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Kay-Rosa Sep 2019
don't follow her into the woods, though her lantern shines bright
beneath her hood is darkness, her keen teeth catch the light
the wolf trails behind her, its tail between its legs
her basket weights down her arm, her cape the color red
it falls like water against her, its deep crimson catches the eye
even the branches curl away, nor sight of a butterfly
the entire forest fears her, yet they never see her face
just the presence of her sends shivers to the depths of this dark place
so please, watch your step, for her demons patrol the skies
never let your flashlight stray to the yellow of her eyes.
And we back, and we back
Dianne Aug 2014
Started with the tenth,
Ended with the twenty-fifth.
I am little red
And I’m looking at your pearly teeth.

How did I get so lost in the woods?
How did I get so lost in you?
You already ate half my heart
(Like the bread in my basket)You split it into two.

And I’m bleeding,
Dripping trails of blood,
I wasn't supposed to be here
I wasn't sure how I got.

My mother warned me
About the strangers in the woods:
Keep your eyes on the bread crumbs
Tighten your red, red hood.

The warlock healed me with his magic hands,
The huntsman vowed to avenge me,
The baker fed me with comfort,
The knight struck his shining sword valiantly.

Grandma said, ‘Forget the amber eyes, the deep voice, the untrue.’
‘Your true options stand before you.’
Yet why in the world (in the galaxy, in the stars)
Do I still choose you (who broke my heart)?

— The End —