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Nupur Jan 2020
The young me
with my old friend
looking at far away
to see the new trend

Hope is i can look for
with a more close look
eyes on my goal
waiting for my new chapter in my book

I and my friend are happy with each other
can sense the whole world
just by sitting together
Smile and i feel happy
at least we are with each other in a this world which is so shady

An era of adventure is about to begin
we are ready to have some thrill and fun
wait world! here we come!
to show you the side that can make you shun!

We arent naughty just being ourselves
this is us and proud of being with my self
no fakeness and nothing to hide
Get along with us on this fun filled ride!
Kay-Rosa Nov 2019
is emotion.
its just
a sputtering stream of how our mouths process it.
its little drips
of crimson blood,
drawing lines from our lips to our hearts.
its a projectile scream;
something we can stop or close our mouths to.
it affects other people,
splatters of my blood on her shirt
my scream shattering her eardrums
now she has crimson to spill
and it trickles down her lips.
Kay-Rosa Oct 2019
i am me.
all i am,
all i aim to be
is me.
why does me
Kay-Rosa May 2019
your feelings
are the only
factor in
your identity
The original title was a small picture of a gay flag but, like hellopoetry likes to impede on my relationship with expressive art
Kay-Rosa May 2019
two children,
rocking back and forth
on creaking wooden swings
aged with time
the sky dark, casting a blue-grey filter over the world
a little blue skirt swings with the inertia
a teddy in the small pale hand
"are you like me"
patent leather shoes scrape the wet mulch beneath the swing
"that depends, how do you play"
"i play with minds, i show them things only i can see"
"well, when i play, they feel things they dont know how to feel"
"so you are like me"
"i guess... do they take you to big people in white coats"
"yes... do they try to make you blind like them"
"yes... i tried to introduce them to my friends, but they couldn't see them"
"i can help you"
"wanna work together, to show them"
"yes, that would be fun"


one thing you didnt notice
the teddy has no head
how innocent
how sweet

hey, im back, feel frickin free to comment, as always
Kay-Rosa May 2019
can i introduce
your windpipe
to my gold fork
Kay-Rosa May 2019
stop trying to protagonize me
Kay-Rosa May 2019
take your fingers
and run them through my brain
pull out a strand
try not to get your beautiful skin
caught of the knives of the past
Kay-Rosa May 2019
you're in my way
now you're on the ground
what happened to you
there's blood in your mouth
there's blood on my hand
shiny, metallic, sweet
can i taste it
are you scared
i am
i don't know why
i guess i'll keep walking
over your face
****** footprint on your cheek
i'm sorry
(no i'm not)
Kay-Rosa May 2019
pitter-patter on my head
turning my face to the heavens
acid burning a line of tears
thunder-beating of my heart; heavy and rhythmic
lightning-spark of my breath; sharp and bright
dark cloud, large and menacing
hanging just above my head
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