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May 2017
Have you said the sinner’s prayer? If not, do it on a dare!
Your heart does not matter, just open your mouth and chatter
Sin is not important, just say the words – the rest is unimportant!

I’ll even think for thee; just say this prayer after me!
This mantra is our way; it’s our spray and pray!
Join our fray and don’t forget to tithe, this is the method we’ve devised

Now I add another chalk mark, unaware you’re living in the dark
To my pastor I’ll proclaim all I’ve done today: brought in a dozen more strays!
I’m not sure why they don’t stay, it must be the pastor’s fault anyway.

A gospel easy to believe, just be open to receive
My pastor says I’ve got it wrong; I should open my bible before too long
Maybe I’ll find another church instead, surely he misread

Now I’m gone and his church flourishes, converts true who get their nourishment
I opened my bible today; perhaps I’ve led them astray
I hope I can undo all of this; is it too late for their bliss?
From my book, "Aimless Wanderer"
Jerrad Johnson
Written by
Jerrad Johnson
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