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Kay-Rosa May 21
your feelings
are the only
factor in
your identity
The original title was a small picture of a *** flag but, like hellopoetry likes to impede on my relationship with expressive art
Kay-Rosa May 20
two children,
rocking back and forth
on creaking wooden swings
aged with time
the sky dark, casting a blue-grey filter over the world
a little blue skirt swings with the inertia
a teddy in the small pale hand
"are you like me"
patent leather shoes scrape the wet mulch beneath the swing
"that depends, how do you play"
"i play with minds, i show them things only i can see"
"well, when i play, they feel things they dont know how to feel"
"so you are like me"
"i guess... do they take you to big people in white coats"
"yes... do they try to make you blind like them"
"yes... i tried to introduce them to my friends, but they couldn't see them"
"i can help you"
"wanna work together, to show them"
"yes, that would be fun"


one thing you didnt notice
the teddy has no head
how innocent
how sweet

hey, im back, feel frickin free to comment, as always
Kay-Rosa May 17
can i introduce
your windpipe
to my gold fork
Kay-Rosa May 14
stop trying to protagonize me
Kay-Rosa May 14
take your fingers
and run them through my brain
pull out a strand
try not to get your beautiful skin
caught of the knives of the past
Kay-Rosa May 13
you're in my way
now you're on the ground
what happened to you
there's blood in your mouth
there's blood on my hand
shiny, metallic, sweet
can i taste it
are you scared
i am
i don't know why
i guess i'll keep walking
over your face
****** footprint on your cheek
i'm sorry
(no i'm not)
Kay-Rosa May 13
Tall, lean silhouette, their hands clasped behind their back.
Stepping forward into the moonlight shining through an open window.
Pale skin glowing as the petals of the edelweiss, soft and white.
The moonlight cast shadows across their face, cheekbones high, prominent and gorgeous.
Eyes, cast toward the window, shone like waves of the seas of the mind's eye, blue-green and beautiful.
The torso incomparable to the marble Adonis, slim but strong, enveloped in a dark purple button-up shirt.
Two buttons, as always, lay open at the top.
Legs long and lean, draped in dark blue satin, almost black, slacks, peeking form the bottom.
Hair ruffled and every curve and muscle avenged by the bluish moonlight pouring through the window made the sensual sight seem like the devil; the embodiment of physical temptation dressed in an angel's skin.
If you can guess who it is.... I don't know, I just wanna see if you can guess. PLEASE COMMENT!!
Kay-Rosa May 13
pitter-patter on my head
turning my face to the heavens
acid burning a line of tears
thunder-beating of my heart; heavy and rhythmic
lightning-spark of my breath; sharp and bright
dark cloud, large and menacing
hanging just above my head
Kay-Rosa May 13
Sooo, one of my really close friends requested that I should put one of my character descriptions on here (she'll give a person and I'll describe them physically to the best of my ability). Would you peeps be willing to see that? And possibly guess who the person is? That would be fun. Yeah, this a weird question, please comment!
Kay-Rosa May 13
so sweet
the honey in my tea
the sun's ****** light
the regular bedhead, beautifully you

so spontaneous
dancing in the rain
busting in song
kissing at brunch

so independent
determined to open the pickle jar
(i can't do it either)
instead we have popcorn, so off topic

hey there, love
i wrote this just for you
do you know who you are
'cause i don't have a clue
Please comment, babes. Love you guys!
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