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alexa Sep 2019
being alone makes me realize that i’ve never actually ‘dealt with it’

sure, i’ve had good days but when it comes down to it; i go to bed at night, and i think. i think about what we could’ve been if we never stopped. maybe i overreacted?

but then i remember, you’ve done nothing but backstab people. you’ve done nothing but hurt. i was nothing but good to you and you still repaid me with breaking my heart and my trust.

so ******* for ever making me happy and making me believe that you cared. because you never did, and that’s something i have to deal with.
i've learned that i kinda have to go with what i think is right when it comes to situations like these. am i going to regret it later? probably. but it's worth it because everything happens for a reason :,)
Sunshine May 2019
Why does
I know.
You are
You were
With the
Of my
You will
You will
Or try
But I
I will
So many people who try to stop being and doing what you are.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
Because I could not tell for Annie,
it did kindly tell for me.
Annie, Annie, every where,
Yet not a drop to tell.

How happy is the West Side Story, American Anita!
Anti Anita.
Does the anti Anita make you shiver?
does it?

How happy is the three fundamental truths Angie!
Does the Angie make you shiver?
does it?

When I think of the brilliant Becky, I see a common O.W.L..
Why is it so fuzzy?

Like an a friend's friend, the Annie likes to tell.
Annie, Annie, every where,
Yet not a drop to tell.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
Darling, baby, corazon
Dear, sweetheart, sugar,
Honestly, never your name.
Honey, pet, cinnamon
Carino, mon chou, bunny.
For the day I call you by your name,
Cuddlebear, goddess, pearl
Star, treasure, microbe
Is the day I'm on one knee, love.
Google 'terms of endearment microbe' apparently its Italian. I laughed sooo hard at that. Im terrible.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
When we were younger,
you wished to be a pirate.
You wished to pillage and plunder, brother mine.
But, of such times, you forget.
And I helped you to forget.
Rid your intensely intelligent mind
Of rotting things.
Now, you help people.
But, not to help them,
To keep yourself from becoming too bored.
I wonder, brother dear, if you were a pirate,
Would you become bored of the sea,
Bored of the pillaging and plundering?
Would you wish to come home?
Or would you continue searching for something,
Forever upon those waters of endless boredom,
Forever the bored pirate, dear brother?
Would you?
Inspired by my obsession with Sherlock Holmes, in all his forms (RDJ, Benny Cumbers, Will Ferrel, etc.) and his ever present brother, worried about his safety. They're just a bunch of big ol' softies, I swear.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
The simple things in life, flowers, kisses on children's noses;
Everyone says, "stop and smell the roses".
I prefer a lilac, a sweet, soft aroma;
The color of the wax insignia on my high school diploma.
Or maybe a honeysuckle, sweeter than day.
Singing songs on stage, a heart meant for Broadway.
Then, possibly a gardenia, a white multi-petal;
Floral smell, like jasmine tea in a copper kettle.
But never a rose, the smell sharp and acrid;
Red, pink or white, all color refracted.
So, can I stop and watch the sunset, slow into the night,
Instead of pricking my fingers, Mr. Fahrenheit?
Kay-Rosa May 2019
look for the bare necessities
the simple bare necessities
remind me of my worries with that knife
i mean that tongue that rests at ease
the color out of life, you squeeze
leaving just the bare necessities of life
sing it. i dare you. tell me if you do.
Kay-Rosa May 2019
there are days
when i wish
Nagini would just
swallow me whole
so that i
could prove to
the world that
i could escape
b e c a u s e
Rikki Tikki Tavi
isn't on my side
i would slit
the beast from
the inside and
emerge dripping with
serpent saliva (ew)
"Hey, whats for dinner?"
I found this in one of my old poetry notebooks and thought it was worthy to lift the hammer.
Kay-Rosa Apr 2019
we jump or we fall.
that doesn't really matter,
it will still happen either way
whether we jump or fall.
what matters is
when we fall.
do we splash comfortably
do we explode on impact
are we silent and unnoticed
when we fall.
do we survive
do we live
its our choice
don't fear the fall.
Its kinda a reverse poem, if you see it both ways. Try it, try the other way. I don't know but, I like this one.
Its also kinda the sequel to 'evolution is survival of the fittest' so, yeah. If anyone ever needs someone to talk to, I'm here.
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