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Armand-DeamoJC Jul 2020
Life is a delusion of meaning,
We seek direction without seeing.
Death is deceived as the end,
For none accept it is meant.
The people will forever live a lie,
We're not meant to live, but die.

Infinite possibilities of history,
But one day it won't be me.
Ineffable beauty we all desire,
Nefarious cruelty we all will acquire.

The only greatness we will find,
Is that destiny is very unkind.
Cupid is ****** and love's a lie,
Another arrow, and I will die.

Let me feel love again,
To leave this world in pain.
I'm not a poet anymore,
But maybe I never were.

The words here, I have said,
Are the memories I have bled.
Heal me, but never take my scars,
Feel me, for I'll be amongst the stars.
For death is darkness right?
In space, there is no ligh.
Forever, I'll float into the abyss,
And maybe find something to miss.
Death might not be the end, it might actually be what we're meant for. What if you wake up again and you're in space. A star, or a planet. There are so many possibilities that some of us will make history, but I won't. We expect too much and receive the opposite. Love kills more that it creates, yet we desire it. I only speak of experience, a lot of other people have different lives, but too many share the same as I. Losing it all again, and again, and again. We only learn that we are irrelevant and family is the only love
Aaron Gubang May 2020
Once i saw your mellifluous smile
I feel like the felicity burst inside
I feel the euphoria inside of my soul
Your internal beauty is ineffable

Your mellifluous smile was pure solace for me
Since i saw your smile i really wanted to protect and cherish.
My feelings will be forever sealed eternal
Kay-Rosa Sep 2019
Supposedly, there is some great plan
Was the plan to hurt me, to drag my through the dirt
your grip on my feelings and iron clasp
Was the plan to cut me deep, to hit me where it hurts
the knife you pressed into my heart
Was the plan to isolate me, by pushing them away
caging me with bars of silver and gold
Was the plan to let them, to let them **** me
to let them destroy me and tear me limb from limb?
Tell me, what was the plan,
because I never agreed to the burning you placed in my heart.
Kay-Rosa Aug 2019
         too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words
         "the ineffable beauty of her freedom"
          freedom to speak, to sing, to love

          "the ineffable beauty of her freedom"
           freedom to live, to laugh, to fight
Shadowhollow Aug 2019
Such an ineffable concept
Long yet short
Beautiful yet heartbreaking
Although we live short lives
We live long in the minds of men ( and women )
So in actual thought perhaps it’s is not such an ineffable concept
Perhaps we are not immortal in body
But we are immortal in soul
And that in itself is to live
Dedicated to two very special if not crazy men .
Justin Aptaker Jun 2019
Beneath your vast oceans of sky
i trembled in wonder
And the veil was torn asunder
And for a time, standing still
I could see: oh, all my blindness to reality

The gears clanged together, shifting again
I was in the world of other men
And everything seemed so pretend
And even then
just when

I felt crushed to the crumbling, time would flow
Your oceans of time move fast, then slow
The currents in our minds that drift and blow
Listless so

Like our ego and spirit kaleidoscopes
Today we’re high, tomorrow
And time, and time just seems to go,
And all the while we know
We know

That when we bid our loves farewell
Time can be our only hell
Time, on which our minds will dwell
Wasted years, and love grown pale
Life is never our story to tell
I don’t want to end this not so well
These lines are not my story to tell
They rush from under your waves who swell
And creatures beneath the deep who dwell
My spirit is stretched in the wind, my sail

Walk between worlds I know so well
Knew so well, unfamiliar now
Revolving doors to worlds abound
And feet never can stay on the ground
Not forever

Nothing is
Nothing could have been, or could ever be
Nothing at all, no, nothing should be
How could anything ever be? I shake my head in agony
Discarding others’ philosophy

That’s the glory!
Nothing compels to tell this story
Nothing, the natural state of things
From which something pure and holy sings
From which life and love and beauty spring
From which all this sorrow and suffering

From which come these broken and holy rhymes
And discords, and tempos
And faltering times
And wars and egos the size of dimes
That yet tread down the earth
Like Jehovas, endless lines

I cannot
My ego press on
My spirit stretched thin
I cannot
I cannot begin again

I can’t begin to make you see
I can’t begin, for even me
I can’t
I can’t
Not I
Not I
Written by Justin Aptaker ca. 2016
Ylzm Apr 2019
word to us speak
words cannot say
ancient fragments scattered
word in words embedded
craft by spirit and intuition moved
faint and fleeting echoes conjured
strange voices awakened soul
word unspeakable spoken
As my heart grew more enamored,
And as I felt this burning flame,
It was then I knew what mattered—
It was to give Beauty its name.

Her image would not go away,
But all the words I spoke would err,
So overcome I could not say
A description that suited her.

What should perfect Beauty be called?
There is no name that could suffice.
Overwhelmed I was too enthralled—
My language was too imprecise.

You simply are so beautiful,
That any name would be inapt.
Your Beauty makes my heart so full—
That I am speechlessly enrapt.
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your body is an instrument I mastered eons ago, when the stars were young.
it is you I have, and shall always yearn to play.

at my touch, you open up to me; lines of familiar notes upon my fingertips.

together, we harmoniously orchestrate the ethereal music of our souls: a sonata of infinite synchronicity.
the symphonies we conduct originate from the stardust of our souls.

© kalica calliope
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