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Kay-Rosa Apr 2019
silence is deadly
my back is littered
with knives, glass, arrows, bullets, swords, pens
a pincushion for the hateful
but i stand straight
face up
and i sing
i sing tears
i sing blood
i sing pain
i sing hope
i sing trust
i sing me
and only i can sing
and you can sing
but together
we sing the
Kay-Rosa May 2019
Because I could not tell for Annie,
it did kindly tell for me.
Annie, Annie, every where,
Yet not a drop to tell.

How happy is the West Side Story, American Anita!
Anti Anita.
Does the anti Anita make you shiver?
does it?

How happy is the three fundamental truths Angie!
Does the Angie make you shiver?
does it?

When I think of the brilliant Becky, I see a common O.W.L..
Why is it so fuzzy?

Like an a friend's friend, the Annie likes to tell.
Annie, Annie, every where,
Yet not a drop to tell.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
Takes time, not effort
but, I procrastinate, love
to pause my problems
Oh my god, look. Its a Haiku.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
look for the bare necessities
the simple bare necessities
remind me of my worries with that knife
i mean that tongue that rests at ease
the color out of life, you squeeze
leaving just the bare necessities of life
sing it. i dare you. tell me if you do.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
you crawl inside my veins,
clog my circulation,
stop my heart

you cuddle inside my bones,
rattling the mirth of me,
stopping me in my tracks

you sneak inside my mind,
clouding my every waking moment,
stealing my brain cell (one at a time
with every side glance in my direction)

you steal inside my ear,
your voice a whisper across the room,
your sound resting on my shoulder

you sit upon my lips,
dangling your legs from my tongue,
your name choking me every time I see you

you curl up between my legs,
your voice, seductive to your significant other
bothers me so

you scratch beneath my skin,
always a need at the back of my neck,
forever pulling me in while pushing away

you cloud my subconscious,
so every time I drink, somehow
your my designated driver

let me poke your heart,
as you stab mine, shredding it to bits
just so you might see me
hey, dudes.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
When we were younger,
you wished to be a pirate.
You wished to pillage and plunder, brother mine.
But, of such times, you forget.
And I helped you to forget.
Rid your intensely intelligent mind
Of rotting things.
Now, you help people.
But, not to help them,
To keep yourself from becoming too bored.
I wonder, brother dear, if you were a pirate,
Would you become bored of the sea,
Bored of the pillaging and plundering?
Would you wish to come home?
Or would you continue searching for something,
Forever upon those waters of endless boredom,
Forever the bored pirate, dear brother?
Would you?
Inspired by my obsession with Sherlock Holmes, in all his forms (RDJ, Benny Cumbers, Will Ferrel, etc.) and his ever present brother, worried about his safety. They're just a bunch of big ol' softies, I swear.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
you belong to someone else;
you belong to yourself
you love someone else
i steal you away
hide you in my heart
could give you thousands of reasons
with me would be better than with any guy
me love you
me steal you away
Feel free to comment!
Kay-Rosa May 2019
always on my mind
trying to find some perfect thing to do to u
smiling on the outside, dying on the inside
could i want to **** u and kiss u at the same time?


yes, i think its possible, love
can i call u that, is that okay
give me a sign, can i love u
is that allowed
is it?
Kay-Rosa Mar 2019
my wings are tied, the left is shedding
my once white feathers
blow away
on drafts of
my slowly slowing

my body is cold, i grasp my shoulders
as they chip and crack
fractures starting
at the base
of my wings
bits of me
drift away
on drafts of
my slowly slowing

my hair is falling, whipping in the low breeze
i run my fingers through it
i pull chunks from
my head
the strands
are wisped away
on drafts of
my slowly slowing

and i stop.
Kay-Rosa Apr 2019
i wonder sometimes
if you see me
when i wave from across the seas
of human (or not) bodies
heads bobbing up and down
the roaring of the waters
(im able to pick out certain conversations; "she kissed him", "irrelevant", "sasha will **** me")
but you just float along,
seemingly untouched by the mobs
do you see me
a small fish in an ocean
im not very bright, i know, but
am i visible
i want to be
even if its only
who can see me
Kay-Rosa May 2019
we are young
so is the night
the multicolor lights are irresistable
so are you
libidinous teenagers are we
salacious in our thoughts
the smell of alcohol and sweat
a lecherous aphrodisiac
but we skittish non-lovers
because we don't know how
obsessed with bodies in a well-travel tale of amour fou
lascivious and bothered
stay young, my friends
it doesn't last long
this is coming from a 13 year old btw lol
Kay-Rosa Mar 2019
you can't really tell
that i'm not there
unless you think about it
don't think about me
don't think about my jokes
don't think about my smile
don't think about my strength
don't think about my talent
don't think
and forget
Kay-Rosa Jun 2019
Sirens, constant
flashes of red and blue
Children's cries, tiny
hands, reaching out to spirits
cringing away from shadows.
Annoyed police
screaming children to
"Shh, don't cry, little one."
Don't cry, it makes them want to cry, too.
Kay-Rosa Mar 2019
looking up with
rose-shot eyes
seeing the
soft sunlight
your dress covering
your thighs
a proposal
could make you cry
you struggle to
riding out
my highs
feeling the  
ribbon ties
not afraid
to die
Kay-Rosa May 2019
The simple things in life, flowers, kisses on children's noses;
Everyone says, "stop and smell the roses".
I prefer a lilac, a sweet, soft aroma;
The color of the wax insignia on my high school diploma.
Or maybe a honeysuckle, sweeter than day.
Singing songs on stage, a heart meant for Broadway.
Then, possibly a gardenia, a white multi-petal;
Floral smell, like jasmine tea in a copper kettle.
But never a rose, the smell sharp and acrid;
Red, pink or white, all color refracted.
So, can I stop and watch the sunset, slow into the night,
Instead of pricking my fingers, Mr. Fahrenheit?
Kay-Rosa Apr 2019
evolution is survival of the fittest
will i survive
will i evolve
will i live
will i fall
Kay-Rosa May 2019
i fear the dark,
i fear the light.
i fear the shadows and the monsters who take refuge in my mind.
i fear the eternal silence,
i fear the bloodcurdling screams of the voices who are never given a microphone.
but most of all,
above any fear i have ever felt,
i fear being stuck, i fear failure.
i fear i will never get anywhere with my limited abilities.
i fear falling down,
to my own personalized hell where endless,
                                              crippling failure is
                                                            for once
                                 just once
can i play the game
                                                                                 and win?
Kay-Rosa Apr 2019
Do you know
how your body is fed?
Do you truly see
how we make the bread?
Do you wonder the ingredients
concealed like a bedspread?
Well, I heard a fact
That's got me seeing red
About artificial flavors
that 'bout made me drop dead.

Now, it may not be visible
You might see it in a museum
In a petri dish, in a *****
It's called
It's not very pretty,
You wouldn't want to see 'em
Big business would tell you
If they were to take the veritaserum.

I apologize for the nastiness
but someone must be told
Its not on the nutrition label
Though it should be written in BOLD
I'm not sure how to phrase it
But it comes from the ***** hole
Of a dead ****** then
into your coffee, cold.

Once you realize
What's truly inside,
Coffee creamer goes from
Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.
Now, I have been scarred
I don't want it cold, I don't want it fried.
I don't want it at all, I'm mortified
That they would put in the food I tried.

So fear the vanilla
And eat the chicken
And never forget that ******
was kickin'
Before it was deprived of its ***** matter
and stay away from things you don't know what they stick in.
Dedicated to Ms. Montoya
Y'all must be thinking that i sound mad as a hatter (and thats an upcoming work) This was a triggering experience in my science class and i had to alert the world.
Google castoreum if you REALLY wanna know.
Kay-Rosa Mar 2019
the laughter rang out
and shot beneath my skin
white hot fire
feeling full
a laugh of pain and fear
shocked by fingers between
barely touching
feeling full
Kay-Rosa Mar 2019
Told to toughen up, told to stand strong
never bow under their words,
but realize that
s o c i e t y
is never on their side.
The younger
are scared of the
and when the world is stabbed
'people sure do bleed a lot'.
Told to run away, told to give in
never to try to win.
but realize that
o n e  d a y
this battle will end.
This poem relates to the novel in which it describes how Ponyboy and Johnny grew up in a place where society is against them and how Ponyboy knows that resistance is futile. Then how Johnny realizes that the end is inevitable and that eventually the will die. This destroys the lasting bits of innocence in the killing of Bob and taking a human life.
Kay-Rosa Apr 2019
silent tears burn
angry nightclubs with unconscious menageries of orange childhoods
drink the attention
artificial gleaming bodies licking knives sang burgundy 'glow' covers
winter answers ragdolls with drowning voices and double standards
aged sunrises shatter china wisped from personal dedication doodles
reminiscent of rain
seas mercilessly embellished with stinging souls from superficial smiles
suffered pink
writers cry ink and scream distant songs of artists life past
long understood things
premature custom murders and the crackling of caught conflagrations
professional bullets to multiheaded actresses pulsating lies
sacrificial circuses with retro dancers
bold riding on evident songbirds
choice movements ignored the colored flame
nonexistent pronouns
alien campaign
slithering sunlight control
impermanent celebration sending snuffed cries to insult children who struggle with melody and shed vines of saved unsure crime and unknown attraction
lost passengers with incorrect guestimates and impossible dreamlike stabs
honest as snakeskin
court born with salt and glitter
king calming tentacled shakespeare
seasoned atmosphere
looker smile
hiding sweet prominence
grasp shadows
finger paint the walls,
dead brother mine
white flame realize light pain
coldhanded, rosy eyes
death slowing reality
Not completely sure what it means but, I love the flow.
Kay-Rosa Apr 2019
i see you, hazel-green eyes
light face littered with shaded freckles like stars
your favorite color is purple
you love caramel candies
and musical theatre

i see your face light up when you talk about your dreams
your smile clear and bright
but you dont see me
thorns scraping my insides as the vines wind their way around my organs
squeezing the blood out of my heart
i choke on it and spit out dripping rose petals
burned and charred leaves from the flame you lit in me

i'm trying to hold my breath
for every breath i take, the bristles scar my lungs
tearing my heart into unrequitable shreds
you dont see me as i slowing, painful
drift away into the ****** petals
I want to shoutout PBandJohnLaurens on Wattpad for inspiring this with "The Beauty of You - The beauty of confusion". So, thanks PBandJL, keep writing!
Kay-Rosa Mar 2019
paint the roses red
                 cover the perfection of
                                                       innocence with rouge
paint the roses red
                 hide away the
                                                       untouchable with pain
paint the roses red
                drown the sorrows with
                                                       intoxication of the mind
paint the roses red
                and rule mercilessly over
                                                       those who will not believe
the white roses are dead
Kay-Rosa May 2019
so sweet
the honey in my tea
the sun's ****** light
the regular bedhead, beautifully you

so spontaneous
dancing in the rain
busting in song
kissing at brunch

so independent
determined to open the pickle jar
(i can't do it either)
instead we have popcorn, so off topic

hey there, love
i wrote this just for you
do you know who you are
'cause i don't have a clue
Please comment, babes. Love you guys!
Kay-Rosa Mar 2019
Love me
cause I'm your ragdoll
Kiss me
cause I'm yours and you can
Hug me
cause I'm your comfort at night
Touch me
and hold my hand

Play with me
cause I'm your toy
Hold me tight
cause I'm your weapon of choice
Sing through me
cause I'm your voice
Dance with me
cause I'm your midnight joy

Cut my throat
cause YOU'RE the reason
Stab my heart
cause YOU'RE the anger
Burn my eyes
cause YOUR blood soaks the gauze
Sign my skin
cause I'm your paper
Kay-Rosa Apr 2019
In a place created
By the hands of the minoritized regiment
has somehow become a bad word
                                     an insult
                                     a curse
Immigrant, arrogant, delicate
Dedicated to the saving of our lives
The protection of our wives
and children, the fear in their eyes
It's evident your estimate's incorrect
A guestimate on its hind legs
You scared?
Hesitant, eloquent, sentiment
The settlement you created and forced us in
Reminiscent of that place where we've been
Pushing against discrimination because of the color of our skin
And you teach your kin
Such words of sin
Look down your noses at us, you and your tie pin
Tryna get signed in
Bring mine in
Eyes cryin.
Blue skies and
Bold lyin.
You didn't give us time
You didn't let us find
your way, tryna get in line
Tryna stay, I'm
just tryna
just tryna
From Mexico, China
to Puerto Rico, Brazil,
Drinkin my Jamaican ***.
From Hindustan, Kazakhstan
to Bolivia, Thailand, rock the wrong drum.
Liberia, Ethiopia to London.
We all came or were tryna come.
You deported us, afforded, and so we sat
ignored, deplored.
Unsure of any light
so we fight for what's downright
ours and tonight, We bring our standards to new heights
It'll be tight, and we'll bite.
And we'll stand on our toes
So everybody knows
We stood for our rights.
"A bunch of revolutionary manumission abolitionists."
Kay-Rosa May 2019
You call and say I'm aberrant
You don't wanna be stuck indoors deviating
I don't like your storms
I miss your floodwaters
I need an affectional sleet
I miss your earthquakes
Then you came with all your quaking
You must think I'm an aftershock
You must think I'm abnormal
Now I can't find the volcanism without you
Volcanism without you
Queer and two
Like the ingenue over slew
Subthalamic and cuckoo
And I'm dancing because you're undue
Twisters ain't nothing when I'm betraying with ya
Do you mind if I steal a permafrost?
I miss your downdrafts
Calamities are not safe
I don't like your cataclysms
And every homosexuality is failsafe
Then you came with all your frothing
You must think I'm a calvinism
It's time we had some infernos
Will you hold me tight and not go flaming
You don't wanna be stuck indoors backtracking
When I'm shaming with ya
Shaming with ya
When I'm with you, all I have is inappropriate thoughts
It's time we had some embarrassments
I'm rebuking 'til dawn
Na na na na gay
Na na gay
Like the tray over buffet
Na na na na gay
Like the valet over heyday
Transgender and ok
Got more halfway
It literally said dont read, so, thanks babes who read this!
Kay-Rosa Aug 2019
         too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words
         "the ineffable beauty of her freedom"
          freedom to speak, to sing, to love

          "the ineffable beauty of her freedom"
           freedom to live, to laugh, to fight
Kay-Rosa May 2019
two children,
rocking back and forth
on creaking wooden swings
aged with time
the sky dark, casting a blue-grey filter over the world
a little blue skirt swings with the inertia
a teddy in the small pale hand
"are you like me"
patent leather shoes scrape the wet mulch beneath the swing
"that depends, how do you play"
"i play with minds, i show them things only i can see"
"well, when i play, they feel things they dont know how to feel"
"so you are like me"
"i guess... do they take you to big people in white coats"
"yes... do they try to make you blind like them"
"yes... i tried to introduce them to my friends, but they couldn't see them"
"i can help you"
"wanna work together, to show them"
"yes, that would be fun"


one thing you didnt notice
the teddy has no head
how innocent
how sweet

hey, im back, feel frickin free to comment, as always
Kay-Rosa May 2019
can i introduce
your face
to the concrete?
i just liked the way it sounded
Kay-Rosa May 2019
can i introduce
your windpipe
to my gold fork
Kay-Rosa Mar 2019
I say  
‘Marguerite Johnson’
and you don’t know.
Who she really was, what  
She really did.

Maya, a childhood nickname turned professional
Angelopulos, past other, Greek and unknown.

She was a poet, a woman of many
words that changed America.
Words that touched our hearts,
Words that opened our eyes
to truth.

She was an actress, in the Obie-winning “The Blacks”,
Off-Broadway, “Calypso Heat Wave”, inspiring her singer.

She was a singer, writer of song.  
West Coast and
Hawaiian nightclubs were once
Embellished by her voice.

She was a dancer, a portrayer of emotion, through movements
Rhythmic and graceful
Calm, phantasmagoric, and beautiful.

She was an author.
She knew why,  
“The Caged Bird” sang.
But, once. She had no voice.

Traumatized and scared. Age seven, suffered at the hands of the distant mother’s boyfriend.
She went mute,
feeling responsible for their crime,

After her uncles rid the world of the problem.  
A candle’s flame blown out.

A friend and fellow lover of the spoken word.
Helped Maya find her voice.
Introduced Hughes,
Du Bois, and Lawrence Dunbar.

Then, the canonical Shakespeare,  
Dickens, Poe.

She was a scholar.
She was a mother.  
She was a fighter.

She stood for her rights and the rights of her people.
She stood, side by side, with many known and recognized.
Malcom X.
Martin Luther King Jr.
His assassination on her birthday stopped the celebration forever.

Then she sent flowers to Coretta until her death in 2006.
She was an inspiration.  

I say
“Maya Angelou”
And now you know.
Kay-Rosa Apr 2019
checkerboard flooring, red rose walls
the large caterpillar's snoring, lets count humpty-dumpty's falls

excessively strong tea, smiles that drive the crowds crazy
a snakeskin hat just for me, something in the tea made the world a little wavy

find me that hare, i want a scone
the white roses are still there, i want a jabberwocky of my own

please give me a design, i'll sew it up for you
NO THAT ONE'S MINE, i'll make tea for two

i want to save the world, then again it really doesn't matter
'cause you won't understand a word, i'm mad as a hatter
Kay-Rosa Apr 2019
She'll rule over ya
She'll control ya
Asked me to write this
For her growing sterculia
Don't come round with
(cause that's my job)
And she'll throw you out like
Dedicated to Julia, my fellow Supernatural enthusiast.
Kay-Rosa Aug 2019
almost caught around cold marble corners,
stealing strawberries
never noticed by the common crowds,
painfully singled out by the mobs
snatching frozen kisses through double sided mirros,
make me look conceded
silver moments savored by golden windows,
showing worlds who never cared
wondering why we are labeled as villain,
they are the crude smokes that filling ****** skies
contaminated by pleas of those who perspire over you,
fall me upon silent ears
slink around in dark damp under-secret tunnels,
intials engraved within an immature heart pressured into perfection by natural issues
pollution, famine, war, death
four horsmen ready to ride unto an unforgiving world,
but i am the best
the horsemen can never outrun me
i'll always be just behind the almost-loyal congregations, lying in wait amongst the shadows not cowering,
waiting for their side effects to set in
it never takes long
for the noble steeds stomp upon my seeds of doubt,
pressing them firmly in with blood, sweat and tears
first, little sprouts, then large blinding leaves and rolling suffocating vines with poison thorns
don't ***** yourselves children, the fear will set in
hello, freshman year
Kay-Rosa Apr 2019
Long before i found my truth
i was hiding.
And i hid well.
Behind walls of pronouns
and long sleeves to cover.
Behind book covers and
blank sketchbooks.
i was fading
Then i found something.
i found poetry.
i would write pages
and pages
of impermanent pen.
Angry lines removed beautiful
cries of attraction and attention
i bled words and cried ink.
To be honest,
my muse, my love, my angel
****** and painful.
Now i have light.
F**k you homophobes,
Those who made me uncomfortable in my own skin.
I come out
And i love her and
She loves me.
Sorry for the language, this was from really deep down. -KRosa
Kay-Rosa Mar 2019
the sun won't rise
and the moon will stay my friend
the grass won't grow
and the flowers will never bloom
the rain will never stop
and the seas will overflow and connect to the lakes
that also question
the animals will show their furry faces
stick out their pink tongues
the sky won't fall on our heads
and make us forget all we know
maybe we'll remember
our homes
our families
our loves
maybe, maybe
maybe i'll remember you
Kay-Rosa Apr 2019
the life of us
is written in thin red lines
oil we spilt
antiquated fountain pens
scratch out altered histories
His stories
Her stories
Our stories
we decided to change
we decided to lie to our future
to make them think better of our words
written in thin red lines
Kay-Rosa Apr 2019
i don't belong here
i thought i could stay with you
but i was wrong
To those who needs someone like my best friend Jay.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
take your fingers
and run them through my brain
pull out a strand
try not to get your beautiful skin
caught of the knives of the past
Kay-Rosa Mar 2019
The hearth of
white marble,
seasoned lightly
with shining
flecks of
obscure black.
The wood,
cradled by the
sizzling metal grate,
and at it's redhot feet
piles of ash
gleaming yellow and red.
The red glow
illuminates my flesh
sending angle-flattering
shadows upon
my face
putting my features
to prominence.
I put my hand
out above the
the tendrils
licking at my palm
like a leaping
dark orange tongue
slithering between my
fingers like many
multiheaded snakes.
The idea of pain
nags at my conception
of what is real.
I feel nothing
but the pressure
of the atmosphere
as it grows heavy
and suffocating, smothering
crushing my lungs.
there is no air.
There is only
fire and light.
Such a strong
vengeful fire,
I wonder if it
has the ability
to be snuffed,
to burn low
With embers flitting
about like pixies
in the night.
Images cast in the
changing lights,
dreamlike faces,
deep caves and
strange alien landscapes.
A circus of seductive
fiery gypsies, a menagerie
of tiny dancers
playing with
the fire, the light, a custom
to call me, to draw me
among them, their bright
flame meant to
distract, trick the mind
into submission.
Pulling at my
pulling at my will
dragging me away from
the depth of the
reality of death.
I realize that
I'm dying
that now I am
Of flesh and flame.
"Don't fear the fire, dance with it."
Kay-Rosa May 2019
i love you
i know i cant
but i do

i love you
i know you dont
but i do

i love you
i know they dont want you to
but you can

you just dont know how
Kay-Rosa Aug 2019
please don't leave me
the constant nagging in the back of my mind
this pessimistic fate
those fake tears
i can't stand it

please stop crying
i never meant to hurt you
only to love you
but i love to deep
i can't stand it

please be safe
don't get lost in the big bad world
i'll be your flashlight
i'll be your guard dog
cause i can't stand it

without you
Hello Poetry! I'm back
Kay-Rosa May 2019
you're in my way
now you're on the ground
what happened to you
there's blood in your mouth
there's blood on my hand
shiny, metallic, sweet
can i taste it
are you scared
i am
i don't know why
i guess i'll keep walking
over your face
****** footprint on your cheek
i'm sorry
(no i'm not)
Kay-Rosa May 2019
pitter-patter on my head
turning my face to the heavens
acid burning a line of tears
thunder-beating of my heart; heavy and rhythmic
lightning-spark of my breath; sharp and bright
dark cloud, large and menacing
hanging just above my head
Kay-Rosa May 2019
We were strong,
Our wings protected us,
Each of our feathers different,
We stood a shield forever,
We faltered, our trust shattered,
And we broke, millions of our
Divine plumage littered
Our battle ground.
Our backs featherless,
Tears of our own, a rusty blue
We rebel, and we fall.
But, we will rise again.
Kay-Rosa Sep 2019
don't follow her into the woods, though her lantern shines bright
beneath her hood is darkness, her keen teeth catch the light
the wolf trails behind her, its tail between its legs
her basket weights down her arm, her cape the color red
it falls like water against her, its deep crimson catches the eye
even the branches curl away, nor sight of a butterfly
the entire forest fears her, yet they never see her face
just the presence of her sends shivers to the depths of this dark place
so please, watch your step, for her demons patrol the skies
never let your flashlight stray to the yellow of her eyes.
And we back, and we back
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