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Kay-Rosa May 2019
take your fingers
and run them through my brain
pull out a strand
try not to get your beautiful skin
caught of the knives of the past
MarvelMe Nov 2018
Looking into your eyes
I see your burdens and cries
So cold like the moon
Trying to hide in your cocoon

Looking into your eyes
I see behind your lies
In the dark moonlight
You're drained of your might

Looking into your eyes
I feel you agonize
I see so many cracks
You can't hide behind acts

Looking into your eyes
Emotionally paralyzed
No one can recognize
Hiding behind a disguise
Life full of lies
No wisdom from the wise
Can no longer harmonize
Wanting to eulogize

Can't hide what's behind my eyes
They say your eyes are the window to the soul.
MarvelMe Oct 2018
Sometimes I cry
I don't know why
I feel so different inside
I don't know why
I feel alone
I don't know why
I speak but no one listens
I don't know why
I want to love but I can't feel it
I don't know why
I feel so dead
I don't know why
I am so confused
I don't know why
I want to die
I don't know why

I think of my problems
I try to cry
Tears won't come out
And still...

I don't know why
MarvelMe Oct 2018
"No one likes you"
Ow, that hurt
Who knew words could hurt so much

"You're so annoying"
Wait! I just wanted you to like me
I wish there was someone just like me

"I love you son"
Mom, please love me more
Cause the hurtin' they did on me left me sore

"You're so stupid"
I know I am, which is why I act so smart
Don't you know, being fake is an art

"Paul, I love and care for you"
Words I heard in my head
Wish they were real
Is there a person that can make me feel?
Or maybe the pain will never heal
Story of my childhood
MarvelMe Oct 2018
What happened to your smile?
I'm feeling depressed
Can you stay a while?
I am not impressed
I must confess

I can't find a quest
I am not the best
I can't past the test

I am f*cking stressed
I can't get bed rest
You, I do detest

Is it God's mental test?
Am I just second best?

My love so suppressed
My love so unexpressed
I feel so dispossessed
I want to disconnect

I have so much regret
Can't get a day of rest

I am so depressed
Like the poem's consistent rhyme scheme
Depressed is constant and overwhelming
Ari May 2016
I am
To open the graves
Of my past hidden in
The deepest part of my being.

For I
Once they are out
I won’t be able to rebury
Them before they consume me.

I am
To release the words
Of which have become rusted
Barbed wire imbedded in my throat.

For I
During their release
I will find those words have
Sewn themselves into my tattered soul.

I am
I will not survive
The verbal barbed wire
Demolishing me on its way to freedom.

Fen Aarons Aug 2015
I hate sleep.
I don't want to spend 8-14 hours snoozing when I could be productive!
Its a waste of time. I need that time!

I hate sleep.
I don't want to spend 8-14 hours locked in my head when I could be distracting myself.
Its a waste of energy. I need that energy!

I'm afraid of sleep.
I don't want to spend 8-14 hours in a nightmare flooded with death, tears, and gunshots.
I just wake up tired anyway. I could do other things.

I need sleep.
I don't want to start seeing my nightmares come to life from sleep deprivation.
I guess I have to face my demons.

I hate sleep.
But it is a good distraction from the nightmare I'm already living.

— The End —