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Moon Wright Nov 2018
I'm not a crier
But sometimes
I have my days
Something could go wrong
And just like that
The dam is broken
And the flooding begins

It could be my grades
Which I am uptight about
It could my relationships
Sinking like a ship
It could be depression
Dragging in its claws
Or anxiety
Being the clingy monster
It is

I'm not a crier
But sometimes
I have my days
Don't cry. You aren't a crier.
SmallKid Sep 2019
Please, don't cry
I'm not really gone
When you look out the window
I'll be standing on the lawn

Please, don't cry
I'll see you again
Don't be sad
Keep up your chin

Please, don't cry
I'm not really dead
When you cry yourself to sleep
I'll be by your bed.

Please, don't cry
Just because we had to part
As long as you remember me
I'll live in your heart

Please, don't cry
Don't run and hide
When you need a shoulder to lean on
I'll be by your side
This poem reminds us of death. Did you ready?
Kay-Rosa Jun 2019
Sirens, constant
flashes of red and blue
Children's cries, tiny
hands, reaching out to spirits
cringing away from shadows.
Annoyed police
screaming children to
"Shh, don't cry, little one."
Don't cry, it makes them want to cry, too.
Saber wilson Nov 2018
You should not cry
For they are gone
But to be happy
That they were here.
Nitin Bisht Nov 2018
Thanks for telling me i am not perfect,
well noone is.
Thanks for making me cry,
well the sky does it too.
Thanks for the cherishing reveries in the past,
well i am slaked now
Thanks for leaving me without batting an eye,
well i was incognizant

Thanks for making me smile endlessly
even if you are the reason for my current misery
No gust of hurricane or thunder clap
Can frighten me like just your single tear.
At once you cry and pain falls in my lap,
Afraid myself I can’t comfort your fear.

I have so many words but none will do.
Each tear you cry causes two of my own.
I would give everything I have to you,
Afraid you’d still feel in my arms, alone.

Of all the things in life I’m mindful of,
Each moment I’m alive I want to try
Reminding you you’ll always have my love,
So that you never ever have to cry.

If I fail and today brings you sorrow,
I’ll stay close to dry your tears tomorrow.
Scarlet Rose Feb 2017
Stand up tall so they don't know that you're dying.
Plaster on a smile, don't let them see you crying.
Everybody's watching, you can't afford to crack.
Everbody's counting on you; hold all your feelings back.
You're the big sister, you're not supposed to fall apart--
And never let anyone see what's going on in your heart.
Straighten your spine and stand up and smile
And make believe you're cheerful; it's just for a while.
Never let them see you cry
You left
and all that remained
were memories that lingered
in the back of my eyes
and a tingle in my nose
that waited for the worst moment
to pounce.
Karmen Mar 2016
Sitting along the curb
Sun shining bright
I await for my drug delivery

Wondering why
It's taking so long
Oh right
They're on Tweaker time

Texting my guy
Asking how much longer
I'll have to wait

The sun is bright
It's heat getting to me
Thinking to myself
Ill be late to work
***** getting ready
I'll pack a bowl
Light it up
Only 2 hits
Then I better get ready

Phone buzzes
My guy explains
He's sent another
To do this deliver

I don't ask why
Or who it is
Just for him to get to me soon

Pace back and forth
Along the curb
I'll be late to work
Why's this guy taking so long

I hear the car
Look up fron the ground
Finally this dude has arrived
But to my suprise
It's you inside

Thinking is it really you
How could this be
It's been a month since I last saw you
I question why
You're the delivery guy
Call you an ***
For not hitting me back up

I ask for the dope
Give you the money
Step out the car
Not saying a word
My hearts filled of hurt
I rush back inside
Text my guy why

He replies why it's a problem
I explain
We spoke about the situation
That delivery guy
He's not just anyone
I didn't want him to know
I've been using dope
Plus he's the reason why
I do more than I can handle
To void the memories
To void the thoughts
Of everything we once were

It's not fair at all
One month passed by
No replies from you
But Instead
I see you
To my suprise
As the new delivery guy
Of this dope
I don't want it anymore

But I must not cry  
And must not think
Pack a quick bowl
Light the flame
Watch the smoke fill
Inhaling and twirling
Exhale, cool
What was it that made me so sad ?

Smile curl
Phone buzzing
Let's go to work
Rush everything
I'm ready to pretend
Like nothings ever wrong
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