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Kay-Rosa Nov 2019
You told me you didn't want me,
you told me I wasn't enough.
But the night that he left you,
the night he said no,
you called me,
drunk off your ***
telling me you love me.
I'm not sure
if I should believe you.
Kay-Rosa Nov 2019
is emotion.
its just
a sputtering stream of how our mouths process it.
its little drips
of crimson blood,
drawing lines from our lips to our hearts.
its a projectile scream;
something we can stop or close our mouths to.
it affects other people,
splatters of my blood on her shirt
my scream shattering her eardrums
now she has crimson to spill
and it trickles down her lips.
Kay-Rosa Oct 2019
i am me.
all i am,
all i aim to be
is me.
why does me
Kay-Rosa Sep 2019
Supposedly, there is some great plan
Was the plan to hurt me, to drag my through the dirt
your grip on my feelings and iron clasp
Was the plan to cut me deep, to hit me where it hurts
the knife you pressed into my heart
Was the plan to isolate me, by pushing them away
caging me with bars of silver and gold
Was the plan to let them, to let them **** me
to let them destroy me and tear me limb from limb?
Tell me, what was the plan,
because I never agreed to the burning you placed in my heart.
Kay-Rosa Sep 2019
don't follow her into the woods, though her lantern shines bright
beneath her hood is darkness, her keen teeth catch the light
the wolf trails behind her, its tail between its legs
her basket weights down her arm, her cape the color red
it falls like water against her, its deep crimson catches the eye
even the branches curl away, nor sight of a butterfly
the entire forest fears her, yet they never see her face
just the presence of her sends shivers to the depths of this dark place
so please, watch your step, for her demons patrol the skies
never let your flashlight stray to the yellow of her eyes.
And we back, and we back
  Aug 2019 Kay-Rosa
in his eyes
I wanna drown
in his lips
I wanna melt
in his warmth
I wanna die
and in his arms
I wanna be buried
drunk in love
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