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May 2016
In the dead of night, darkness befell
oozing noises of lost souls
the monster crept behind the frightened
feeding off their fear till it beckoned them

Its eyes were red and its body black
a body that a naked eye could not portrait
its speed was fast and impossible to see
for its goal was to bring chaos

the children hid in an abandoned house
waiting, panting, loss of hope
for this creature, one of them it took
and slowly, they were being thinned

then out of nowhere a big wind arrived
like fog that blacked all view
the monster was nowhere to be seen
for this wind, a new fear it stroke

slowly a big hand in the mid air appeared
ascending from heaven, seconds slowly
it hit the ground and imprinted itself
the wind vanished and a new day arose

the children came out of the house
rays of light hit their cold bodies and they took new breath of life
the darkness and wind both, were gone
A dream 23/05/2016
Written by
Ellentelligence  Italy
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