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Ellentelligence May 2016
You cannot go without noticing her
in a room full of strangers
she always stands out
poised and dignified
she wears beauty of the nine lights
her body soft like fine silk
her heart is that of a child
loving and warm
she speaks for the voiceless
and acts for the weak and vulnerable
when you meet her you will notice
she wears a scarf of three colors
black, red, green
the colors of her nation
nothing more captivating this duchess
the Malawian duchess
when you meet her say your hellos
I'll answer you back
for I am her
a young Malawian duchess
the first and last of my kind
Malawi is a small but beautiful country. She is peaceful and warm at heart. She is surrounded by vast amounts of water filled with the most delicious fish called Chambo. Her vegetation and landscape is rare and breathtaking. And on top of all that, she is God-fearing. If you ever get the chance, stop by and say your hellos :p she is after all, the warm heart of Africa.
You came to me with sweet persuasion
Begging me to take you in
You have very strong coercions
Which had me instantly submitting to you

But as sweet as you came
You became a lemon
Calling me names but mostly lame
And that was when I knew your mission

For months I fought you
With everything I had
But you were stronger than I ever thought

I withered in your rage
Paying an unknown wage
Looking older than my age
And all I wanted was change

You saw my hair fall
You saw me being trapped in the hole
And all you did was raise your wall

So now here I lay in my death bed
With no me tears to shed
I just wish you had let ne wed

So cancer
As I see my death light
I pray you **** no more
For your pain
Is something I wouldn't wish
On anyone else

— The End —