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Ellentelligence Apr 2016
Two brothers, wealthy and fine
the younger one,
insatiable, greedy, voracious...

father, my share i shall have
for he had other plans in mind
the father, nobly gives

Lost one, in a distant land he goes
Squandering all he had on pleasure
drinking, living wildly, spending...

A horrid famine befalls the land
the lad, without penny
into servant-hood he goes
feeding pigs to earn a living

To father i shall return he thought
for his wealth is mighty and fine
forgiveness i shall ask
he was hungry, cold, pitiful...

Upon the sight of lost one,
the father welcomed with a kiss
happiness, overjoyed  his heart

Let us feast he shouted
the servants obeyed
**for the son was dead, lost, but no more...
Luke 15:11-32

— The End —