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6.0k · Apr 2016
Night fall (10 w)
Ellentelligence Apr 2016
At low light
time slows down
twinkling darkness
For Blessings
1.9k · Apr 2016
Iron hearts
Ellentelligence Apr 2016
They gathered round the oak tree,
silently waiting, hearts pounding.
The east side wind was screaming,
for time was near.
The sacrifice of love was never to be understood,
like two birds twirling in circles.
I will be back...
...I love you

His last words echoed,
as his soul was sent into an infinite void.
Matthew 27:32-56
1.7k · Jul 2016
Dust in my heart
Ellentelligence Jul 2016
I woke up with thoughts of longing
it must have been a vivid dream
the one place where my heart wasn't empty
like a porcelain doll to a little girl
my heart ached for you  

The dust in my heart needs cleaning
for if I do not, the picture of you will fade
then I will not see your face, that face
which is so full of glorious technicolor
my heart longs for you

clear out oh the dust in my heart
so that I may once more dance to the music
so that I may once more be filled with joyous celebrations
As my heart longs for the Lord
1.7k · Aug 2016
In times like these
Ellentelligence Aug 2016
In times like these, reality seems to be too cruel to bear.

All dreams lie shambled, like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands.

All friendships seize, like it was nothing in all those years it lasted.

Neighbors become enemies like they never shared Sunday meals together.

Loved ones stab you at the back, like it didn't hurt enough when you carved out your heart for them.

In times like these, I wish I could go back in time to when it was all simpler.

When we could all share a joke without reading in between the lines.

When we could play all day without picking out each others mistakes.

When the only thing we worried about was when night would be morning that we could play with our friends again.
1.5k · Apr 2016
Ellentelligence Apr 2016
wear humility like a vest
it will keep you warm

wear truth like a badge
it will earn you respect

wear love like a crown
it looks good on you
1.4k · Oct 2016
Dear Poowo
Ellentelligence Oct 2016
So we often look for a love that will supplement us.
I hope you find a love that complements you.
Adores you.
Respects you.
I hope you grow to realise that only Jesus Christ can supplement us.
He will complete us and make us whole.
So I hope you find a love that complements you.
Complements every bit and part of the imperfect you.
For my little sister Florence. Who was called "Poowo" by our baby brother when he was little. Love you..! <3
Ellentelligence Sep 2016
The numerous attempts were futile. The stars warned the moon not to go out during the day. He retaliated... he probably shouldn't have.

And then he saw her, the sun. Her beautiful radiance overcame him. So once in a while he snuck off to watch her...from a distance.

But when he cooked up enough courage to face her...on that day, that midday, the curse was cast. The world was in darkness.
1.1k · May 2016
Trust & Believe (10 w)
Ellentelligence May 2016
Amidst the lonely, doubtful days
trust   and
    believe   *only him.
Him meaning Christ
862 · May 2016
Ellentelligence May 2016
After carefully considering the eternal rewards of the choices i make today, i have come to the conclusion that i will not spend an eternity in a burning furnace gnashing my teeth, crying, weeping & moaning. So, i refuse you access to my life, i reject you, in fact to me you are an old underwear i have discarded.  I cant stand a mere sunny day, how would i survive being barbecued in fire? Nope, i cant, i wont! I would rather die young, faithful to GOD & be happy forever than to live a long sinful life on earth only to suffer even longer. I wont give you the satisfaction of owning my precious soul in hell, nah..never. And FYI, i will take as many souls with me as i can. Deal with that! Done.
Signed, a soul on fire. Child of GOD, the one true king.
861 · May 2016
Malawian duchess
Ellentelligence May 2016
You cannot go without noticing her
in a room full of strangers
she always stands out
poised and dignified
she wears beauty of the nine lights
her body soft like fine silk
her heart is that of a child
loving and warm
she speaks for the voiceless
and acts for the weak and vulnerable
when you meet her you will notice
she wears a scarf of three colors
black, red, green
the colors of her nation
nothing more captivating this duchess
the Malawian duchess
when you meet her say your hellos
I'll answer you back
for I am her
a young Malawian duchess
the first and last of my kind
Malawi is a small but beautiful country. She is peaceful and warm at heart. She is surrounded by vast amounts of water filled with the most delicious fish called Chambo. Her vegetation and landscape is rare and breathtaking. And on top of all that, she is God-fearing. If you ever get the chance, stop by and say your hellos :p she is after all, the warm heart of Africa.
846 · Dec 2016
Ellentelligence Dec 2016
Just like the clouds cover the earth, so is God omnipresent.
Just like flowers grow from mud, so did God created us from same.

Just like flowers need pruning for growth, so do we from trials & temptations.
Just like flowers need rain to bloom, so will man live through conversion and baptism of The Holy Spirit.
Acts 1:4–5
John 3: 5
841 · Jun 2016
Ellentelligence Jun 2016
Sweet child you are a dime
you were created out of him
for he alone couldn't handle this earth
you make it whole

Woman, you fill the earth with life
without you this earth would be dead
your smile is like the dawn of spring
your heart the melodies of heavenly tunes

You were brought up to be submissive
that's how loyalty is brought up
you were given the gift of forgiveness
that's how great queens rule  

That bite of the apple, let it not haunt you
the snake will remind you everyday
just remember who you are and your worth
you are the light of the world
you are queen
you are the last piece of the puzzle
you complete the world
Imagine a world without women. They sacrifice so much to raise up kings and queens. Respect them.
648 · Apr 2016
~Subconscious mind~
Ellentelligence Apr 2016
Subconsciously, my heart wanted you
it chose you
unplanned, it followed you.
Subconsciously, my mind drifted away in oblivion
it thought of you
unknowingly, it was curious about you.
Subconsciously, my soul matched with yours
it found you
unworriedly, it trusted you.
Subconsciously, my eyes gazed at you
amazed by you
untimely, I looked away from you.
Subconsciously, I hid from you
faded away from you
unceremoniously, I disappeared from you.
554 · Nov 2016
Ellentelligence Nov 2016
Isn't it odd?
In my futile attempts to dogde hugs from playful infatuations,
i got kissed by steady, lip-biting love.
Odd, isn't it?
541 · Apr 2016
Lost one (the parable)
Ellentelligence Apr 2016
Two brothers, wealthy and fine
the younger one,
insatiable, greedy, voracious...

father, my share i shall have
for he had other plans in mind
the father, nobly gives

Lost one, in a distant land he goes
Squandering all he had on pleasure
drinking, living wildly, spending...

A horrid famine befalls the land
the lad, without penny
into servant-hood he goes
feeding pigs to earn a living

To father i shall return he thought
for his wealth is mighty and fine
forgiveness i shall ask
he was hungry, cold, pitiful...

Upon the sight of lost one,
the father welcomed with a kiss
happiness, overjoyed  his heart

Let us feast he shouted
the servants obeyed
**for the son was dead, lost, but no more...
Luke 15:11-32
487 · May 2016
That small still voice
Ellentelligence May 2016
Have you ever heard the wind blow
as silent as the night
a breeze on a summer day

Have you ever heard a small whisper
that gives you hope when you had none
like invisible crutches propping you up

Have ever found yourself mumbling
words you did not speak
but sound familiar all the same

That is the spirit wind
wind which is conceived by love
Love which is made of you
you who is made by God
God who speaks to you in that small still voice
Listen to God speaking to you in that small still voice
485 · May 2016
Morning (haiku)
Ellentelligence May 2016
In the morning
the suns radiant kiss on my forehead
kaleidoscope colors
One of those...
476 · Jul 2016
Ellentelligence Jul 2016
Beyond and above it all
the scrapes of furious hounds
lies a nest of hopeful dreams  
growing silently in a wondrous wood
unafraid of the world around
All dreams can be achieved, if we stand unafraid.
456 · Jul 2016
50 million heartbeats ago
Ellentelligence Jul 2016
50 million heartbeats ago you were my reason to live...we fell in love. We shared our precious moments together. Then you saw me cry for the first time...we lost all hope. Then we let go...we must have given up.
50 million heartbeats ago I saw the world through you. But now, I see it through me. Now we grew up. We let go of that love which choked us.

452 · Apr 2016
The knight
Ellentelligence Apr 2016
Find it again
your childhood dream
when you were so full of life
which was shut down by life itself

Find it again
the reason you used to laugh
when all you had was a wandering fantasy
which was lost by life itself

Find it again
that drive you used to have
finding yourself in trouble at all times
that childish game you played

Find him
your knight in a shining armor
fighting for the right side of the battle
Gods side
Everything is clearer with the right person by your side
448 · Sep 2016
Ellentelligence Sep 2016
When i am lost at a crossroads, unsure of the direction to take...i find retracing my steps and starting over to be nifty
441 · May 2016
Somewhere between (10w)
Ellentelligence May 2016
Somewhere between ego and distance, love lost - we became strangers.,
417 · May 2016
Untitled (5w)
Ellentelligence May 2016
I loved you before you
With love, God.
Ellentelligence Aug 2016
I remember the way he stood behind me with his hands raised in the air.
He shouted along with the crowd as the music played out loud.
I can't seem to tell whether it was because he was overtaken in the glorious gospel music,
Or whether it was because he stole gazes at me while he did it...
But all i know is that in that moment when i caught him stealing, my heart froze.
I realised late that from me, he had stolen more than just mere gazes.
361 · Jul 2016
I forgot
Ellentelligence Jul 2016
Along the journey
Along the laughs and the tears
Along the sleepless nights and restless days
Along the fights and the makeups
Along the fake smiles and hurtful words
Along the reconciliations and comprises
Along the backstabbing and heartbreaking
Along the hidden phone calls and texts
Along the long breaks and short conversations
Along the doubted trust and vile behavior
Along the alcohol shots and cigar smokes...

...*I forgot love was supposed to be beautiful
Ellentelligence Jun 2016
Your small but brilliant idea
is the reason why big and brilliant minds
coexist in a world of their own.*

**Simply put, thank you.
353 · Apr 2016
kjærlighet = Love
Ellentelligence Apr 2016
It tastes as sweet as a good dream,
It feels as soft as a baby's skin,
Gramps once told me a story,
about Love.
Two young men fighting,
for Love.
They skipped the part about pain,
for love is self contained.
There's happiness, laughter
but there's also sadness, pain.
when I am grey I will tell the grandkids
about Love.
The good, and the bad.
350 · Sep 2016
Ellentelligence Sep 2016
I took out a piece of parchment to scribble down the things i wanted to ask you, hoping the angels would bring it to you.
I thought perhaps, should i ask why? Why you couldn't hold on to life a little longer because i still can't get over the fact that you are gone. Or maybe to ask if it is really you who appears in my dreams...or am i just overly hallucinating to the point of memory alteration.
I should ask what keeps you busy because you mentioned the first time we talked in my dreams that you couldn't visit sooner because you had been busy. I should ask why you can't appear in my dreams everynight. Like the night before my graduation when you came and we took pictures full of glorious technicolour and we were content.
I should also ask whether you noticed that i am blue, broken...i lost myself. That I am so afraid of loss that i feel the need to push the ones i love away. To ask whether you noticed that i keep to myself so that i do not burden those around me when i break down with the mere mention of "mum".
Or let me just ask for advice. I grew up accepting the concept of broken hearts because somehow humans decided that figuratively the heart is made of glass. But mine isn't. It's made if sand. I lost a grain or two over the years but now...i should ask for advice on how to mend my disseminated heart. For it is scattered into millions of grains.
And for some reason time seems to have gone to a stance. The saying that time heals all wounds seems vague to me now. For no matter how much time passes by, this wound isn't healing. Its hard to think about you, but its even harder not to.
So after contemplating all these questions, i took out my quil and wrote the one question i was desperate to ask you:

*mother, are you well?
Dens vært et år, og uansett hvor mange sekunder passerer jeg savner deg mer hver dag. Hvil i fred mamma. Jeg elsker deg tusen mye ganger. Til vi ser hverandre igjen.
344 · May 2016
Broken Nothings
Ellentelligence May 2016
She gave him her heart
he gave her his mind
she yearned for love
he chased after lust

but when they met in the middle
one gave more than the other
temporary pleasure
versus never ending affection

she wanted to keep going
he was waiting for the U-turn
she built a lifetime of laughter
he only lived for the moment

but when its all said and done
and destiny overflows
her purity will reward her joy
his thoughts will torment him

for the loss of his one true love
will leave him hallow
while she overcomes them all
every last piece of the broken nothings
Its not worth the fight, if its not your fight to begin with.
334 · Jun 2016
I love him, I love him not
Ellentelligence Jun 2016
that word
which leaves me
puzzled, mind struck, dizzy
Do I tho? Love him? Do I tho? Feel it?
Does he make my heart skip like he used?
does his voice mesmerize me like before?
my mind has the answer, but my heart
  little thing is confused about this
  it wants to admit it, but too afraid
it wants to cut the rope
the rope of love
from him
to me
I love him, I love him not!
331 · Jun 2016
It isn't
Ellentelligence Jun 2016
It is not by sight but by faith that you be able to predict the fortunes of your future
Likewise, it is not by charm but by favor that you be able to walk out of a fatal accident alive

It is not by choice but by design that only queens be able to bear the weight of the crown
And it is not by pride but by bravery that one is able to cover up the brokenness of their heart
@ellentelligence, 2016
All rights reserved
314 · Apr 2016
Kissed by a rose
Ellentelligence Apr 2016
I have been kissed by a rose
strange but not weird

I was lost in the clouds
warm but not cozy

A rose's keen sting
Loves morning text

A deer by a mountain top
drops of dew in the morning grass

It was like rain on a sunny day
coal in a chocolate cake

mixed frequencies in a slow jam
a smile from an angry parent

I have been kissed by a rose
a wonderful, beautiful, thorny rose
313 · May 2016
The big hand (not a theory)
Ellentelligence May 2016
In the dead of night, darkness befell
oozing noises of lost souls
the monster crept behind the frightened
feeding off their fear till it beckoned them

Its eyes were red and its body black
a body that a naked eye could not portrait
its speed was fast and impossible to see
for its goal was to bring chaos

the children hid in an abandoned house
waiting, panting, loss of hope
for this creature, one of them it took
and slowly, they were being thinned

then out of nowhere a big wind arrived
like fog that blacked all view
the monster was nowhere to be seen
for this wind, a new fear it stroke

slowly a big hand in the mid air appeared
ascending from heaven, seconds slowly
it hit the ground and imprinted itself
the wind vanished and a new day arose

the children came out of the house
rays of light hit their cold bodies and they took new breath of life
the darkness and wind both, were gone
A dream 23/05/2016
308 · Apr 2016
Ellentelligence Apr 2016
Forgiveness is the art of letting go of pain.
Pain which left you scarred.
like skin burnt with fire.

It is the art of forgetting.
Forgetting the one who betrayed you.
Left you to be fed to the dogs.

It is the art of loving.
The one who did you wrong.
Without looking back.

It is the art of hoping.
Hoping amidst the darkest of nights.
For the suns first rays of light.

But one thing is for certain.
The scar will always show.
The scar of burnt skin.
281 · Jun 2016
Ellentelligence Jun 2016
If you can stimulate your heart on the right spot, you can convince your brain for the right action.  You see, as one acts on feeling the other acts on reason.*
The heart is like a fragile piece of glass. One wrong move and it breaks. The brain on the other hand can be used as a punching bag. It is protected by logic.
But the brain is to blame for the hearts fickle condition. The sweet whispers of lies that the brain processes are enough to burst the heart with fire.
264 · Apr 2016
Ellentelligence Apr 2016
And he loved without warning
I was drowning as fast as I was flying
Let it go, she said
you will feel better if you let it go
the teardrops left a mark
210 · Apr 2016
Ellentelligence Apr 2016
let your tears flow
drown in them.
The tulips bloom after the rain anyway.
206 · Apr 2018
Ellentelligence Apr 2018
Knowing You
Is golden.
98 · Aug 2020
Ellentelligence Aug 2020
Someone asked me what the best definition of time is.


Time is...

...a moment to grasp but in vain.

— The End —