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10.6k · Jun 2014
TheExpat Jun 2014
For too long I've worked      
Run errands not shirked  
I've obeyed the rules
Done with work, down tools      
Almost end of day
Yaahaa! It's Friday!
7.9k · Jun 2014
A lie
TheExpat Jun 2014
A lie cuts both sides
A lie never hides  
To your naked heart
Guile a flying dart
A lie once employed
Leaves a gaping void
Poison soon will win
The vacuum within
7.3k · Jun 2014
After a few beers
TheExpat Jun 2014
At home all alone
No one I can phone
Bread is now toasted
I'll just eat instead

Bread in place of love
If push comes to shove
Beers will be my pals
If there are no gals
written under the influence
6.3k · Jun 2014
Tim Ball
TheExpat Jun 2014
Take time to care
Infuse with joy
Mend the despair
Bro'hood employ
Achieve in prayer
Lord's love deploy
Long live old boy
Tried acrostic for my friend's birthday
4.6k · Jun 2014
Not-father’s day
TheExpat Jun 2014
Not-father’s day today
No morning breakfast tray.
Nor card soppily versed
In filial love immersed.

Children in great array
Their father love display.
Each post that father lauds
Cuts as a thousand swords.

The words ‘I love you dad’
Not hearing is so sad.
We sit and pine away
On this not-father’s day
4.1k · Jun 2014
TheExpat Jun 2014
Carefree my life
Hides emptiness
Internal strife
Longs to profess
Denied by fate
Love incarnate
Expecting now?
Son or daughter
Someday maybe?
First attempt, is this even poetry?
3.5k · Jun 2014
Nicoleta Suteu (Acrostic)
TheExpat Jun 2014
No room remains stilled
If with your presence filled.
Captivating smile
Open with no guile.
Living life of play
Each and every day.
To love without cease
A nephew a niece.

Snow and sun enjoy
Unparted from Lord.
This your golden boy
Enjoy your reward,
Unbreakable chord
For a friend (her dog's name is Lord)
3.2k · Jun 2014
Let's Talk
TheExpat Jun 2014
So, we need to talk
There are two ways this can go
Will she stay or walk?
A haiku? you tell me?
3.1k · Jul 2014
Summer Shade
TheExpat Jul 2014
Fruit tree stands askew
Shadow cast o'er still water
   Wildfowl's cool refuge
2.9k · Jun 2014
TheExpat Jun 2014
Building new fences
Panels become barriers
Guarding raw senses
Not my best but still haiku
2.7k · Jun 2014
Sunny evening insanity
TheExpat Jun 2014
Yesterday I played football
Nine young men and one old fool
I gave it my best, my all
Good job there's no offside rule.

My task just the goal to guard
For the ball I duck and dive
This Astroturf is quite hard
Till full time let me survive

Forget the goal, guard my beer
Sipping between shots on goal
Finally the kids appear
This short game, it took its toll
I'm 50+ they are 30'ish Thank goodness the kids took over :-)
TheExpat Jul 2014
Gave energy and time
Rose gladly to inspire.
Aiding a brother's climb
Exiting worldly mire.
Music flowed out in rhyme
Entreating to aspire.

Building box, bench or plane
Impressing with his skills.
Riding, paddling, flying
Daily seeks nature's thrills.
1.7k · Jun 2014
Nip and Tuck
TheExpat Jun 2014
Just try a nip and tuck
Maybe you'll have some luck
Maybe you'll ward off age
Come on its all the rage
A nip here a tuck there    
Get smaller underwear
Very tongue in cheek.  We are perfect the way god made us.
1.4k · Jun 2014
My heart is not a toy
TheExpat Jun 2014
My heart is not a toy
Not there to be abused  
Nor for you to destroy
My heart is not amused

We've settled on a plan       
If you say it will be
If you say we sure can  
That isn't a maybe
My heart is not a toy
But living part within                    
My heart I redeploy
My patience grew too thin
1.4k · Jun 2014
Old Age
TheExpat Jun 2014
Pyjama top, buttons just two.
Old dressing gown, elbows worn through.
Slippers frayed with holes worn at heel.
Is this how old age soon will feel?

Eyes blurred and spots a float in front
Joints ache as you kneel with a grunt.
My glasses, they’re, not in their place.
Memory is losing the race. be continued (if I remember :-P )
1.4k · Jun 2014
Don't change your mind
TheExpat Jun 2014
Let yes be yes
Let no be no
Anything less
Would be a blow    

Decide on it
No letting go
Just do not quit
Let it be so
1.1k · Jun 2014
TheExpat Jun 2014
Easily the best remedy
Ailments and sorrow washed away
Restored inner vitality
Liquid aromatherapy

Golden tea bergamont infuse
Relax, enjoy, repeat at will
Englishmen at 5 won't refuse
You can be sure I will not spill
999 · Jul 2014
Waiting in vain
TheExpat Jul 2014
A year of wasted hope    
Emotions worn and frayed
Empty promises made
Strung along like a dope
Bewitching glint of eye
You flashed a smile at me
The truth I could not see
Hidden behind your lie.
Hoping your word was true
Ignored the signs I saw
Till at last I withdraw  
This moment overdue

I take my offer back  
Now dowsing passion's flame  
My heart's control reclaim
I've given you the sack.
958 · Jun 2014
It's not my fault
TheExpat Jun 2014
It's all my fault
You never held me near
no mother's bond is here
I will be strong, no pain, no fear

It's all my fault
Cast off for them to betray
Who will wipe these tears away
I will be strong, no pain, no fear

It's all my fault
Dry eyes now my only shield
This fortress will not yield
I will be strong, no pain, no fear

It's all my fault                          
The dark night cloaks the beast
Prowling with torch to feast
I will be strong, no pain, no fear

It's all my fault    
He hunts with clawing hand    
His strength I can't withstand
I will be strong no pain no fear
It's all my fault
Defence a moment lax
My protector attacks
I will be strong, no pain, no fear

It's all my fault
Inside part of me dies
As he takes his foul prize
I will be strong, no pain, no fear
It's not my fault
In teacher's guise you came
This child soiled in your shame
I am strong I will shed the fear
TheExpat Jun 2014
Un haiku as scriu                  
Dacă eu as stapani
Limba Romana
Just a silly one in Romanian for a laugh. It says I would write a haiku if I knew Romanian well enough :-)
813 · Jun 2014
No more secrets
TheExpat Jun 2014
The harm leaves no mark
No scars to be seen,    
Horror in the dark
Hid its face obscene,    

Tasteless jokes begin                               
Real pain to deride,
The secrets within                                
At any cost hide.
Secrets weighing down
Ending the joking,                                
Smile turns to a frown                              
It's the reckoning.                                

Out into the light
Truth is now revealed
Casting away blight  
Childhood wounds thus healed
For my friend who testified against a ******* today
739 · Jun 2014
Release the Words
TheExpat Jun 2014
Doors locked windows barred
Words spin, twist and turn
Exits they bombard
For freedom they yearn

Sentences here form
Ideas and thoughts
Seeking to transform
Cages into forts

Bars and locks dissolve
Prison now fortress
Past hurt words absolve
Offering redress
675 · Jul 2014
TheExpat Jul 2014
The same daily toil
Labour without cease
Tool covered in oil
Needs more elbow grease

Thoughts wandering free
Take me to the brim
Below bushy tree
In sweet pool to swim

Force within now drives
Moment waited for
Day's ****** arrives
I'm released once more
594 · Jan 2016
New Year
TheExpat Jan 2016
Now that the year has ended
Echoes of highlights replay
With those we have befriended

Yet others we left behind
Each a joy or a sorrow
As memories intertwine
Rejoice and greet the morrow
525 · Apr 2018
Acrostic for Alina
TheExpat Apr 2018
As by magic she did appear
Laughing freely with voice and eyes
Instantly the puzzle was clear
Neatly the pieces organise,
A perfect picture full of cheer
518 · Jun 2014
TheExpat Jun 2014
Single mind you've found    
To redress past ways                              
Each day winning ground    
Living life of praise  
Intone now banzai    
A spark to a blaze                              
New born samurai
425 · Jun 2014
TheExpat Jun 2014
Aggression took your youth
Now searching for the truth    
No land too far away  
In pursuit of new life  
Ending the inward strife      

Rebel against the pain
Inflicted by those hands
Seeking the child to stain    
Enjoy once more the peace                
Made whole by His good grace
Break the bonds, feel release      
Each day will bring you joy                                
Rising to the challenge        
God has called an envoy
358 · Jun 2014
A fresh beginning
TheExpat Jun 2014
A fresh beginning        
Down life's highways new  
Each day joy bringing      
Laughter is their glue        
A bond unites two    

In the park at play
Soft heart waves the wand
Offering a way  
For maia to bond
A mother so strong
Can overcome foes
Healing any wrong
Easing any woes
Mother's daily pride
Amazing young child
Ignites love inside
All is well she smiled
Acrostic For a friend
332 · Jun 2014
TheExpat Jun 2014
Maybe is a better word
Than many that I have heard
No never and not at all
some that I can recall

Maybe, leaves some room for hope
No need to reach for the rope
No how, no way and not ever
words that are not so clever
317 · Jun 2018
TheExpat Jun 2018
Some say that pure luck can explain
Every success or accident.
Random kinks in the road remain
Each obstacle masks its intent.
Narrow pathway to preordain
Deity’s jest to represent.
It just makes no sense to complain
Providence guides life yet unspent.
In small steps across life’s terrain
The way to be truly content
Yield to serendipity’s reign
270 · Jun 2014
To my child
TheExpat Jun 2014
No first steps nor trips and falls
No bursting heart at your first word
No holding breath to hear your calls
No joy in life not yet occured.
TheExpat Aug 2017
Come run a while see where her steps will lead
On her journey into the great unknown
Running breathless onward at breakneck speed
Into life's affray no time to postpone
No doubt in her mind, soon she will succeed
Away we go, just grab the telephone

— The End —