
trαnslucєnt ín nαturє
ín tunє wíth thє wínd
ínvísíвlє tσ thє єчє
чσu вαlαncє чαng αnd чín
чσu sprєαd чσur αurα tσ αll thαt чσu tσuch
чσu cαrrч thє єαrth ín чσur tєchní-cσlσrєd clutch

thє skч cαn вє чσur cαnvαs
dσ nσt lєt чσur hєαrt dím
fσr чσu, thє stαrs wíll shínє
thrσugh thє pσrєs σf чσur вríght skín

dσ nσt lєt чσur gíft gσ tσ wαstє
pαínt thє єαrth αnєw
dσ nσt fσrgєt чσur tαlєnts σr thє cσlσrs wíthín чσu
for you
Jul 2018 · 283
until the screen goes black
abby Jul 2018

no one else is home but Mother
She works downstairs below
she cannot be interrupted

sitting cross-legged on the patterned rug
I stare at the television with wide eyes
until the screen goes black

the static rainbows do not hypnotize me
no, it is not the waves of blue light
time runs away from my childhood as I stare in awe
as I play with the laughing people
the laughing, singing, dancing people
they talk to me
they play with me
they love me
until the screen goes black

a rush of panic takes over my body
I am pixelated static
grey fuzz
where have my friends gone?
the show is over
I am reminded that I am alone
raised by television
Jul 2018 · 360
abby Jul 2018
the vicious fingers of the handmade glass doorknob
the hieroglyphic eyes of the mirror on the wall
the curious shriek of the crystal goblet

scratch my arm by surprise
slice my solitude
slash my blue simulacrum

I sever my self away
Jun 2018 · 1.9k
Cora's Dream
abby Jun 2018
the chase is the start of Cora's dream
in which she is a woman, Persephone
Persephone does not run nor hide
as she is seized by the dragon below the tide

she disguises her sorrow with beauty and grace
as she soars to live in the Other Place
the dragon is a man of whom craves her love
but she flies away, a mystical dove

the man wants Persephone by his side
but he is alone when spring arrives
no one at all can hold her back
she holds your life close in her eyes of black

as the flowers bloom in Cora's dream, all see the wings of Persephone
Persephone does not call or cry
she ends her captivity above the sky
Cora, Persephone, artful and strong
she has owned her life all along

Cora's dream
she is queen  
the myth became her memory

mysteries revealed, secrets uncovered
ruler of seasons, angel like no other
Majestic One, she has no home
in Cora's dream, she was born to roam
she creates the storms and dries up the rain
she is a woman you cannot obtain

Cora's dream
she is queen
the myth became her memory
inspired by the mythology of the goddess Persephone, this poem is a story of a woman discovering her divinity and independence
Jun 2018 · 209
blue night
abby Jun 2018

you can only dance for so long
I have been begging to hear you sing
on this night of blue
you are a part of everything

can you see what I see?
everything is a part of me
you are tinted blue like the night
There is so much that I need to explain
but it is only in my sight

a still blue night is what we have been needing
being here together is a feeling so freeing

the stars make you cry
the darkness makes me think
everything around us is a hazy shade of pink
but the night is blue
just like you

golden moons, doves, and crescent tambourines
the symbols in our hearts and the pictures on our screens

forget about your pain
forget about your sorrow
forget about your past
forget about tomorrow

never ending dreams
not all is as it seems
never ending dreams
not all is as it seems

spiritual experience with friend
Jun 2018 · 346
candlelit morning ✧
abby Jun 2018
we have been up all night, dreading the day
but this candlelit morning will go our way
breathing is easy, our voices low
covered in blankets, through the storm we go

slowly falling into sleep, I pray the rain my soul to keep
as the sun rises, we drown deep
our dreams will echo
our hearts will leap

the brightest colors softly fade as we melt into the day
pastel walls and tapestries
open window
misty breeze

a calm, cool candlelit morning as the sky is storming
the innocence of two friends after a night of spiritual awakening
Jun 2018 · 405
ʄʟօաɛʀ ֆɦօʀɛ ✧
abby Jun 2018

ʟɨɛ աɨȶɦ ʍɛ օռ ǟ ʄʟօաɛʀ ֆɦօʀɛ
աǟʟӄ աɨȶɦ ʍɛ ȶɦʀօʊɢɦ ȶɦɛ ֆɛƈʀɛȶ ɖօօʀ
ƈɦǟʍքǟɢռɛ ʀօֆɛֆ, օʀƈɦɨɖֆ ȶօօ
ȶɦɨֆ ֆɦɨռɨռɢ ɖǟʀӄռɛֆֆ, ɨ ֆɛɛ ɨռ ʏօʊ
ȶɦɨֆ ɨֆ ȶɦɛ քʟǟƈɛ ȶօ ɮɛ
օռ ȶɦɛ ʄʟօաɛʀ ֆɦօʀɛ աɨȶɦ ʍɛ

Jun 2018 · 318
tríp tσ thє mσσn
abby Jun 2018
σn thє вαthrσσm flσσr, nσt αn ímαgє wαs ín síght
вut α glσw thrσugh thє wíndσw σn thαt wαníng crчstαl níght

thє sílєncє fíllєd thєm up líkє α pαír σf lєαd вαllσσns
αlσnє вut tσgєthєr ín thαt mσσn σf α rσσm

thє chímєs σf tσmσrrσw єchσєd thrσugh thє wαlls
thє mєssαgєs wєrє clєαr, thєrє wαs nσ σnє єlsє tσ cαll

íntσ thє wαvє σf tєαrs, tσ thє tílє flσσr, thєч fєll
thє críєs σf thє nєw dαwn rαng σut líkє α míssíσn вєll

thє twσ fríєnds wєrє nσt rєαdч, чєt thєч fαcєd thє rísíng tídє
вuríєd ín єαch σthєr, thєrє wαs nσwhєrє єlsє tσ hídє

thєч lєt gσ σf thєír prídє ín thαt mчstєríσus plαcє
thєч rєvєlєd ín thє frєєdσm σf thєír vєrч fírst єmвrαcє

α rєflєctíσn σf thє pαst αnd thєír futurє dєstínч
вlíndєd вч thєír tєαrs, thє nєw pαth thєч cσuld nσt sєє

вut αll sєαsσns σf lífє вєcσmє clσudєd вч thє rαín
wαtєr mαkєs thє flσwєrs grσw, rínsєs αwαч thє єαrth's pαín

thє cσursє lєd thєm tσ σnє αnσthєr
thєч clσsєlч hєld σn tσ єαch σthєr

thєч díd nσt вєlíєvє thєч wєrє wσrthч σf lσvє
but thєч wєrє unítєd вч thє dσvє

thєч єαch knєw thαt thє σthєr wαs spєcíαl
thєч sαílєd αwαч σn thєír єthєrєαl vєssєl

thєч wαlk tσgєthєr hαnd ín hαnd
ín thєír nєw kíngdσm, thєч wíll stαnd

ín thє вluє єtєrnítч
thєч wíll cσnquєr αll σf thєír вєαsts

ít wαs α sσmвєr єnd tσ thє níght
вut thє dσvє hαd just вєgun tσ tαkє flíght

fσr thєm, ít ís nσt gσσdвчє
thєч wíll hαvє єαch σthєr untíl thєч díє

αs σutєr spαcє єхpαnds, thєч wíll kєєp σn drєαmíng
thєír tríp tσ thє mσσn wíll nєvєr lσsє íts mєαníng
an emotional, spiritual moment between two friends as they recognize their deepest feelings
Jun 2018 · 493
The Path of the Everlasting
abby Jun 2018
The Path of the Everlasting leads to nowhere
not here, nor there, but everywhere

between the willows lies a world within a weathered blade
like breeze upon the grass and the morning's milky fade

the light may fade within, but when you leap from down below
the treasures of the teathered beams will shape you as you go

climbing through this wilderness, searching for a test
when this moment truly represents a summer daydream rest
born from a spiritual experience, sitting in the grass at the break of dawn, The Path of the Everlasting references setting an intention before embarking on a journey, only to realize that the intention was to have no intention at all
Jun 2018 · 255
abby Jun 2018
you ignite the earth below you with iridescent light
your speckles of transluscent gold are strewn about me like straw

you are so bright that I cannot gaze upon you, for I am blinded by wonder
your energy inspires my existence, yet I go my way, concealed from the eye

you orbit systematically, ruling the atmosphere
I dance chaotically, a rhythmic interpretation of you

you cannot see me sway in worship, but you can feel my deep affection
this is the way I wish for love to be

you are the morning star
I am the northern wind

without you, I am nothing

— The End —